KLM ECONOMY Trip Report ⭐  AMS-BOS  A330 How good is it?

KLM ECONOMY Trip Report ⭐ AMS-BOS A330 How good is it?

Hello and welcome! Today we will do a
trip report of KLM economy from Amsterdam to Boston. Having never flown with KLM before I was happy to have the opportunity to give it a try. We’ve heard
mixed reviews but we’re going to see what it’s all about.
This is kuma let’s go! and now boarding has started. As you can
see it looks like we’re moving along fairly well and this is despite not
having priority boarding. I’m happy to see that they make it efficient. Today’s
flight is on a seven-year-old Airbus A330. The economy section is a 2-4-2 configuration. Now let’s have a good look
at the seat. I am sitting at the window. Because it’s a 2-4-2 configuration
sitting here is perfect for those traveling in pairs. Now let’s check the
legroom. For me it’s fairly adequate but it’s important to note that I’m only
about 5 foot 8 inches tall or 1.7 meters. For those much taller it might be a
lot more cramped. Next we have a standard sized tray table. There is one USB charging port. They gave us a standard pillow. It was also nice to have a blanket. And here we have the airsickness bag the
safety card and the magazine. We got some ear plugs. To see more our future content please
subscribe! That’s in the air the meal service began
fairly quickly. We have a refreshing towel and water. There were two entree choices today chicken or pasta. I chose the pasta. in addition to the entree, it was nice to
see some variety, I was happy to have a healthy salad and some cheese. The pasta is on a white sauce
the cheese and olives. They did a good job! It was tasty! My companion had the other option, the entree was the chicken. He thoroughly enjoyed it. About a third of the way into the flight,
the meal service was already done giving us plenty of time to rest.
I had a coffee with in my dessert also this Bailey’s with at no extra charge. It’s very enjoyable Just after the meal I investigated the
IFE. and here’s the controller. there’s an OK selection of new releases. Generally the screen was a little bit unresponsive unfortunately. The lavatory was fairly clean, it’s
everything that you would probably expect. And here’s more of a look at the rest of
the Economy cabin as I head to my seat. And here is the pre-landing snack. They
gave us a personal sized cheese pizza. I was very happy to have hot food versus cold food as it seems many airlines like to give a cold sandwich or something before landing. I found it to be relatively tasty! To recap, this was a
good flight for us. I really enjoyed the 2-4-2 seating configuration which
made it easier to get up and about if I needed to.
Legroom was good for me but could be tight for much taller people. The food
was tasty and enjoyable. I appreciated the meal being balanced. We want to know what you think about KLM’s economy product. Please leave us a comment. To ensure you
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This is kuma thank you for watching. See you next time!

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