INTP Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth

INTP Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth

INTP Wiring of the Mind. Hey it’s Joel Mark Witt from Personality
Hacker. As an INTP your mind is fundamentally wired
differently from other personalities. You’ve probably already heard that you are an introvert,
intuitive, thinker, perceiver. And a lot of articles and resources focus on the behaviors
you show the world as an INTP. Behavior can be helpful – but it isn’t the
complete picture when figuring out your personality. I want to give you a peek inside your mind
to expose the mental wiring that makes you an INTP.Let’s get started. Your four letter code INTP gives us insight
into how your mind is learning information and making decisions.
The primary way your mind makes decisions is a mental process we’ve nicknamed “Accuracy.”
It’s technical name is Introverted Thinking. When evaluating any decision – Accuracy asks
the question “Does this make analytical sense?” It’s a thinking process concerned
with data, truth and congruity of thought. Imagine a four passenger car. If one of your mental processes could drive
– it would be Accuracy. Using this mental process puts you in flow. You’ve been using
it your whole life. It’s how you decide what to do each day.
If Accuracy is how you make decisions as an INTP, then the mental process we’ve nicknamed
Exploration is how you learn new information. The technical name for Exploration is Extraverted
Intuition. When looking at the world – Exploration asks the question “What if?”“What if
time is relative?”“What if we can put a human colony on Mars?”“What if we combine
chocolate and peanut butter?”Think about that four passenger car again… if Accuracy
is in the driver seat – then Exploration is in the front passenger seat. It is your co-pilot
mental process and what we call your growth state.
Of course – this is a four passenger car so you also have two mental processes in the
backseat. Sitting right behind the co-pilot is a mental
process we call Memory. Memory is all about precedent, safety, doing the reliable thing.
It’s about realizing who you are based on your past and your ties to the past. This mental process has the development of
about a ten year old child. Finally – behind the driver of Accuracy sits
a mental process called Harmony. We call this your blind spot or three year old mental process.
Harmony is a feeling process and asks “How can I get everyone’s needs met?”
Notice – we haven’t talked about INTP behaviors. Instead, I’ve been talking about the mental
wiring of your mind. Behaviors can only give us clues to how your mind is wired. It’s
far more interesting to drive into WHAT CAUSES our behaviors as people.
Because you’re an INTP I’m going to encourage you to read about cognitive functions online.
For most types I steer them away from trying to research this on their own – since it can
often be too much information to sift through. But for you as an INTP – search for resources
on the Cognitive Functions and let us know what you find out. Of course – our website Personality Hacker
dot com has a bunch of great resources too. I’d love to invite you over to read our
articles and listen to our podcast on the INTP personality type, or take our online
personality test and join the community of like minds.Here at Personality Hacker – We
don’t talk about personality types for their own sake. We think understanding your personality
is one of the best ways to frame your personal growth journey.And we attract INTPs who are
interested in personal growth.Next up – I want to talk about the best way to grow yourself
as an INTP. Remember the car model we used to show the
mental wiring of your personality?  As an INTP your co-pilot is the mental process called
Exploration (it’s technical name is Extraverted Intuition). This is what we call your growth position.
It’s the highest leverage point for growth in your personality.
Exploration allows you as an INTP to test your conclusions.
Are they accurate?Are you falling for any bias? Is there a piece of information you’re
missing? Sometimes the only way to see your own bias
is to get out into the world and see for yourself. There may even be a radically new way of seeing
the same information, leading to an awesome new innovation.
This can be a challenge. Every personality type tends to avoid growing their co-pilot
mental process. But here lies the power of understanding your personality. It makes sense to focus on something that
can expand your view of the world. It makes sense – that to think more accurately – you’ll
need to continue expanding the frameworks and information you work with. Start asking “What if” questions. Start
pushing buttons all around you just to see what happens. Explore a new part of town.
Get up on a Saturday and just start walking with no agenda. Let yourself ramble.
Try a new food each time you go out. Join an improv class. Do what it takes to start messing with the
environment around you.As an INTP you will bring the best version of yourself to the
world when you get outside your comfort zone and explore every aspect of life.
We’d love for you to keep us up to date about your journey. One of the best places
to do that is our Facebook page (Facebook dot com forward slash Personality Hacker).And
of course – come over to Personality Hacker dot com and leave a comment – ask a question
