Ken Webster explores Nordic progress in circular economy

Why I came here? One it´s I have an
invitation from an institution that is very forward-thinking. The Nordic
countries as a whole are more progressive and so you feel a sense of
hope if you like from the the work that these sorts of societies do. So it’s a very conducive atmosphere to feel progress and I hope there’s
something I can take back from that into the UK and elsewhere I work. A circular
economy is merely the opposite of the economy we have now. Economy we have now
is take, make, use it a bit and throw it away So a circular economy closes a loop,
it slows the flow of resources through the system and it works much more
effectively with the materials we have it designs them to be food for the next
life or the next use rather than a problem. And the two big clues for
business are one don’t kill your customer with toxics and the
other one to do is don’t kill their custom. You want their business still. It’s not about killing business off. It’s about redesigning it

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