Is China Bad for Hong Kong’s Economy?

Is China Bad for Hong Kong’s Economy?

China Promised Hong Kong One Country, Two
Systems But the reality looks much different How is the CCP’s broken promise Affecting Hong Kong’s Economy? Welcome back to China Uncensored, I’m Chris
Chappell. Joining me today is Edward Chin, Hong Kong activist, hedge fund manager, and founder of 2047 Hong Kong Monitor. Thanks for joining me Ed. Chris it’s good to see you in less than 100
days, I think? Less than 100 days or about. Well, so these protests have been going on
for a long time now, over 100 days. How has that affected the economy of Hong
Kong? Some of the retail businesses definitely have
suffered, but a lot of people are sympathetic about
the current situation because almost it’s like the last fight for
Hong Kong’s core values, freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom to move around Hong Kong even. Seems like Hong Kong is turning into more
like a semi police state. It’s something I don’t want to see as a business
person. Yeah. I mean you’ve seen police and protestors clashing
in malls, that’s definitely not good for businesses. No, it’s not, I have seen students, very young
people, very young age, 12, 13 years old even, and very senior people, senior in terms of
age. They come out in unison to defend what they
think. And it’s not just young people protesting. There’s been lawyer protest, doctor protest. This is really in all level of society. I’m touched honestly, like the medical profession, they do come out, not just the paramedics. I have seen one fifth year medical school
student name remain anonymous. He would put on full gear. At first, he was just a paramedic. But when police which is driven by money because
of the over pay, you were paid like one and a half, two times pay as a policeman to control the
situation so to speak. When you fire so many tear gas canisters towards
demonstrators, the young doctors to be, they would gear up
now. I’ve seen them like dressed as more the Batmans, The Avengers so to speak, right, to defend that this is almost like the last
fight they believe in because they were born like in the ’90s or
they are millennials. So they really believe like this is their
Hong Kong, they call it home. They might not have a memory of the colonial
days like us because we benefited from the economic uprising
from 30 years ago. They don’t see that same type of a scenario, but that they could only see like Hong Kong
as a more polarization. So that’s why they came out. And even the older generation, they come out and support. Now, definitely it’s extremes. You could see the big real estate developers
who are, some of them are members of the National People
Congress or Political Consultative Conference. Which is a mainland Chinese organization? Yeah. Right. So they have to kowtow, the big developers have to kowtow and say
condemn everyone. They would say put up newspaper ads and condemn the demonstrators from causing
so called trouble. And part of the reason housing prices are
so high is because of an influx of rich mainland Chinese
people, correct? Yeah. The housing prices have been up a lot in over the last few decades. But even with the protests going on in the
last 100 days or so, people are concerned. But it’s not dropping like a rock. There are still a lot of China money supporting
the real estate, but then the Hong Kong tycoons, they are also afraid that they will be replaced by the mainland princelings. So, they’re extracting even the last penny from the normal Hong Kong people. That’s something we wouldn’t want to see. So in unity for the first time, the young professionals, those people who are retiring, the so called upper middle class too are joining this so called movement. It’s beyond the extradition deal now, it’s like the last fight for Hong Kong. Hong Kong people most of them, I would say 99.999% are not asking for Hong
Kong’s independence. They’re fighting for at least the Deng Xiaoping
motto, which is that two systems has to remain intact. We don’t have that now. The Hong Kong government has said the protests are about economic inequality or livelihood
issues. Do you think that’s true? I think that’s part of the problem definitely. Because 20 years ago, you could see like a young accountant who
is making 10,000 Hong Kong per month, 20 years later, he’s still making 10,000 per
month. I would think if we want some more radical
changes like the Hong Kong government should like
the Singapore model build something like for young family at least
have four to 500 square feet of living space. I mean you cannot have like 150 square feet
net having like a four person household living
in that so called like chunckated home. It’s not as inhumane honestly, you are talking about Hong Kong is so rich. It’s also so polarized. And also for instance, the minimum monthly salary for university
graduates, it cannot be like 10,000 forever over the
last 25 years. It has to be some minimum standard just like
a minimum wage, let’s say 20,000, 21, 22,000 honky make the
society more fair. So far, a lot of people when they come out, it’s also they don’t see a future. The civil human rights front, one of the major organizers of the protest has accused Beijing of economic imperialism. Has becoming a part of China helped the Hong
Kong economy? Now, last time, Chris, when you were in Hong
Kong, we already talk about liquid assets moving
overseas to Singapore, Jersey Channel Island. I have not seen this trend from stopping. To be honest a lot of- So money is still going out of Hong Kong. Of course. People won’t think twice about the so-called, right now is jurisdiction risks, people have to think about it. Now with the human rights and democracy act, that could be a reality in the US. They could penalize Hong Kong or Beijing government
people from entering the US or freezing their assets. Would they have some retaliation to the pro-democracy
people too? And also those 2 million people who come out
to the streets who are fighting for their own freedoms. I don’t know. That’s something called a backup plan or people have to think about logically if
Hong Kong is under duress. First of all, Beijing could retaliate by freezing some of the activism assets too. Liquid assets is very important. I think anyone with one million Hong Kong, which is 150,000 US, they could think, “Hey, if I opened a premier account in one
of the global banks,” they want to offshore maybe 60% of the assets
overseas, like a six four allocation. Not in remembrance of the Tiananmen 64, but the 64 allocation could be wise. Because money movement, you can do it quite easily. Now I know a lot of Hong Kong companies like
Cathay Pacific have come under pressure from the Chinese
Communist Party to come out against the protesters. Do you think more Hong Kong companies will face that kind of pressure? Even like BNP Paribas, which is a fringe bank, which is quite controversial. I think one of the activists lawyer, Jason