– or take our personality test. Next I want to talk about the defense strategies
your mind uses that steal happiness from you. And of course – what to do about it.The word
defensive. You probably think of of an emotional state – or someone getting offended in the
moment. “She’s acting so defensive.” someone
might say. But I’m not talking about emotions. I’m
using the word positionally. As an INTP you have a specific area of your mind that you
defend.As an INTP – That’s your Memory process sitting in the backseat of your car. It has
the sophistication of a 10-year-old child. That’s okay when you use this process to
create intimacy or playfullness. The trouble starts when you begin to rely on this 10 year
old process to see the world accurately. Since Memory is concerned with precedent and
what came before – it can stop you from expanding your worldview and the data you take in.
Memory (it’s technical name is Introverted Sensing) generally shows up when you’re
afraid to take a risk – a risk you may intuitively know is right for you. For other people, playing
it safe is the best choice. But as an INTP you’re much better at taking risks. If you let your 10 year old of Memory do your
thinking for you, it will encourage you to become an “intellectual shut-in,” closed
to any new information, and your thinking will become sloppy. At worst, INTPs can even become physical shut-ins,
so afraid of taking risks they rarely leave the house and instead choose to entertain
themselves in a “safe” environment. You need to explore and take chances to prevent
becoming stagnant in your choices and worldview. Don’t let your memory process steal your
happiness.The solution is to focus on growing your Exploration process like we’ve talked
about before. I want to hear from you. How are you letting
your 10 year old of Memory hijack your happiness? What are the ways you as an INTP are playing
it safe? You can leave a comment or take our personality
test over at Personality Hacker dot com. Next we’ll talk about how you best show
and receive love as an INTP.I’ve got two quick lists for you today. First – how INTPs
ask “do you love me.” Second – how INTPs show other people love.
Here are a few examples of how INTPs ask do you love me? Imagine an INTP asking these
questions:- Do you think I’m totally competent?- Are you impressed with my performance?- Do
you trust that I’m not lying to you or BS-ing you in any way?- Does it make sense that you
love me?Here are examples of INTPs saying “Yes – I love you” Imagine an INTP making
these statements:I will be rigorously honest with you. If I have a wandering eye I will
tell you and provide a solution.I will gift you with my precision. I will learn you and
give high performance at all levels. I will protect you from others but not from
yourself I will never judge you – instead I will be
there for you when things go bad – no matter why they went bad
As an INTP you are probably nodding in agreement. Just remember that other personalities can
sometimes see these ways you show love as cold and insensitive.Feel free to share with
the people in your life how your mind works. Let them know the ways you show love are authentic
for you. If you want to go deeper in your personal
development – we have tons of resources, articles and recordings about personal development
through the lens of understanding your personality. Come over to Personality Hacker dot com.
Next up – let’s talk about where to go next in your personal growth as an INTP. I have
some action steps for you.We’ve been talking about YOU – the INTP personality type. I’ve
already detailed the mental wiring of your mind. We’ve talked about your highest leverage
point for growth and shed light on your defensive strategies. And we’ve outlined how you give
and receive love. So what’s next for you as an INTP? How will you launch yourself on a personal
development journey that makes sense for you?Understanding that each of us have a unique personal growth
path seems obvious. And yet – self help authors and teachers often teach a one size fits all
model of growth.At Personality Hacker – It makes sense that personal growth wil be personalized
to you as an INTP. So that’s how we’ve designed our frameworks and models.
You now know the mental process to grow yourself as an INTP is Exploration.
The enemy of Exploration is the mundane and the rote. Exploration requires freedom to
experiment, and too much mundane activity or reliance upon procedure is disheartening
to your Exploration process. Set up your conditions to access Exploration
as much as possible. A good way to practice this technique is to
seek out new situations you would normally avoid.
If there’s a question of doing something that makes sense to you, but may have hassle
or an ‘unsafe’ element to it, practice taking the risk instead of playing it safe.
It’s common for INTPs, once they get past the ‘scary’ part, to say “That wasn’t
so bad.” Most of your growth will happen by being adventurous
and letting go of the belief that you must live the way others want you to live. If you really want a deep dive into your individual
growth plan as an INTP I invite you to check out our INTP Personal Development Starter
Kit.You can find more information at Personality Hacker dot com.
Let me know what personal growth actions you are taking in your life and what has already
worked for you.I’m Joel Mark Witt for Personality Hacker.Talk with you soon.

