Is Aloe Vera THE BEST Hair Mask for Hair GROWTH + DRY Hair?! | T’keyah B

Is Aloe Vera THE BEST Hair Mask for Hair GROWTH + DRY Hair?! | T’keyah B

hey you guys T’keyah here for this video I
am experimenting I think these are the best videos I think they’re so fun
recently I have been on this whole aloevera kick and wave so I got an aloe
vera plant I decided to just go ahead and get one and if you’re not familiar I
recently put out two skincare videos the first one was just an aloe mask that I
did for five straight days with fresh aloe on my face the difference that I
saw on my skin after five days was crazy and then the second video that I put out
was actually me sleeping in an aloe vera mask for five straight days so I have
them linked up here in the card section but then they’ll also be down in the
description box so check those out share those videos and share this video if
anyone would find this helpful so for this one I’m actually gonna try out the
aloe on my hair I do not know what is going to happen I have tried aloe as a
pre-poo overnight where I just take the fresh aloe leaf rub it on my scalp and I
actually saw that on natural 85s Channel but in this video I wanted to take a
full aloe leaf a full aloe leaf this thing is massive I want to see exactly
what it’s gonna do for my hair aloe is extremely moisturizing for my skin I
just have a strong inkling that it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be good so
let’s get into this video and let’s see exactly what is gonna do for our hair to
cover all of my hair in the aloe I ended up using about three to four pieces this
size and that was enough for all of my hair so I just left a business meeting
that’s why my hair is all wound up in this bun I didn’t know what else to do
with it so my hair definitely needs to be washed it’s not that dirty but I
could use a wash so this is the perfect time to do this
I am going to be also using my DIY hair growth oil we have a hair growth
challenge going on and I realized that I didn’t even tell you guys where you
should upload your progress so upload your progress to Instagram and then at me
in any of your pictures of your progress or little short clips or videos or
whatever it should be easy enough hashtag hair growth challenge TB I’m
going to actually part it in the back and we’ll go that way so what I’m going
to do is just take the actual outer piece the reason why I didn’t cut off
the leaf is because I’m gonna use it as my handle
I know typically with hair masks you don’t want to get them on your scalp but
aloe has so many amazing benefits for the scalp and as you guys know by now
the scalp is really where you have to promote that health in order for the
hair that grows out of it to be healthy to grow strong and long and all of those
things we dream about okay so now that the aloe appears dry the way to get more
gel out is just to puncture it with your finger not actually cutting the aloe
because you don’t want bits of aloe in your hair so don’t go crazy but once you
do that and there’s more gel so initially I wanted to do this aloe mask
on dry hair because I thought I would be getting all of those benefits straight to my
cuticles okay but I highly recommend wetting your hair first or doing this on
damp hair after you have cleansed it so I have some warm water in my spray
bottle because this is gonna take forever and I’m gonna have to keep
puncturing it alright so I have this section up I’m just going to go
section by section just so this can go a little bit faster and a little bit
cleaner the way it feels on your hair just like
gliding on yes still super moisturizing let’s talk about the benefits of aloe so
aloe helps promote hair growth by removing the dead skin cells that are on
your scalp which clog your pores it also balances the pH of your hair and your
scalp and my favorite benefit it helps retain more moisture in your hair as you
can see is goopy it’s slimy a slippery it also penetrates deep into your hair
and scalp to condition and repair your hair and it also does that for your skin
it also prevents itching and it reduces dandruff I personally get dry scalp
sometimes especially because it’s colder out and my DIY hair growth oil has been
so helpful when it comes to dry scalp but aloe is like the king queen whatever
you want to call it of moisture for the scalp for your skin just throw aloe over
everything so I pretty much finished all of these
sections let me just take out my hair and I’ll probably add some more aloe on
some of the dry parts oh so moisturized actually it feels wet
of course but really really really yeah I feel like this side is a lot of wetter cut some more aloe do you guys see
this shine and then I’m going to apply this I’m probably not gonna shampoo my
hair I’m just going to rinse it out and then I’ll see exactly how my hair feels
if this like made my hair feel cleansed or whatever the case may be and of
course I’m going to come back on and report back to you guys alright you guys I’m all dripping wet but
I just rinsed out some deep conditioner I left it on for 15 minutes but one of
the huge differences that I noticed is the manageability kind of
but the amount of slip and how easy it was to just detangle my hair
after that aloe treatment was incredible so that was probably my main
take away also softness is also up and through the roof and my hair it does
appear to have a little bit more of like a sheen to it and can we just talk about
the fact that my hair like shrinks now I have some shrinkage in this bih I got
some shrinkage that’s about it you guys give the video a thumbs up if you found
it helpful I do recommend trying an aloe mask out
I will see you guys in my next video

