JAL B767 ECONOMY Class: JL736 Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita

JAL B767 ECONOMY Class: JL736 Hong Kong to Tokyo Narita

good day everybody and welcome back to
one world flyer and my home Airport Hong Kong Airport Chinese New Year decoration
is everywhere in the airport I would also like to take this opportunity to
wish everybody a happy year of pig today we’re flying Japan Airlines Boeing
767 to Tokyo Narita I’m flying with my mum who has a oneworld emerald status
that’s why we got business class check-in and now we’re heading to the
cathay Pacific the pier first class lounge we haven’t eaten breakfast at home so right now
we’re heading straight into the dining room my mum ordered a Western breakfast set
and also dan dan noodle and for myself I got a delicious omelette bagel the
service here is outstanding and a setting is great it is the fabulous
place you fill up your tummy if you prefer self-service there’s a buffet in
this lounge the food and drinks here is extensive lots of good choices let’s take a shower
unlike the wing first-class lounge there’s no Cabana in the pier but some
very good and spacious shower suites which are significantly larger than the
ones in business class lounge next door it also offers excellent amenities and
AESOP products I’m now relaxing in the other side of the lounge I can also see
some tired Qantas passengers whose flight to Sydney last night got delayed
by over 11 hours at this point I’m wondering why don’t they make use of
this lounge and use the day suite which isn’t occupied it’s now time to walk to
the gate for a Tokyo Narita while I was walking I saw my plane getting towed to
the game this is Japan Airlines Boeing 767-300ER JA619J it’s ten years old
and it’s been refurbished with the best economy class seats in the world thank you I’m very very proud of my mom is not
sitting in business class today but rather down in economy with me my seat today is the window-seat 60k JAL 767 economy class is in a very comfortable 2-3-2 to layout this
particular plane has been refurbished with JAL sky wider the economy class seat
which is the best economy class seat in the world for three consecutive years
according to sktrax every seat is 19 inches wide which is wider than the
industry average of about 17 to 18 inches seat pitch is 34 inches most
airlines would be selling those seats at a higher price calling it Economy Plus
you can of course recline your seat but not at a very big angle the headrest
is adjustable but it’s a little bit hard in my opinion my wing view today is looking very good
that All Nippon Airways 767 is also heading to Tokyo Narita now the
seat features first up an adjustable touch screen TV
next to coat hook, USB port and a tiny storage thingy maybe for charging
cables another one with a pouch and then a remote for your TV trade table is
foldable and the seat pocket with a bottle
holder even if you’ve got a bottle down there you still get plenty of space for
your legs one fabulous thing about those seats is
that you get free unobstructed legroom you can man spread if you wish movie wise you don’t get much English movies on Japan Airlines and they’re not very
up to date I think the only thing Japan Airlines has improved is their in-flight
entertainment system for those who understand Japanese there’s I think a good
selection of them the cabin crew onboard are able to speak Cantonese Japanese and English emergency exits on this aircraft can be
found in the safety instructions just before we take off can I please ask
you to spend 2 seconds of your life to press the subscribe and bell buttons so
you don’t miss out a new video again which usually comes out every Thursday 12p.m. Hong Kong time now enjoy the Boeing 767-300ER takeoff there’s heaps of items in the seat pocket
including safety car air sickness bag and in-flight shopping guide it also has
a list of beverages available for this flight for a short four hour flight like
this one I think the selection of drinking is very good Wi-Fi is available
on most JAL international flights including this one but unsurprisingly
it’s quite pricey wet towels are distributed at once the seat belt sign is switched
off despite the short flight everyone gets a blanket and a pillow we’re about 40 minutes into the flight
and breakfast service has begun on JAL short haul flights
you only get one option and for this very flight it’s a grilled ginger prok
with egg rice here’s my tray full of stuff on Japan
Airlines you get metal utensils even in economy class I’ll now go through what’s
on my table for drinks I got sparkling water and miso soup on the sides
I’ve got HaagenDazs ice cream foods and salad which was so-so
as usual on Jal you get soba noodles and then this is the pork egg rice which
was very very delicious while everyone is eating the crew started the hot beverage service you can get coffee English tea and green tea oishi oh by the way my meal also comes with
rice crackers watch out for the shark down there mate
the lavatory is not huge but it’s practical neat a clean I personally think JAL and Emirates
got the best economy class seats in the world but Skytrax gave the award to JAL
because they’re keeping 3-3-3 configuration on the t777 go Japan
Airlines I’ve almost forgotten again there’s a power socket underneath your
seat and you got to share with your neighbor we’re halfway through the flight the crew walked around the cabin to offer apple and oranage juice good news is we
didn’t have to go around or divert to another Airport thank you it is too dangerous and turbulent that
the cabin crew didn’t do a final safety check on passengers anyway we’re now approaching Tokyo
Narita let’s conclude our flight with JAL right here right now firstly
boarding was done efficiently they made it very straight about people with
disabilities and babies get to board first and then one world emerald following by
business class one world Ruby and Sapphire and finally economy class the
cabin crew on board are very hardworking and showed great Japanese
hospitality there was only one hot food option and
fortunately it was delicious the in-flight entertainment system is
one of my least favorite in the skies and JAL needs improve that the seat is
super spacious and comfortable I used miles for this flight but a
standard return ticket from Hong Kong to Tokyo with jl would cause about 3,800
Hong Kong dollars during this period which is actually cheaper than any
low-cost carriers like jetstar and Hong Kong Express I’ll leave you here to see how crazy the
wind is thank you so much for watching this trip
report I hope you enjoyed and see you again next week and also don’t forget
to subscribe bye bye

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  2. Great video and happy Chinese New year. You should compare the Singapore airlines economy to the JAL economy especially since the seat width and pitch is pretty much the same.