86 thoughts on “INTP Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth

  1. Good informations in this video … but what about fe ? The inferior function … i think i wanted to know more about it

  2. Huge eye opener, I had been shut in my room for a year, playing video games everyday. It was over a girl that I really liked, I know now that she liked me too but at the time I didn’t. And being an INTP, unable to express my emotions, I never told her how I felt. She moved on and is with someone else, I have moved on as well but it still hurts a little, sometimes I wish I could just go back in time (and probably fuck it up again hahahah). My memory of this has been messing with me but I’ve been trying to go out and do new stuff. Learning about INTP’s has been extremely helpful and a source of motivation. Knowing there is some (hopefully) sound research backing the potential solutions to my problem gives me some piece of mind. It’s nice to know Im not the only one, we aren’t alone in this guys!

  3. One piece of advice I want to give to other INTPS who feel lost is to exercise. It helps with stress and building confidence, and it also is a really good way to step outside of comfort zones for most people. Try the gym out, I would highly recommend it from one INTP to another.

  4. It is the mind that selects sequences of genetic patterning in an adaptive progression to the ever shifting environment, environment that resides within actual reality(not mere subjectivity aka finite things). Reality being devoid of beginning and end, but is the beginning and end of all else, while it(reality) remains devoid of change.
    The mind precedes biological form and biological form is merely materialization of the mind in it's perpetuated approximation of actual reality, which, to the mind's grasp; is definite yet indefinite, a vague yet certain point which gravitates the mind in a compulsion to embrace/know all of possibility, though the mind can only mimic~shadow it to varying degrees of accuracy, for unlike that definite yet indefinite point; the mind itself is born, rises, falters, fails and fades in the procession of time.

    Change is not something that "happens to reality," it happens only to relativity, which too many conflate for "reality." This conflation is of little surprise in a world where the masses are convince that the brain is either the fullness of one's mind or it magically generates the mind as a byproduct of biochemistry.
    Too few realize that biochemistry is not the cause but the effect of the mind. Those who grasp that there is a distinction between brain and mind, tend to get confused in a sort of dissonance, in which they represent the mind as "consciousness" and espouse nonsense like "we don't even know what consciousness is…"(further enforcing the delusion that the brain is the mind).

    Although change is manifested by and within reality, it(change) has no sway on the comparatively insubstantial substance of reality, this is why many have come to the conclusion:"reality is an illusion," when in fact they merely mean to say subjectivity is the illusion grasped by the mind's continuous attempt at grasping truth aka reality.
    Relativity is an illusion of subjective relation(s), in and of indeterminable points of distinction that the mind can focus on to gain near-perpetually increasing accuracy of perception but never have absolute grasp of. What the mind know is never complete, and is nothing but relativity which is spawned by and within true objectivity/reality, which it(the mind) can never fully grasp and certainly not define~control.
    The mind can only accept rather than realize that truth is real~reality aka truth, perfection, whole aka absolute, otherwise; subjectivity would have nothing to stand on, the mind would not exist as absolute chaos would ensue, but the absolute nature of such chaos would denote that it is true aka real and thus not chaos but imperceptibly coherent perfection of which all variation is emergent property of.

    In bygone ages people conflated mind, body and spirit, treating them as interchangeable and sometimes divergent but overlapping so tightly that they were functionally interchangeable terms for the same thing. This was partially due to the comparatively reduced lexicon of language in younger days but also due to less methodical~structured sense of discernment being the prominent tone in older world views.
    In our present age people scoff at the notion of spirit and constantly assert that "there is no mind; only the biochemistry of one's body casting an illusion of consciousness," all the wile working from the wrong end of the sequential emergence and overall convergence that renders our sense of self and the very fabric of our experienced "reality," which is in itself just a collective mental shadow in approximation of actuality/reality aka truth or perfection.

    The brain is merely one of many organelles through which the mind flows, it is a vital conduit within the fuller biological structure that is the mind's manifestation as materialized condensation of abstract potential, of possibility, but it(the brain) is not that which generates that possibility, merely impulsively reacts to the passage of that which actually anchors possibility into manifestation. The brain merely facilitates the passage of the mind as it(the mind) is compelled by the spirit to which it's rise in complexity is compelled in generating the changing transitions of evolutionary progression that are expressed as genetic mutation of the material form.-That spirit(in case you somehow failed to grasp the preceding text) is reality itself.