100 thoughts on “Is Aloe Vera THE BEST Hair Mask for Hair GROWTH + DRY Hair?! | T’keyah B

  1. I was so happy when i found a grocery store near me was selling aloe vera leaves….never giving them up best thing ive used on my hair

  2. Hello I love you videos you have such a wonderful smile can I just take the aloe put it in my NutriBullet and then put it in a spray bottle and just spray it on to my hair and my scalp do I have to wash it out or can I leave it in thank you so much for sharing your videos wish you the best

  3. I use a mixture of acv and water as a toner on my face then use aloe vera on my face as well and I love the results, my skin be so soft and now I'm thinking of doin the acv rinse and using aloe on my relaxed you think it would be ok to do the acv rinse and use aloe vera on my hair? I'm thinking it should be ok since I like it on my face but I want a second opinion lol

  4. Guys it aloe is so good for dry hair I honestly have been so frustrated bc my hair is not like other girls at my school ( straight &shiny ) mine is on the wavy side and frizzy .. I put aloe on my hair from the leaf and it was instant results my hair wasnโ€™t frizzy and it had some shine I was so glad

  5. Next time cut the meat away from the skin of the leaf and place it into the blender and let it mix with a little of water for five minutes. It will looks like the form from the white part of an egg. Apply it on your hair and because it is foamy it will land on your scalp. Do it all over your head and cover it with a plastic bag or cap for 2 hours or more. Wash it out and your hair will feel extremely soft and very shinny.

  6. Just sub to your channel. Great Aloe treatment. I used aloe with water in my bullet to spray my hair in the morning. Maybe you could visit and sub to my channel one day. ๐Ÿ–

  7. i watched this with the queen and applied Aloe vera on her scalp oh lawwd im getting soft lol

  8. Hello Everyone, It's nice to see so many videos about Aloe. We in the Caribbean have been using this plant for centuries for medicinal and health bebefits. We use Aloe on sunburn, cuts, face, hair and in juices. My dad takes it with some juice a few mornings each week for stomache cleanse. And guess what? We took it as a cleanse a week b4 our menstrual cycle. NO CLOTS!! This is not new to us, but we are pleased so many are now on the "Aloe Vera Bandwagon." Way to go Friends!!

  9. hello good evening how are you today how do you use this alvera without nuts crashing you I want to use it on my baby's hair and I'm scared about it can you please tell me how can I use it for my baby

  10. do you put it in the fridge and put it on your hair while its cold? and how many times a week do you do this?

  11. Can I use in I'm edges every night ( I wash my hair once a week) or is there something else I need to do

  12. What if I have a hairstyle and I don't want to undo it can i just apply it to my scalp and leave it ( I wash my hair once a week)

  13. I don't know why you guys buy the aloe cuz it grows almost everywhere in my country,totally free.Thank you so much for this video T'keyah,my hair needed the maintenance.

  14. You should mostly do hair treatments on damp hair because it softens the cuticle and helps you to absorb more product

  15. Your videos are amazing. It's also nice to hear someone speak to the point. Keep up great work!

  16. Use can also use patanjali alovera cleaners after it which also contains many natural ingredients like bhringraj shikakai reeta amla and many more..

  17. Well I did watch yur video I already had aloe so it was easy we use it all the time for our face. But I did use it in my hair and my daughter's hair. I saw results in 24 hours my hair would fall out if i combed it and I combed it out and no hair breaking. I was shocked Im gonna use this all the time thank yu so much.

  18. Malheureusement je comprends pas anglais sinon je voudrais bien suivre tes vidรฉos. Tu me plaรฎt beaucoup ma princesse

  19. I only see African American people using this will it still work for my male straight blonde hair? please help I need it

  20. I am goin to get aloe asap! But all jokes aside when that migos came on "slippery" I was cracking up in the work office!

  21. Aloe actually made my hair thicker
    Just scoop it and blend it with a little water and add oils if you please…
    Use at a pre poo
    Use it as a leave in after washing your hair
    Use it to refresh your braids…
    Ps. Focus on your scalp and ends;massage it really well

  22. I leave the aloe in as gel when longer..better than any gel…hair will be defined but not hard…best is from nature.

  23. Aloe Vera itโ€™s really awesome Iโ€™ve using aloe Vera on my hair twice a week and itโ€™s really work have to the same thing doing tutorial also check it out guys you might wanna try it to

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