LET’S BE REAL FOR A MINUTE: Biotin For Faster Hair Growth Product Review

LET’S BE REAL FOR A MINUTE: Biotin For Faster Hair Growth Product Review

[Music] Hi guys! This
is going to be a video on biotin. So it’s been long awaited for me doing this
video and if you guys have been following my channel you guys have heard me say
probably a couple of times that I’ve taken biotin college.
And basically, you know, college is like college! So when I took biotin in college
like it was really — the only growth or progress I saw from it was on — with my
fingernails and just with my skin like I didn’t really notice anything with my
hair but then again I was really want to hair journey then to even pay attention
to it; but I know it definitely was not growing in terms of length. I’ve been
taking biotin like the maximum amount you can take so this is biotin 10,000
MCG and I purchased this from Walgreens because all the drugstores right now, at
least in my area, are buy one get one free, so I was like well I might as well get
the most amount, and you know test it to see if it’s significantly better – because
before I was taking basically the minimum amount so this is what it looks
like so if you guys have taken like when you would get regularly at Walmart like
the minimum that they offer, this is what it looks like so it’s not that big of a
difference it’s you know, it’s still a small pill even though it’s a big size
compared to the other one at least I think is; but it’s, you know, it’s like a
gel kind of coating so it really just goes down easily; and then it does say
on here just: take once a day, preferably with the meal; and I do do that. I’ve been
taking this for kind of like the past three months basically and I was really
waiting to make a review video on biotin when I was not taking something else
like another type of growth aid — so basically with biotin this go around
it’s been like a lifesaver like literally like my hair if you guys been
following my channel, I, you know, colored my hair at one point, put a texturizer in,
um, my hair was not working out with it; so I talked about it in my texturizer;
well my texturizer hair update, I talked about than that saying, you know, my hair
was coming out literally in like palm size amounts like every other day. It was
coming out a lot! And it was like a lot of hair that was coming out but for the
life of me, I couldn’t figure out why my hair was not getting shorter! Because I
had a lot of hair coming out; and I did say that in a previous video, if you guys
want to check that out. I know I mentioned that my hair was not
necessarily getting shorter but hair was coming out — so that was kind of like
perplexing — and then after that, I put in a sew-in for like — a sew-in weave — for like three days and I posted like a video about it for like 24 hours
and took it down because that did not last whatsoever. It was just a bad
experience; and because of all the matting and knotting from the texturizer I had in
my hair — hair was coming out, even then. Recently, if you guys have seen on my
channel, I relaxed my texturized hair; so my hair went through a lot of different
things in the past couple of months! But in that whole timeframe, I was taking
biotin and I say “I’m really grateful for it and it was a lifesaver” because my hair did
not get shorter. Oh! And another thing: I also trimmed my hair — so I will throw in a couple of
pictures you guys can see basically my hair stayed consistent, despite every
chemical and everything that I was doing different to my hair and it was
literally like the the only thing consistent over the past couple of
months despite the different products I was trying was biotin and literally it
saved my hair. Especially in a hair journey, you don’t want your hair to get shorter,
so you know, it kind of contradicts your whole journey to try and get longer
not shorter. So, um my hair — like you guys can see like, my hair is like is — is shiny
like my hair is like really healthy. I’m really, really glad I was taking biotin on the back end, just because it — like I
said it literally has been saving my hair, so thank God, this go around I can
see the difference with biotin because I said, the first go around, I couldn’t see
anything; it really wasn’t changing anything. Now I still do have the same
outcome with you know, my nails. My nails are like solid like rock hard so if I ever
bite my nails like to fix it hang nail or anything like that, like
they’re like hard — so um still the same result with that but I’m really glad I
can see the hair aspect of it because this is the reason why I’m taking biotin so —
I’m really, really grateful for it. really glad I can finally make this video because I
have been talking about making a biotin video for like the longest time so
really glad I can do that this time. But yeah if you guys have questions
leave everything down below and I will see you guys in the next video —
so bye thanks for watching! [Music]

100 thoughts on “LET’S BE REAL FOR A MINUTE: Biotin For Faster Hair Growth Product Review

  1. thnks pretty i like you you are great person bcose you wanna we are all same and we get long hair like indian
    but am so sorry i have short hair and i wanna verylong hair so help me plss

  2. I have struggled with my hair for a long time now. I am quickly approaching my 40s and I have bad hair quality. Recently, I have also noticed that my hair has stopped growing as it used to. A few years ago I went to the salon on a monthly basis. Now, it takes me almost two months before I even need to cut my hair! I am desperate and I really need help right now. Hair is one of the most important parts of a woman and I don't want to give up on this one. I went to the doctors but they didn't found anything wrong with me. The exams I took showed that I am healthy and there's no reason for this to even happen to me. Please, I really need hair advice urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Loved your video! Ive been taking biotin for a year and a half now & my hair has grown SOOOOO much & I too have rock solid nails 🙂

  4. hi i drink bamboo tea ,do u think biotin will work for me an addition with the bamboo . i take medication also

  5. Has your hair grown much since you started taking Biotin?

    Btw what do you use on your teeth to make them look so white!?! 😦

  6. is 10,000 mcg of biotin daily safe and healthy? I would rather be healthy than have slightly better hair, any help is appreciated!