    I had to restructure this, several times, as my mind is a very limited conduit in transcribing the order and structure of life's manifestation.
    *Sadly; I posted the older variations in so many places…only realizing now how hard the initial form was to process, from the position of a generic world view…even this distillation will cause you to question its validity and that of my "sanity."


  5. Why was this script not double checked for coherence by someone not stupid? …I give it a 5.6/10 for word selection~choice and sentence structuring…it's noisy and irritating but the intent is somewhat respectable.

  6. this sort of explains why some people in my life see me as overly-cautious and stagnant, and others see me as a successful risk-taker. depends when you catch me

  7. Hey INTPs… do any of you have a feeling that you shut away everything that makes you suffer? Like a blocking mechanism?

  8. Do you have any idea how bloody annoying your interruptions for advertising is for an intp?

    You are breaking the flow of information. This is aggravating. Re upload the video. Put one ad near the beginning and one near the end.

    For having information about us you sure AF did not learn a damn thing about how to talk with us.

  9. As an INTP the “isolation” part is 100% applicable to my current situation- there are so many aspects this categorization has gotten correct…

  10. i am not sure which a type am I… ahhh. The tests say INTP but as i found out INTP are mainly introverts while I am ambivert that one of the reasons why i think of chance myself being ENTP. What do you think?

  11. i wish you would avoid plugging your website & products so much. just do that stuff at the beginning or the end. it's distracting elsewhere, and it hurts your credibility. makes you seem like you're just trying to make a sale.

  12. so there were about 3 or 4 interruptions for propaganda about the website im not interested in.. i dont think thats how you convince intps to check it out at all. After all, if i was more interested in these things id go into the website on my own. And since im not, no amount of self propaganda will convince me to.

  13. Learn More About INTPs:
    Read About INTP Personality In Our Book:

  14. i did a test which says intp. i always get in trouble in a new environment. always been the misfit. the older i get however the better i get at social interaction.

  15. Ne is "Why" it attacks situations from all sides. Its transcontextual and it gets clues from the outside world. Along side si (the past) it creates the What if

  16. I think I finally get it.
    "What if… I caught my female boss peeing standing up..?" "What if, Donald Trumps hair is actually not a comb What if, he just likes rocking a monster bouffant?" "What if, I stopped being respectful to that one anal retentive customer (who seems fixated on impersonating his rectal sphincter) & I said exactly what was on my mind when I hand him his perfect little coffee drink?" "What if, what is, is actually more important than what if?" "What if, Dr. Jordan Peterson has been a transgender this whole time?" "What if, this is all just plecostomus bullsh!t?"

  17. get an intp to present your theory and sales pitch as they would not be so frustratingly enjoying and have a better insight to what you are trying to imagine to be the truth
    and no way will I waste my time going to your website or facebook page as that is all that was important to you as it must generate income I'm guessing

  18. I am confused is INTP the logician or the Architect?
    16 personality says INTP are the Logician and INTJ as the Architect which are two different personalities. which one is correct?

  19. I've got deep emotions but I usually shove them away and act as if they aren't there. People ask me how I can be so cold and dismissive all the time 😂

  20. About that question of playing safe, as an INTP it never affects me the most than establishing a romantic relationship. In the past I had troubles being rejected by girls, even to the point of friendship (I don't know why. In some occassions, they thought I was awkward, uninteresting, and to some, I look like a pervert (even though I'm doing my best not to be one). It grows to me until I aged (right now I'm 23). Whenever I see a girl I like, I have a hard time approaching because I have that fear that it might be just like back then, that when I approach them I might just be disrespectful.

  21. As an INTP I feel smart but very boring. I get angry at myself when i have so much to say but just can't figure out how to say it.

  22. I moved to Japan and then the UK to push my boundaries. If I didn't do that I think I would be a self indulgent monster.

  23. If you were to buy chocolate with peanut butter wouldn't that just be trading. Unless peanut butter became a form of currency for all goods. How much peanut butter would equal one chocolate bar. What if they don't like peanut butters. If peanut butter was currency would you just throw it away after it goes bad. What happens with people who are allergic to peanut butter? It doesn't seem like a good form of currency. As for bartering it depends if they like it or not. Or whether or not they can consume of the peanut butter.

  24. As an INTP I found it very hard to listen and pay attention to this video , anyone else get instantly lost in the info

  25. What do you mean by the terciary function is like a 10 year old and the forth one a 3 year old? How does this manifest?