Eng, resigned abruptly, just I think two weeks ago because of his
comments on his Facebook. Now a lot of Hong Kong people are singing
a song called May Glory be to Hong Kong. I don’t know whether you listened to it on
YouTube. We’ve heard it there. Yeah. And then there were some mainland tourists lash protesters were raiding IFC, which is a high end shopping mall at the financial
center. Like your Twin Towers, the equivalent. And then Jason was commenting something about the mainland protesters, and then someone saw that and then has it
circulated in Waco, and then he went into some trouble and then
he resigned. Or he is no longer with the BMP. Is unprecedented. This is what I call white terror. Not the word Caucasian white, but terror in
general. We like to use that term white terror, has nothing to do with that race. Okay, well how would you define white terror? It’s horror show. I mean it’s like intimidation. It’s like what happened to me 10 months ago. January 1st when I write a protest saying
President Xi Jingping, please release the two Canadians, the whole world was watching. So even before I come out, they visited my
office and say I detained an interviewee in my office. And no one comes in for an interview on January
1st. So, a lot of these weird things do happen
because the phones, I think a lot of us, our phones are tapped. So Hong Kong is becoming more and more like
as Jin Jen situation with a lot of AI lamps, monitoring facial
recognition, credit rating system in 2020. So, a lot of things are slowly integrated
into the Chinese way. That makes me worry because I don’t see the
two systems as too valid now. That’s why people still have to come out and
fight and to speak up. Well are white collar professionals or any
companies doing anything to support the protesters? As individuals. A lot of them, a lot of them they do come
out, but not at a corporate level. You will be penalized. Le Cafe was penalized, I think HSBC, they replaced some of the senior executives. And then I mentioned the BMP case, and then preferably they will come out as
individuals and support. Sometimes anonymous. Sometimes if they go out, they have to put on a mask. Unfortunately, this is Hong Kong now. Yeah. So two credit rating agencies, Moody’s and
Fitch, have changed the outlook of Hong Kong to negative
recently. Why is that? Because they think the protests could be prolonged and also the retail definitely has suffered. Now I have a friend who is at first more like
Blue Ribbon, which is more like pro-Beijing, but now is more sympathetic towards the protesters because his son is around that age too. So he has a retail chain with 15 stores. I won’t mention what type of clothing because otherwise you would know who he is. So of course the sales got affected. The sales drop 30, 40%, but at first five
years ago, he blamed the Umbrella Movement that Professor
Benny Tai initiated and to finance a banking group that support
Occupy Central, also support Benny Tai’s movement. He was fiercely against it. But now he becomes more sympathetic because he knows that his son is around that
age too. He doesn’t see his son’s upward mobility as
a Hong Kong-er. So even his SEO suffer. He negotiated with the landlord, which is really in control of Hong Kong’s
economy. So do you think if one country, two systems begins to become eroded or disappears, that will be good or bad for the economy of
Hong Kong? Honestly, the two systems doesn’t exist anymore. Now take a look at Macau right now, you have
Article 23, you cannot have a protest. People are very calm and so called orderly. You only got one voice. But Hong Kong, it’s a quite multicultural
before and Hong Kong has been an international city. But this will become an international city
with a lot of constraints. Now we don’t have a curfew yet. The government hinted that if things so got
out of control, we could have curfews. They would put up like … but we have a mini curfew going on right now. And then the police can do searches on people
anytime, and then they talk about this a retractable
baton could be carried around. There’s a lot of debate on this so called
policeman making excessive money I alluded to earlier, they could immigrate to Taiwan because the time of immigration investment
scheme is only million NT dollars. And so with one and a half years of work with a lot of overtime pay, they could immigrate to another country by bashing of people, which is sad. I mean of course I say it half-jokingly now, but actually is a very bad thing for Hong
Kong people fighting Hong Kong people. But this is how the CCP wants to play it. So the US has the Hong Kong policy act of
1992 which basically as far as trade relations go treats Hong Kong as something different and separate from mainland China. Now Congress is talking about passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which would have the US government review whether or not there’s reason to maintain
that difference. What would happen to the Hong Kong economy if the US treats Hong Kong the same as mainland
China? That in fact remains to be seen, but talk about the human rights and democracy
at first. I think it’s a good deterrent to be honest because people like Carrie Lam, her husband
got a UK passport, same as her son. But some of the tycoons who are so pro-Beijing, the wife is still like an American and then the kids all have US bank accounts or companies in the US. They have to think twice when you try to so
called stabilize things in Hong Kong, they have to think about the consequences when you try to like create so much social
unrest. I don’t see if honestly when you have a rally, when you don’t have police, everything is
so orderly. Sudden, when you have like 5,000 policemen came out like a riot police and then these speedy dragons and then fiercely firing the tear gas and
then rubber bullets. Suddenly you know the Hong Kong society goes
crazy. Now go back to the human rights and democracy
act. I think if the Congress pauses it, I think it would be a good deterrent for the
Hong Kong government to think twice about the evil deeds they try
to implement. They have to think very carefully. So I mean I don’t know too well about the
politicians in the US, but I think Marco Rubio and Nancy Pelosi, they are doing a great job by helping Hong
Kong. I don’t want to talk about Trump, it’s a different story. People have a love and hate on President Trump, but definitely your Congressman has been helping
Hong Kong I think. Thank you for that. Yeah. It’s become a bipartisan issue, which is a
miracle in this day and age in the US. Yeah. It is a miracle to see the US gets so united
on Hong Kong’s issues. All right. Thank you very much for joining me today,
Ed. I hope I don’t see you in not too distant
future. Yeah. Under better circumstances. Yes, of course. Yeah. Thank you so much.

