Is China’s Economy Slowing Down? | China Uncensored

Is China’s Economy Slowing Down? | China Uncensored

China’s economy is slowing down. What does this mean for China’s future? This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. It looks like China’s economic miracle… may be slowing…way…down. Even China’s official GDP figures confirm the situation is bleak. On Monday, Chinese Officials released data for the fourth quarter of 2018. They claimed GDP growth was just 6.4%. That’s the lowest reported figure in 28
years. And that’s the *reported* figure. It’s been clear for a long time that Chinese
GDP data is basically man-made. China’s current premier Li Keqiang admitted
that, way back in 2007. He didn’t say it publicly, but, you know, Wikileaks. At any rate, things aren’t looking good
in China right now. “The numbers show exports fell the most
in two years last month, with demand in most of its major markets weakening. Imports also saw a shock drop, falling over seven percent in their biggest
decline since 2016 with Chinese consumers holding back on buying everything from iPhones to cars.” Although, to be fair, the new iPhone is just a more expensive version of the old
iPhone. And who wants to buy a car when Chinese traffic jams look like this? Even I’ve never seen 30 lanes of stopped
traffic before, and I’m from LA. Anyway, across China, factories are cutting prices and laying off
workers. Especially factories whose products are directly affected by US tariffs. Foreign direct investment is also taking a
beating. Companies are getting more hesitant about
doing business in China. “That is more because it is becoming increasingly complicated to do business there, with the forced technology transfer, with the lack of transparency, discrimination as compared to Chinese companies, with the massive subsidies of state-owned
companies.” The big question is, will what happens in China stay in China? Or will the slowdown spill over and become a global problem? Well, the World Bank released its economic
report this month and… … It’s called “Darkening Skies”?! It’s not a good sign when your economic
report sounds like the name of a new show from the makers of Stranger Things. But ok, “Darkening Skies” says, spoiler
alert, that the slowdown in China means more risk of a global slowdown. The good news—at least for America—is, since China doesn’t import a lot of manufactured
goods, the impact on workers in the United States will be pretty limited. But developing countries that export raw materials like iron ore could be in for a bumpy ride. The Chinese authorities are already taking
action to lessen the potential blow to their own
economy. They’ve slashed the bank reserve requirement
ratio. That’s the amount of money that banks are required to physically keep. Lowering the ratio frees up more money, which in theory will push banks to lend that
money, which spurs business growth. The problem with that, though, is that it fuels growth by creating more debt. And China already has 34 trillion dollars of public and private debt. A sort of “Debt Bomb” if you will. In fact, China’s debt problem has “been called a mountain, a horror movie, a bomb and a treadmill to hell.” Of course, Treadmill to Hell is also the name of AC/DC’s little-known
workout album, which includes such hits as “You Shook My Shake Weight All Night Long” and “Back in Black Yoga Pants.” But anyway, so far, Chinese officials’ solution to the economic
growth problem is to make the debt problem bigger. That doesn’t sound great. Well, I suppose they could reduce their debt by creating inflation… but I don’t think they want to be like Venezuela, where people have to go shopping with massive piles of bills. Actually, the craziest thing about China’s
slowing economy isn’t that there is ballooning debt, or a manufacturing slowdown, or risky government stimulus. The craziest thing is that no one quite knows how much China’s economy is really slowing
down. Yeah, everyone knows China’s GDP numbers
are inflated, but no one knows how much they’re inflated. Maybe the top leadership gets “real” data
from somewhere, but even that is unlikely, since lower-level officials are highly incentivized to report “better” numbers up the chain, so they don’t get in trouble. And sure, officials can look at other data to make an educated guess. Like Li Keqiang looked at “electricity consumption, rail cargo volume, and bank lending.” But that’s not ideal. And if officials don’t know how much the
economy is slowing, well, it makes fixing the problem that much
harder. So what’s your proposal to fix China’s
slowing economy? Leave your comments below. And before we go, it’s time to pull out the ol’ hat and answer a question from a fan who supports China Uncensored with a dollar or more per episode through the crowdfunding website Patreon. Jordan Laramore asks:
“China officially has like 9 political parties but they vote in line with the CCP, what are the chances that one day they decide to form an opposition party?” Well, Jordan, it’s interesting you should mention the
political parties. A lot of people think the People’s Republic
of China is a one-party state. But they’d like you to know, that couldn’t be further from the truth! China has 8 other political parties. A lot of them even have “democratic” in
their names! If you say it over and over, it must be true. Just like the Democratic People’s Republic
of Korea. There’s just one small catch. Those 8 political parties are directly controlled by the Communist Party. It’s literally written into the constitution that the multi-party system is officially under the Communist Party’s
leadership. After all, it’s the “People’s Democratic
Dictatorship.” These 8 other parties combined make up less than 30% of the votes in the National
People’s Congress. So if they wanted to form a bloc and vote
a different way, they couldn’t pass any laws. Not because of the lack of votes though. Because the National People’s Congress has no real power. Its job is to give the appearance of law to a country where policy is actually decided by the Communist Party. So if the other parties did try to oppose
it, the Communist Party would just declare them illegal organizations and crush them. Not that they ever would try to oppose the
Communist Party, since all 8 parties are also directly controlled by the Communist Party’s United Front organization. So the chance that these 8 parties would one day decide to form an opposition
party… is zero. There have been people in China who have tried to start real opposition parties, that aren’t controlled by the Communist
Party. Let’s just say, it hasn’t ended well for
them. Thanks for your question, Jordan. And thank you to all my fans who contribute a dollar or more per episode. We rely mainly on your support to keep China Uncensored going. Go to to learn
more. Once again, I’m Chris Chappell. See you next time.