  3. Happy CNY Jayden, great review its good your showing more of yourself makes its more personal 🙂 as always enjoyed your review .

  4. Nice! The landing looks a bit bumpy for me. I agree with the seat – it looks very convenient. I love to see that JAL does not apply their bizarre configuration such as 3-4-2 like what they did on their 777.

  5. Did you fly on this flight on the 26/1 ? Since you said there were some delayed passengers on Qantas in 2:03 , I saw some Qantas passengers on QF117 checking in on the 27th but they're supposed to fly on the 26th . Anyways this was a lovely work again Jayden

  6. Well well disagree with you that EMIRATES HAS THE BEST ECONOMY SEATS…..

  7. Hi I watched your 1st time video in Japan today! I want you to visit to Sapporo even just once because HK Airlines and Cathey Pacific has direct flight. My hometown Sapporo has very beautiful places and a lots of yummy food then Snow Festival is holding now! Have you ever went skiing? You can do lot of fun in Hokkaido!

  8. Hey OneWorld flyer! Amazing trip report on JAL.They are an amazing airlines but i never had the opportunity to fly with them as they don't operate flights to my country 😔.They have got one of the friendliest crew i must say,very friendly and efficient.The Y class seat looks quite identical to SQ A350s and the 787-10 (i guess TG has got the same seats on few A330s and all of their A380s).You are right IFE needs to be upgraded and i think they should offer another option for the meal.Wish you a very happy(belated) lunar New year 🙂 and looking forward to the next trip report.

  9. Good to see you showing more of yourself in your videos. Thanks for another great review. I look forward to flying JAL soon hopefully.

  10. Wow, this is the most modern 767 I came across. It would be nicer if they had mood lighting. Looks like JAL is keeping these birds for a while. Also, I love the seemless glass jetbridge at NRT!

  11. Happy new year Jayden. Even the economy class on JAL is really a sensation. Wanna fly them again to Melbourne, but it's too expensive.

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  14. Happy Lunar New Year, Jayden! The jet looks modern and you're looking fine as hell. Hope you enjoyed that flight.

  15. Thank-you Jayden for a most succinct yet informative flight review. Now that I have been a subscriber of yours for a while, I have come to the point where you are a credible source for me determining the carrier and class for my flights. The one thing I have noticed above all else that seems to be similar among the oriental airlines is that their aircrews are so well manicured.

    Of all the contemporary wide-bodied aircraft, the Boeing 767ER is my favorite, and I am sad to see it no longer being built (hand over my heart). Among the many features it offers is being just the right size to facilitate boarding and unloading passengers rapidly/efficiently. Among the details of your flight, I was surprised to see the 2-3-2 seating in economy with the wider seats and exceptionally large pitch. I was also surprised to see how few passengers there were on your flight. After you had finished kicking your mother around, I was thinking that you would have moved her to another seat so that each of you had your very own row (JUST KIDDING!). I was happily surprised to see the lavatory well maintained, which is another huge plus for JAL.

    Thank-you sir for sharing a most enjoyable 18 minutes or so worth of your JAL flight. And as always, I am looking forward to your next posting!

  16. I recently flew JAL Tokyo to Singapore on a B777 and, yes it was very good. There seems to be a lot of space and the service is great.

  17. That economy class is very good! But I think the TV is a bit old. Maybe JAL doesn't refreshed the TV.
    I love your video very much!

  18. Great video, Jayden! I really like JAL's product. The flight attendants are always so friendly and attentive. The economy seats look pretty comfortable. I agree about the video system. It is the one weak point for JAL given the limited number of English movies.

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  21. Excellent Review:) JAL's economy class can really be compared to other airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Emirates. The Sky Wider Seats seems to have a really beautiful design. The huge legroom, which can be compared to premium economy class of other airlines, is perfect for a long haul flight. Also very happy that JAL has become a five star airline. And 新年快乐。

  22. Wow, I saw one of the local Malaysian movie actually end up as one of the IFE choice when u browse through the movies.

    I see there is more than one chief cabin crew onboard (the one in white-ish scarf but not in white jacket)like the one hand the immigration forms. I always wonder what are they doing there when they are not the chief cabin crew.

    Good review as always 🙂

  23. Excellent review! Your videos always inspire me to travel. Keep up the good work and continue sharing the good vibes❤✈

  24. Great view! But I think their business class seats on 767 may not be comfortable. Despite the 1-2-1 configuration, their seat width are the same us 2-4-2 (their economy seats are 2-3-2). However, it's just my supposal. Have you ever try their business class on 767 ?

  25. Looks like you were in Tokyo the same time as me. Great city. Thanks for the posting, as I was curious about how the JAL offering looked, after seeing so many nice JAL planes on the tarmac at Narita. BTW… How awesome is the view over the apron on the walk down that hallway!

  26. I really enjoyed your review. I am planing a trip to narita and am assigned to this aircraft. New sub as well. 👍

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  28. I enjoyed this older trip report, Jayden.
    Your format and editing are very good to me.
    Plenty of leg room to spread out. 😂😂😂
    You are a treat to watch.

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