Jamie Foxx Interviews Benicio Del Toro || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

Jamie Foxx Interviews Benicio Del Toro || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

– Bro, I can’t believe
I’m getting to know you really well here on the suede blue sofa. (funky beat) – When other actors see
this dude, they go, damn I’m never gonna be as good as him. He won the Oscar for Traffic. He won the Golden Globes
Screen Actors Guild. He ran the table when it comes to awards. 21 Grams, Sicario, Star Wars. And his full name is Benicio Monserrate Rafael Del Toro Sanchez! Like a boxer. Oh my goodness. Yo, B man. – Alright, let me close the door. – B, B, first of all, B man thank you. Come on in to my little, humble abode. – Where do I go? – We should have a, you mind
having a libation with me? – Let’s do a libation. – I talk about this all the time. When I watch other actors in movies, I’m aware that I’m
watching them in a movie. When I watch you, I don’t feel that, that I’m watching a movie. How do you capture that. – Well, coming from you, thank you. But, you know, the fact of the matter is, like, I watch you and I get, yeah. Baby Driver, the, you
know, I was like, yeah! – But that’s like me, watching you. – Okay well, that’s,
that’s, so we’re brothers. – So we brothers, alright. – Let’s have a drink. – Let’s have a drink. (snorts) (intense bass) No body starts at the top, we
always gotta start somewhere. Here’s a question. Why you become a actor? – Oh yeah, bro. – ‘Cause it’s, it’s… really. – I don’t come from a family from people in the theater, or…
– Really? or yeah, no. My dad, my dad’s dad was a
policeman, my dad was a lawyer. – Wow. – Um, my grandfather was
a lawyer on my mom’s side. When I decided to be an actor… they were not too happy. I just took an acting class ’cause I wanted to make it really easy for me. Ya know?
– Wow. And then I took the acting
class, and then liked it. And I was having fun, and
then I questioned myself. I went like, if I’m having fun
– Right. Shouldn’t, what you would do
– Yes. shouldn’t it be fun? – All the time. – And that’s, that’s the best. – That’s the main thing. – That’s the main thing. So I was having fun, and then
I was like, you know what? Fuck it, this is what I wanna do. – Right. – I’m having fun, people say I’m good… – I wanna know this
though, where were you? Were you New York, were you LA? – No, I was, I was actually in San Diego. – I went to college in San Diego. – You wen to college in San Diego? – International University,
A on– uh, A uh. – What year did you graduate high school. I graduate high school ’86. – Oh, ’85. – Yeah, so I went, went to International University in San Diego. – And I went to UCSD. – Get out!
– I was at UCSD. We probably bumped into
each other at a party man. – We did go to Tijuana. – Ti– (laughs) – O’s was the name of the club. – O’s, get the fuck outta here. – Yeah. – What’s your story about O. – Well my story was like, you know, coming out of O and not
finding any, a ride back. – What? – And then I saw a taxi, and I r… and, and it’s full of girls
from Sand Diego or something. And I threw myself on that taxi
’cause I needed to get back. And they started kicking me. And I’m going like, I’m going like, no, no, it’s okay, it’s okay. You know, I’ll split the cab with you. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – But I just need a ride
– Right, right, right. to get back across the border. – Why did they think that you… did they think.
– I don’t know. They probably thought you was from Mexico. – Some girls were like, “Yeah, bring in “the Mexican guy in the cab.” (yells out in Spanish) – That is crazy. But I tell you what. I quit college,
– Wow, okay. And I decide to go to New
York and pursue acting. – Right. – And I got to New York,
and I’m in New York for about four month, living
with a cousin of mine. Kinda rough.
– Right, yeah. $400 a month, not good.
– Yeah. And I decide to go to LA. And I took, uh, and I did an
audition for a scholarship at the Stella Adler Conservatory. – Wow. – And I didn’t know who Stella Adler was. – Stella Adler was the, the gr… one of, one of the
great American teachers. And she taught Brando. – Right, oh wow. – So, then I got a scholarship
there for two years. And that kinda changed the game. (intense beat) – You were influenced by other movies. Like what, what I was told you was influenced by Animal House. – Dude, I saw that movie when I was 15. I haven’t seen maybe since then. Well, maybe, maybe one time.
– Yeah. But I was going like,
that movie influenced me. I mean, I like, like, you know
– Yeah. they say The Fear and
Loathing in Las Vegas, I don’t know if you’ve seen that. Yeah I’ve seen that, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, but so, you know, it’s like I’m doin my version of John Belushi in it. – Wow. You know, it’s like, it’s, it’s funny. To like, uh, see something
you, that touch you, and I wasn’t aware.
– Right, right. – You know, I became and actor. When I watched the film I never thought I was gonna be an actor, you know. – But what snapped it off? What made it go, like, boom, I’m here now. What was the first thing. – The first, you mean, the… – Your first like, break. Like the real… – Uh, I would say The
Usual Suspects, you know. And I tell you why. Not only ’cause I’m good
in it, everyone was good. But the movie was great. – It was great. – And I think that you’re
only as good as your movie. – Talk about your experience
though, winning an Oscar. What did that mean to you? What did that mean to you,
your family, your friends? – Well, the family goes
crazy with it, ya know. – Yeah. – They kinda want a piece of you, – Yeah, yeah.
and pulling you out. But I do remember my godmother. She called me up, and she goes like, “you know, now that you’ve won the Oscar, “you can go back to college,
and you can finish college.” (laughs) – She wants you to go back to college… – And I was like… – after winnin the biggest prize. – Well, to her, was like,
come on go back to college. You know, she value
education, which is great. (intense beat) – Uh, villains. Great villains. – Great villains. They’re just misunderstood. (laughing) – Are villains misunderstood? – Well, some of them are. – What’s, what’s, what’s better, uh, uh, uh, the hero or the villain? – To play? Uh, the villain can be a lot of fun. ‘Cause you get to do stuff
that you would never do. – Yeah, we wanna do a villain-off. Right here on Off Script with
Jaime Fox, in my trailer. Let’s do a villain-off Benicio. – I’ll do one. – We’ll do, actually I’m sayin, but it. – I’ll do Dracula. – I’ll do, Silence of the Lambs. – I’m, I’m going first? Alright. Listen to them, children of the night. What music they make. That was my Bella. – I like love that. A census taker… once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some
fava beans and a nice chianti. (intense beat) – Listen, the, the new movie comes out. – Sicario Day of the Soldado. – In this new movie there is a stunt that is crazy, where you are hogtied,
duct taped, eating sand. And you didn’t use a stunt man. – Well, I did a little bit,
but I did a lot of the stunts. You know, you do, you
get into a little bit. – Yeah. – It’s like, if he was
walking from a high wire, or was jumping from a plane,
I go like, you do it bro. Actually, the shirt, with the duct tape… it was kinda rough. – I don’t know if I could do that. – I had a moment there
where I was water boarding myself, you know, with
sweat and all this stuff. And suddenly, I can’t breathe. And then I’m goin like, is
this part of the method? Is this part of where I’m supposed to go? – It’s is, but that, that…
– No I’m gonna die! God bro, so mouth filled with sand, and the duct tape, and can’t see. – Duct tape. Can’t see, can’t see anything. – Alright, we have a
trailer of his new movie. Benicio Del Toro has been fantastic. Thank you for hanging out. Let’s take a look at the clip. (intense beat) (helicopter whirring) (gun shot) – Nice day for a drive, huh? – This girl was witness to the mission. – We gotta get rid of her. – I can’t do that. – You have no reason to trust me, but trusting me is how
you’re gonna survive. – Adios. (gun firing rapidly) (Bada Bing by Benny Banks) – We need a live feed. We can find em. – Good luck. – Luck doesn’t live on
this side of the border. – [Announcer] Sicario Day of the Soldado. Rated R