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  1. Who wants to fix China's economy, do you? We could start to fix our own economy if we didn't buy so much Chinese junk. I bought some plastic tumblers at Walmart not long ago. I didn't really need them, but when I saw Made In USA on the bottom of them I bought them.

  2. No normal rules for China they were 800 mill 1978 then one child rules and they are now 600 million. Yea you heard me but that´s what they are! Around 600 million anything else is impossible with that rule. And They have built cities as if they were 1.3 billion that´s why there are so many empty big cities of course. They have no statistic authorities. Nothing can be trusted! No figures are right all is wrong. They are printing money and all with money are taking them to foreign banks and stocks and BIT Coin.

  3. Best case scenario: Economic slowdown is enough to cause mass unrest, forcing democratic reform on the government without being enough to cause starvation.

    Worst case scenario: Mega-collapse, resulting in a fascist china and WW3.

    I pray for the first. China's amazing, but I hate the government. Love from the Netherlands, Chinese readers 😀

  4. Why not for china to take home those millions of chinese working illegally in the Philippines to prove china economy is doing well…..hehehehe

  5. This is the opium wars all over again in the form of trade wars. China’s economy is getting drained by the world super powers within the next 5 to 10 years.

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  7. What so surprising is that? All economies slow down as their GDP per capita increases. It is a surprise that GDP of China after expanding at such a fast rate is still growing at a fast rate although slower. If it has not been slowing gradually as it grows, China’s GDP would have already overtaken the US. What is surprising that less developed economy such as India and Vietnam are also growing at
    the same ballpark single digit level.

  8. A VERY NICE CONCEPT. I made a tour of China and saw cities (many) built up completely, with nobody in ! The idea seems to be that's waiting for the force evacuation of rural populations. Chinese peoples questionning indicates that they don't know why their government is doing that but, they don't have choice. They know what to do before, but now, they don't know what they will do in those new towns, loosing sense of reality. I ask myself, what in Mao's name, those guy are doing ?! Those methods are incredibly expensives and, for what purpose ? Maybe, their ideas are to empty rural areas for extensive industrial farming ? Could be but, could it be sustain while their global economy is showing signs of declain ?! I don't think so but, they land so much money everywhere, mainly in developping countries that could barely refund. Then, they claim the lands for repayment, wich is not giving them new moneys, but maybe gold and other comodities. Again, their economists based their assumptions on a fix model, like everything will stay constant.Such model could not works, when you are dependant of global economy, mainly when you are dealing with very strong economies like USA and others. No world banks will finance that endeaviour, without strong garanties. What guaranties has China actually ? Not enough gold and a lot of money papers that are not worthed. So, they are taking a deep dive that could be temporary, if they have the commun sense of redresments. The way they are positionning themselves actually, leave them with a very small opportunity. Gerry

  9. Love it! Would personally love to see China on its knees. They have crossed the line with India and gone too far.

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  11. I am sure when an official tells ..that we are declining economy…the pla will detain him and accuse him for the whole country s inflation


  13. Why is the free world so ultimately stupid! Wow! It's hard to believe! wake up everyone! The Chinese CCP is your enemy! They are after your country!

  14. Nothing grows to the sky. If you want to play the capitalist game, you have to take the benefits and the risks. Expected. Happy to hear it. Hoping for more.

