Ivanka Trump Discusses W-GDP and Women’s Economic Empowerment

Ivanka Trump Discusses W-GDP and Women’s Economic Empowerment

Ivanka Trump: WGDP stands for
the women’s global development and prosperity initiative. We said, you know what, let’s
take a holistic approach. The first ever all of
government approach to unleashing what is in
arguably the most underutilized resource in
the developing world. The power, the potential, the grit, and the genius of the world’s women. The purpose of WGDP is to uplift 50 million women by 2025
through three pillars. The first pillar is women
in the workforce. So, this is vocational
education, it’s job training. The second pillar involves
entrepreneurship. Pillar three is the most critical,
which is changing the laws that prohibit
women’s full and free economic participation.
The goal is self-reliance. The goal is for it not to
need to exist anymore, for countries to
rise and become trading partners. And I think the most effective
way to deliver on that goal is to empower women in
those communities.

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  1. "Hitler Barbie" (Ivanka Drumpf) doesn't give a damn about women's rights, it's all about supporting her incestuous daddy's fascist KAKISTOCRACY.

  2. Empowerment hmm it was nice during hurricane Verizon bumped our signal up to 3 whole bars!
    Unlimited talk/text/data plan reduces signal soo now I can comment but the video won't play.
    Maybe this year I won't even vote because I can't see the election or video's that compel me to vote.
    Essentially Verizon is blocking me from even watching your videos.

  3. May she be the first female president. She’s honest, trustworthy & represents women in the US with great dignity. She brings so much integrity and class that’s been lacking in our female American leaders for so long. Actually, this is all new!

  4. While men are being attacked by businesses, commercials, politicians, hollywood and media, Ivanka shows no support for males.

    Why? Because she’s a man-hater.

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  6. Ever since women joined the workforce households have gone from needing one income to two incomes on average just to get by. How empowering!

  7. Ivanka ask your sugar daddy to stop being a giant orange asshole: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1176339522113679360

    I understand he and his pal Epstein had a thing for kids, but stop that disgusting father of yours.

    IMaybe your Trump clan can fly to Mars with Mike Pence. Make Earth Great Again!

  8. Trump admits withholding aid to Ukraine while asking country's leader to investigate 2020 rival Joe Biden

  9. Get out of the USA Globalist ivanka. Were sick of you Shoving Women & Foreigners on us. Ivanka Trump has done Nothing except taken Chelsea Clinton's job & she's pushing the NWO Globalist Agenda. She's out to Destroy the USA. Daughter of Herod. Pure Evil. Donates funds to Cory Bookers Campaign. I bet no one believes that.

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  11. Ivanka my beautiful I love you and I'm. Proud of you each mothers in world would love to have a smart and Amazing daughter like you.
    God bless our Great President and his beautiful family
    Trump 2020

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  15. Sounds lovely. As climate change gets worse, we won’t need dresses or shoes & we’ll probably be resorting to cannibalism, so maybe Ivanka can write cook books too.

  16. Great efforts participating of Honored Respected Royal Crown Princess Ivanka Trump, USA, GOD JESUS CHRIST may bless Her too much forever, Amen

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  18. I’m soooo sick of the frumps….publicity pays well…..typical publicity stunt….just have to be seen doing ‘something’ while her father creates yet another shit storm….🙄

  19. I always get so emotional with every Ivanka video I watch. Almost to tears she has such an impact on humanity. She is so amazing. So genuine. She is Princess Diana and Mother Teresa combined with her model perfect beautiful self. She has the brains of Einstein or Nikola Tesla super super smart and yet so humble. Such a great big heart for humanity. I love this woman. She is just awe inspiring to men and women. Everything about her is "real" her heart, her work, her mission. Ivanka Trump President & world leader 2024 PS Ivanka I LOVE the new hair!!!! It's so becoming.

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  21. For Ivanka
    What you do is great for women. Keep up the good work.

    Also the photo of the Stormtrooper cosplay is lovely. Mark Hamill lost his way. Your kid was not part of the game to be bashed that way. Hamill lost the respect of many fans with a less than brilliant tweet.

    Star Wars fans are with you.

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    I wish you a better day and better life
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    I love Ivanka Trump and I'm supporting The President
    Trump trump Trump Trump

  23. I think it’s time for Steven Miller to drag I Wanka or trumps slut wife through the mud once again on. This fake video site. He really need some distractors. Trump is losing his fucking mind

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