Juma Sohbat & Live Zikr: Economical Crisis vs Football!

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La Ilaha Illallah w’Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillahil hamd. Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyid al Awwalin wal Akhirin wa ala Ahli wa Sahbi ajma’in wa ala sa’ir al Anbiya wal Mursalin wa khuddama’i shara’ihim. zidhu ya Rabbi izzan wa sharafan
nuran wa surura ridwana wa sultana asim aqibatana Ya Rabbi’l Izzati wal
Azamati wal Jabarut amidduna bi madadikum. Audhu Billah min al shaytan al rajim
Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim thumma assalamu alaikum Ya Ibadillahi Salihin Ya Sahib al Zaman,
Ya Qutb al Mutasarrif, Ya Aqtab Ya Awtad, Ya Rijal Ya Budala, Ya Nujaba, Ya Nuqaba, alaikumu salam min ‘indi
Rabbi’l Alamin. Allah Allah Assalamu alaikum Hadhirun,(attenders) O people, who are attending and asking to hear and to listen and to obey Allah Almighty’s Holy Orders like me. Heavenly salute to you. May Allah Subhanahu wa T’aala forgive us, and bless you. We are weak servants O people through East and West. O Children of Adam listen and obey. Everytime, all prophets (as) particularly the Seal of Prophets,
Sayyidina Muhammad (saws), he came, he had been ordered
from heavens. All prophets are taking heavenly orders and heavenly orders
reaching all prophets through archangel Jibrail (as). No one addressing people
from themselves because no one knowing anything. If Allah Almighty not sending archangel Jibrail (as) no one knows
what they should say, how they should deal with people. Prophets – think about it, the people who are living
in the 21st century. You lost your faith, you lost your ways, you lost yourselves. No one is asking ‘Who am I?’ No one asking
‘How did I come to this life?’ No one asking ‘From where am I
coming, to where am I going?’ But, they are always… their importance is to play Football!! People are going to be mad people, for what? …one football…
Shoot! Ahhhhhhhhh… huuhuuhuuhuuhuuuuu… That is the whole world’s importance. Not thinking anything. They are saying,
there is an economic crisis and they are very sorry when they are hearing that there is an economic crisis. And some kingdoms or republics are becoming bankrupt. When they are going to football,
they are forgetting. Ohh OHH…Argentina coming to Bristol. Bristol coming to New York… New york shoots on Russians!! That is the whole nations importance,
nothing else! Ya Hu, O people, Animals, if you are putting that
football, are not touching it. Animals are knowing that it is
something useless. What is that? Smelling… and making like this. And people are smelling…
what is that? That is the biggest blame
on civilized people, those who are claiming they
are civilized people through this world,
from beginning up to end. Which time were people playing football? O sheikh there is another kind of
football, there is also volleyball, there is another…
basketball! Tennis!
There is also hockey! talkie walkie… How are people in our time? Becoming… thinking nothing,
their heads like empty footballs, nothing in it. Sometimes crying,
sometimes becoming angry sometimes very happy, and that is biggest blame for mankind. They are not asking, no one is asking
‘Who am I?’ ‘Who am I?’ ‘Who am I?’ No one is asking. They are saying that Arabs,
they are very angry with their leaders because
they lost in football. Shooting…
shooting, but bounced shooting. They are very happy making
‘Shooot!!’ in football. Very angry, not for nothing. Yes No, no, football- finish,
basketball- finish, volleyball-finish O sheikh, there is ping-pong! Ping-pong?! 21st century’s people are like this. What is that? Not thinking on it seriously no one looking at
‘what are we doing?’ No one is asking,
‘How did we come?’ ‘We came from mums and dads.’ Hmm… coming ‘They are very happy and
bringing us to this bad world, and that is what we are
knowing about our selves.’ And think that you are coming from a dirty place to a dirty place. What is that? That is their limit of knowing something about themselves.
Nothing else. And…pity, pity, They are losing their
very precious lives that are not forever.
It is a short time and no one knows when
they are passing away. What their mission is,
they are not asking. And people now are falling
in a deep crisis. For what? Making this money. But they are not ashamed to
say this is money. They are taking gold and
giving us paper, ‘use it, use it.’ That is your civilization
to cheat people, to cheat each other. Then they are saying
there is an economic crisis. Not any prophet was
making paper money, even Pharaoh wasn’t using this… even Pharaoh, even Nimrod,
even Caesar, they never used paper
money at any time. Doesn’t matter O sheikh,
because it is paper money better for our government,
and better for us. And we are helping our governments. And what about Greek people? Greek people are all drunk ones. Therefore they lost their chance.
They forgot this is paper, it can be copied. Huh… copied?