    It may be slowing down ,but its still the Second Largest Economy in the world .
    And those so-call western nations backed economists had said many times in the past
    that CHINA's economy will collapse or burst and were Proven WRONG AGAIN AND AGAIN . And most likely CHINA will Prove this Bias news channel and those western backed economists Wrong Again . CHINA will fight their way out and Triumph and Out-perform even more than anyone can think of , Again .

  16. China stilled from American business deal with ametican people last 80 years , chines will death from American president mr donald trump. It's good good news for america prosperity for American flag and national anthem.

  17. The GDP in China is inflated and keep in life support artificially; one example are the huge imports of cement that are used in the construction of 50 ghost cities (some 64 million units) that remain empty and who most workers can't afford. That's beside the low quality of the construction where the new apartments and shopping malls are falling apart no sooner than a few weeks after completion.

  18. Hello guys, I am glad you guys here are celebrating China's downfall. congratulations! now I have more confidence in China's growth in next 10 years, because in the past every 10 years when westerners celebrated China's downfall, then China would go even better in the next 10 years.thank you guys!
    one of my friends said to me, why those people have so stupid ideas about China, are they fools? I said, no, they are not fools, they are just acidheads, addicting to negtive news about China

  19. When something already reach its peak, there's no where to go but slip down but eventually it will start pumping up once it regains momentum

  20. And the Democrats in America thinks that they want the same kind of party. They need to go live in China for 1 year and see if they won't change their mind.

  21. Here's how we fix the Chinese economy. We pass a law saying that they set our tariff rates. Any tariff they impose on an American product is mirrored here. Then we stand back, watch the whole thing implode, and China reduced to nonthreat status in a matter of months.

  22. CCP is training more youngsters to calculate and learn maths so China GDP economic figure looks stable

  23. The fuck is the point of voting in China? It's basically just Winnie-the-Pooh and ching-ling-bing-men running the whole thing. Doesn't matter where you vote it's all going to the same place lmfao

  24. Hidden secrets on the Divine Assets of the King of Recognized Asset Nations (KORAN) for the benefit to Humanity.

  25. Drop GDP! Its horrible. You should measure 1.) Happiness, 2.) Infrastructure, 3.) Productivity, 4.) Health, 5.) Assets, 6.) Education level.

  26. it never went that fast to begin with overstated and manipulated gdp index's and bubbles and loan bubbles kept them going for the last 10 years.

  27. If they tried to form a real opposition party, the main party will send them off on a paid vacation, load them in a plane, see them off at the terminal, then as soon as the plane is off the ground, they'll blow it up..Then report it as an accident caused by the CIA.

  28. In 2004 after working a Territory of three states for almost four years; I was laid off. Minnesota's Unemployment department was very involved in their clients future. I was invited to a seminar about trade in China. The Asst. Professor of Sociology had recently returned after ten years there. He spoke about the PRC's need of an absolute minimum of 8% annual growth required to provide jobs for the five million annual college grads.

  29. everything you buy that says made in china is funding the new world orders global communist agenda. remember that every time you want to save a few bucks for some slave labored made junk.

  30. Christ you have been making this video for almost 5 years…If you are expecting a subscription and views then your video is good ..For a fact checking then it's lousy video.Chinese economy is growing steadily for the past 10 years..Nobody can stop Chinese economy..not even God

  31. China is going to be another Soviet union or Japan, the biggest question is when its overinflated GDP is cut Down to its proper size will it devolve like Russia or Japan.

  32. And is probably half of that… China is a corrupt hellhole with a brainwashed population… in China you have no choice of thinking for yourself

  33. treadmill to hell — shook my shake weight all night long…classic! The album also includes "stiff upper lift" and "sweat all over you"

  34. I am going to help the Chinese by not buying anything Chinese oo wait i dont have a T.V well that a good start.

  35. China's economy is slowing down?
    Oh no that's bad news oh no so sad this is going to be bad for the Communist Party oh no

  36. Soon we will see duopolar world USA+Europe vs China+russia. And we must do all for that US and Europe win.

  37. My proposal is to stop investing in China and start more investing in India. It has its own problems, but it’s more democratic, and is growing more progressive, more rule of law, and on and on. Let the Chinese government fall and their people rise. We will adapt.

  38. Too many corruption, too many taxes, government policies favor state owned enterprises, all of these ruin the economy.

  39. China only prospers as a parasite. You cut off their spying, cheating, copying, lying, and stealing, and the party is over.

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