  7. I've been taking Biotin 10,000gms for almost 2 months, my hair is still growing however it's still Breaking off, my nails are growing Beautifully (they are hard), the worst part has been the Breakouts, I've been getting some serious ZITS! I had stopped breaking out a long time ago but they're baaacckkk!! I just read it's bc I'm not drinking enough water, probably right I do need to drink more water and I'm going to take less mcg. So let's see what happens in the next month.

  8. My daughter been on this for over 6 mos and her hair doesn't grow
    And break off even more now.

    I guess it works with some people.

  9. Iv done this now for more then 1 month and im seeing big differences. My
    hair is easier to form/mold(sorry for bad english) then it was before
    with hair gel, I have more "baby hair" along my hairline and in general
    my hair and nails have become stronger. BUT I dont just take biotin,
    here is what I take every day.

    1 Biotin pill
    1 Selenium pill
    3 Small multi B vitamins containing b2-b3 and b12(You are supposed to take 6 per day but I only do 3)
    1-2 Omega 3 pills.

    As you can see Its nothing crazy and I dont even take the full recommended dosage of the multi B vitamin or the omega 3, but this works great for me. Remember to take all this with food if you are going to try it, otherwise it can be harmful to the body.
    And last but not least, with biotin you should consume more water, so I drink a little more of that every day also.

    Hope this helps.

  10. did you have any side effects? I heard that the daily amount we should take is only 2500mcg but you're doing the 10,000. Just wondering because I have that brand but the 5000mcg

  11. I have that kind and i really need to know if i have to eat the shell part to or swallow the whole thing or just drink the softgell part

  12. i'm posting a blog soon on different brand results. i don't have any youtube videos yet though! i tried 3 brands, best one so far liquid biotin from sbr nutrition

  13. Biotin has made my hair thicker and softer. I just dyed it black and the biotin actually keeps it softer than conditioner! and omg my nails grew super long within a matter of two weeks of taking this stuff! I take 4000mgs.

  14. Hi , did biotin helped to make new hair grow or just the old hair , and also did u take it before or after the meals or during them. and thank you !

  15. this is a weird question but i tryed other stuff and it did nothing to my hair but made my hairs on my arm grow D:. Did you experiment anything like this with this product ? Thanks !

  16. Awesome hair! I use liquid biotin from sbr nutrition since liquid vitamins absorb more into your system – have you tried it? Been working for a while now. Great video too 🙂


  18. I take Biotin on a daily basis. My hair had thinned out because I was taking blood pressure medication. I started off daily with 5000 mg. for 2 months. I noticed the texture in the top of my head was getting thick after 3 weeks. When I finished my last bottle I upped the dosage to 10,000 mg. I still take it and it did make my hair much thicker and it so thick now I can barely get my fingers through it. I do go to the hair salon every 2 weeks because I feel its important to take care of your hair with good washes and conditioners bi-weekly. This was recommended to me by my hair stylist and I love it. I didn't have any break outs or headaches. I wear my hair in a short bob which I love. People are always saying "you have some thick healthy hair is that a wig". I tell them no, I just take care of my hair. I love it.

  19. Hi!! I'm so happy I clicked on your video 😊 I've been taking Biotin pills for a year now and Ur right it's not really growing HOWEVER it's got more volume it's healthier and I've lost quite a bit of weight too (which it's known to do) I'm looking for a hook up on ANY information about "Hair grow FAST!! " ANY ONE OUT THERE KNOW OF A SHAMPOO THAT REALLY WORKS?? GOD BLESS AND HOLLA BACK 💋

  20. I've been meaning to comment for awhile now! First off, your smile is incredible, you are just Gorgeous & what song is that at the end of the video? If someone doesn't mind telling me please??

  21. My poor hair. it use to be so long and thick. I bleached the hell out of my hair and my hair was the same length for a year due to all the breakage. I dyed my hair dark and cut it all off. I'm also only washing it once a week. I'm going to give biotin a shot

  22. The make up u did in this video was fucking goals it made you eyes stand out and I'm loving that bold lip color man

  23. Awesome video I once again getting alopecia and I am going to try it out your stunning by the way beautiful thank you for your video !!!❤️

  24. I had very long hair about 3 years ago. I cut my hair and i regret it. I had to cut my hair short because i never washed or combed my hair. I want to grow my hair can someone help?

  25. Please help. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. I just don't know what to do. my hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should i do to regrow hair?

  26. Can anyone share their stories with me? How long did your hair grow and how long did you take it? Thank you so much!

  27. hi please has the brand changed its cover because the bottle i saw has a different appearance but same brand name

  28. What happens after you stop taking it? Do you maintain the results or does it go back to how it was?

  29. Will Biotin give you thicker hair?

    coz I loose huge amount of hair every day, I don't even put any products on my hair its really making me stressed 😞😞

  30. I literally had a dream yesterday where my hair was coming out everytime i touched it or ran my hand through it i got so scared

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