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    Reunification was the reason Nazi Germany annexed Austria and Historical territorial claims why Poland was invaded.

    It has become taboo and redundant to compare any government to Nazi Germany and sacrilege to compare any individual to Adolf Hitler. “One step to far used by radicals and extremists to further their agenda” moderate politicians would argue, receiving immediate condemnation. Just ask Australian Politician Andrew Hastie, who compared the world’s handling of China’s rise to the failure of the world to contain Nazi Germany.

    That’s because such comparisons can be quickly and conveniently made by anyone about any government and/or leader whenever a state’s actions seem threatening to others such as expansionism from historical territorial claims, etc.

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    Yep this is a song the world has heard and been through before, it’s not just history repeating itself. It’s just us, new generations making the same mistakes and erroneous assumptions as previous generations did. We just tell ourselves that this time is different, and we will succeed in our modern times where previous generations failed.

    As if previous generations didn’t tell themselves that also. Neville Chamberlain most have certainly told himself he would succeed doing something different from previous generations before him, when as British Prime Minister he declared “Peace in Our lifetime” after signing a peace treaty with Nazi Germany in 1938. Now judged by history for his erroneous policy of Appeasement toward Adolf Hitler.

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    It was appeasement from the west and historical territorial claims that allowed mainland China to take over Hong Kong in 1997 despite the vast majority of it’s citizens not wishing to a part of it, as the recent pro-democracy protests, called riots by CCP propaganda news, should make it clear to anyone.

    Just as it was appeasement and historical territorial claims the reason why we allowed Nazi Germany to annex Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939. Along with the failure to act to prevent a much larger conflict.

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