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  2. Best interviews I see ever. Jamie seems to be real as fuck and you can clearly say it's not scripted or something. Great job Jamie, you are really inspiring. Greetings from Czech Republic

  3. Michael Mann should direct a Sicario 3 with these two

    (Well, assuming Tyler Sheridan is cool with it~)

  4. Brah, when i seen this dude for the first time as a kid in 1995 in The Usual Suspects, he looked like James Dean to me. ✌️

  5. It's amazing how fast both of them connect its like they were just hanging out at a party yesterday and re-telling stories. Benicion is very down to earth

  6. This was a lot of fun…HOWEVER, Jamie Foxx is already very successful and id rather spend my time supporting smaller up-and-coming channels, who dont have all the studio backing.

  7. Dude is pretty much does strictly serious roles now. I wondered if he felt fear and loathing wasnt something he was very proud of, because it's a comedy where he just playing all kinds of fucked up the entire time. But he kicked the shit out of that role with Johnny Depp.
    He played Dr Gonzo pretty much exactly like I read the part in the book.
    It was cool to see he felt it was worth mentioning.

  8. Alliant International University off Pomerado Road… Go west -> name changes to Miramar Road towards the beach -> and changes to La Jolla Village Drive at UCSD! … You guys just passed my house in Mira Mesa!

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    Hollywood Actor 2: I watch you though

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  11. Go back to college? Now I am not going to make a blanket statement, but at times, college is a marketing farce. Telling an Oscar actor to go back to college, you might as well telling Bill Gate to go back to college as well.

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