Copied. Because they are drunk,
they are not thinking about it. So many people making by machine. Machine? What machine? Offset… offset. If put ‘coming from offset,
and government’ you may take, you may prepare offsets. Much more brilliant!
Governments like paper of newspaper. What are Cypriots asking,
particularly Turkish side? Ehh… they are asking much more money.
For what? To enjoy themselves
from evening up to morning time. And they may use that photocopy monies. Night time all of them drunk,
no one asking if it is real ones What is real one?
This is offset, that is offset. Our Greek neighbours are nighttime
or daytime, always drunk night and day drunk therefore not thinking of such things. Now think on it and press, press.
Drachma If not drachma, Turkish lira.. If not you may choose new money
O sheikh. What is new money? We are saying, better than …euro. Euro Someone saying ‘oyro’
someone saying, ‘earo’ some others saying ‘ayyuro’. Its better. Now Americans also are getting
to be a little bit idiot-ones. They are not printing
and our brothers are printing. Some money-printer said, these Americans are very idiotic ones, they are putting here for 100,
three zeros. We must press 4 zeros. And making a dollar with 4 zeros. The shop keeper looking $1000 hello!
Yes sir… Where is chief director of
American bank? Here.
Please sir, have you printed new dollars? $1000?
What, what? $1000… where is it?
So many running in our market… Bring it to me…
Look, look! It never happened… this. Those printers much more
clever than Americans, taking the money and running away. And finally they who printed that,
are changing it. Looked that there is a
photograph behind that George Washington with long hair. He said, this photograph is no good,
our chief looks much more powerful. Not much hair, this is old photograph.
We must change it. They changed it and printed… Then chief looking,
‘where is Washington?’ They said ‘oh, 200 years ago,
Washington passed away. How is this new one coming? Yes, everything must be new,
that is why we are changing. Are you understanding 21st century civilization? Happy? Make it. Offset! Our Greek brothers because
they are drunk night and day always drunk like… our Irish people. Irish people day and night must drink. That is a sign of last days, last days that are approaching. And people because they are
following shaytan, diabolo, diabolo is playing with them
and they are leaving holy prophets. They never follow holy
commands of heavens and they are going to have no honour. Now people are not thinking
about honour. They are asking only to eat
and drink, doesn’t matter. Everything in the 21st century
is imitated. Even they are trying to
bring imitated children. O people, mankind, to all of you from East to West, from North to South, you must know that you are
the most honoured ones on earth, even more than angels.
Allah Almighty putting His divine secret honour granted to mankind. Even angels were asking
to reach that honour. And Allah was saying ‘I have created
that honour for the Children of Adam.’ O people now, who are living from
East to West, North to South, you must think about yourself,
you must think about your honour; that the Creator granted to you
such an honour even angels are not reaching
in a billion years. Pity, that they are following shaytan and leaving holy ones
and their advice. And they are reaching to an end and every trouble, everywhere,
every kind of cursing, coming for what?
To make people to wake up. Because that is such a trumpet, that is asking to make people to
look that their way is the wrong way. O people come to right way. If not,
may come a cursing on people, through themselves. Through themselves they should be
very dishonoured and regretful. This is from East to West,
to all nations. No one can say that Jesus Christ
asking such a life. No one can say that Sayyidina Musa (as)
asking such a life. And no one can claim that the Seal
of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (sas) coming and teaching people
about such a life. All prophets taught people to
practice an honoured life, here and hereafter.
Keep your honour O mankind. Leave to follow shaytan, if you are
not leaving you may go behind shaytan to hells here and hereafter.
May Allah forgive us. O people, who are asking forgiveness
from Allah Almighty, sometimes from my anger
my power is coming down. And it is enough if anyone
thinking on it. Particularly, I am shouting at,
and addressing holy people, because they are using
such strange clothes and coming to people. What is the
meaning of such strange clothes if you are not remembering
your mission? Pope, patriarchies, and all holy ones through Christianity and Judaism
and also Muslims. They’re not thinking, what are we doing,
why are we dressing in this dress? To cheat people? To carry dunya?
To collect money? To collect jewels? To make high buildings and to show
you are some important one? No! An important one in the
Divine Presence may be a poor person and his clothes
may be old clothes. Not looking at good dressing, but
Allah looks at your hearts. Who is there?Your heart must
keep the Lord’s holy name. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah… Hu, Hu, Hu, Hu… Haqq, Haqq, Haqq, Haqq… Hasbunallah wa n’imal Wakil,
unzur haalana Ya Rabbana irham da’fana, irham zullana Ya Rabb,
iba’thlana Malikan yukatil fi sabilika shaytan and
shaytan’s people. Ameen For the honour of the Seal of Prophets
Sayyidina Muhammad, (saws). Fatiha

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