  26. INTP here! I just started working in Texas and really want to move there!

    Looks like a great personality growth exercise! Just the cost of moving all of my things!

  27. All I hear is the truth being told by someone else and that you've all thought of before. Now being told in depth with precision.

    I'm an INTP, Scorpio born 11/11/1989 born at 7:49AM.

  28. I’m definitely an N and a P but I have a lot of extrovert/introvert overlap. And thinking/ feeling overlap…

    And then I realized I had to be accurate so I came here and realized… lol

  29. I realise now that im playing it too safe by not going to more social outings during my time at UNI. I do not enjoy parties or pub nights at all so i'm probably not going to go to them, but there are also game nights and such that i have been too complacent to attend,. I can see this must change.

  30. "Search for cognitive functions and read through them. For most types it would be too much info but you can sift through" lol as an INTP I had already done that before watching this video and came here only to find out why it might be useful

  31. Thank you for this video. All of it was relatable and made perfect sense. The part that most accurately related to my current situation was the asking and showing of love. A relationship recently ended due to my way of “asking for love” followed by my way of sincerely “showing love “. In the sense that I asked “Do you love me?” In the INTP vocabulary that you describe… and the answer was “No!” Followed by me saying “You are my friend and I love you, so I will show you can improve but cannot protect you from yourself” in the INTP language described… to which , the reply was: “You are heartless, unfeeling, cold, a bad friend, a horrible person.”

    When in this situation I was giving the very best and very most of myself to someone I cared for and worried for, but my way of expressing that came across as me being unfeeling toward their suffering.

    I have been thinking “how could I have handled that differently, did I do something wrong, could I have done something more or something different?” The only alternative would have been to passively enable the behavior that was and would continue to perpetuate the internal suffering of an individual, which- in my opinion is what would have made me a bad friend and a bad person. So in truth, there was no alternative to my original approach.

    Thank you for offering the vocabulary to help me make sense of the interaction, and the outcome!

    Going forth, I know why I react this way and can use better language to describe my approach to similar scenarios, hopefully resulting in strengthened friendships – rather than broken ones.

    Side note* Immediate results from “environmental exploration, breaking routine and messing with environment”.


  32. Honestly being an INTP kinda sucks. I'm ALWAYS bored. I also get sick of jobs quickly and usually end up having to change jobs every year or so.
    I think the worst part is making friends, nobody wants to hang out with an emotionless robot freak 😩

  33. i let the 10 year old turn me into a shut-in. i have no social life or relationship experience because i was scared of leaving my comfort zone and risking rejection. at 26 it feels like it's too late to fix myself but i'm going to force myself to explore more.

  34. Just reading the comments instantly put a smile on my face 🙂 Its nice to see that there are others that get it. I live in a small town in East TN (it has 2 stop lights). Most people either misinterpret me, can't follow along, or think I'm out of my mind. (Deep down I love it lmao).

  35. I have for years identified my self as being wired differently to everyone else I met. Whenever I mentioned it to anyone I don't think they ever believed me. Then I recently found out I was INTP now I don't feel like im crazy or a bit of a sociopath.

  36. I might not be an INTP, moreso an INFP. But I find that I often just say whatever the situation demands of me in order to not piss off people – or make them not mad at me. But I feel that I am going against myself. Because on the inside, I often label people as idiots-wondering how they can make themselves say that/behave in that way poor way. But I never (as In NEVER) show it. And if I do, I am quickly to appologise. I would make the world burn around me if I spoke my mind. But someday….someday, I will be visciously honest (muahaha).

  37. Can an INTP and INFJ be together in a healthy intimate relationship? Is this possible? The relationship types really mess with my head because I rarely go for who supposedly "Fits' my type. I have never tried or have had any knowledge of any of this information until now. However, I am an INFJ and he is an INTP. Often times we are like the "golden pair" I have read about and other times we just don't see eye to eye and our arguments can be very painful for me. Any suggestions on how an INFJ and INTP can live in Harmony together?

  38. this video is more like how to be an intp for dumb people, i mean all others, aaaand, i am an intp, so i wasted 12 mins of my time wasting.

  39. Hello there, INTPs! A friendly INFP here! I'm here to say that we support you, guys! Everybody should try to understand you, you're fascinating :))

  40. Random question: does anyone else become extremely bored in work meetings, like gouge your eyes out bored? Oh and then totally annoyed when somone asks a question that was already answered? Is that a trait of an INTP? I think most people just annoy me. 😂

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