100 thoughts on “Impeachment distracts from Dems’ ‘far left’ agenda: Rep. Reschenthaler

  1. Murkowski I did hear her abject to the treatment of the President during the House Inquisition Why would he not be consulted about what will be his trial in the Senate….Amazing the deep state at work

  2. "The Markets" are prices. Not Value. If you people can't tell the difference between price and value, you're screwed. This is a massive stock bubble.

  3. It was to confuse the public that’s why the congress Democrats had fake news behind them it’s to deflect from what Congress Democrats are really doing and now we know I will never vote crazy Democrat again

  4. You can spot fake media how much did they get paid to sell out Americans CNN NEW York Times Washington post Democrats have put on a circus they deflect he is right

  5. The myth that the right is trying to spin is that Democrats are far left. Actually it’s the republicans that have gone radically to the right.

  6. Roman empire style is controllng the Government and Country because the representives are fighting for their own greedy and success of over step boundaries of Politians Demograt liberals to Destroyed innocent PRESIDENT Trump ,time to take away all those representives who Destroyed the Country look what they did but they still talking like they own the Country and Nations,but they are guilty and violence against humanity

  7. It’s a planned take over from dirty congress Democrats with no crime Nancy is a drunk and the crazy people are running it walk away Democrats

  8. “Far left agenda.” Yes. The far left agenda of breathable air, drinkable water, affordable healthcare, and dignity and decency toward people who did not choose their circumstances.

    Sounds awful. You should really do something.

  9. Cant wait till they impeach trump and his crooked administration! Then our country will be great again! Trumpers I'll pray for you!

  10. I formally move that the American Military and representatives from all the State Militias seize the federal government due to corruption; appoint an interim board to re organize the federal government; and seize the U.S. Currency presses for immediate distribution of the medium of exchange to American Citizens. This will solve homelessness caused by the banks (i.e. Thomas Jefferson letter to Albert Gallatin in 1802 regarding central bank dictatorships, etc.); and solve other life threatening issues.

  11. Myself a War Vet, I salute the Democrats for abiding by the Oath they took to protect our Constitution over trying to protect a Lawless, pathological, lying, so called, president. The republicans are more of a threat to America's democracy, than any Vietcong I encountered in the war. All the facts are clear !

  12. Criminal trump and his cronies are the ones to blame for distracting the American people and trying to cover up . Its called multitasking which is what is required from president he can deal w legal battles and propell the country. Not trump Lol. The Republicans are the ones walking on the plank. You guys forget trump made you guys loose seats in the house, lol… keep thinking that, dont worry the blue wave will wash away all the tears.

  13. The impeachment is a SHOW for Demacrats, to make regular people believe a terrible lie, so that they will further hate President Trump.

  14. It is ok with the democrats if their process was legal but that wasn't enough then now want to try to take over the Republican Senate!!! schumer is a cry baby!!! (At his best)

  15. Ok I know this does not apply to this video but can someone explain to me why trump hasn't paid our town of el paso the money for a rally in February? And all those other towns which add up to about 11 million dollars?

  16. Lol Obama had the wrong magic wand ! Big Mike's magic wand doesn't make stocks go up , it goes in buttholes and makes a mockery of the White House when it was lit up in rainbow colors at night!

  17. Ok we have the transcript which in and of itself is a slam dunk…..but just to drive the Democrats put of their collective mind let's have but 1 witness……the Ukraine president. Game..set…match

  18. Sir ! Thank You; For The Truth.
    The Media Are Storytellers.
    Sir ! You Are Awesome.
    His Name is Jesus. Trust Him.
    Read : JOB Chapter 39.

  19. Very well said REP Reschenthaler ! they had the transcripts why did the Dems want to have all others nonsense .

  20. Merry holidays for you all. This is really a family fighting organization thats trying to keep their family in charge of the money of this government. And how congress let this all get out of hand. Is trippy. how can you run a country if your fighting with each other over the country: we thought you all was working for the benefit of America. Now you all fighting among each other. This White House or America do not belong to you all, It's a place for you all to keep the people in America together as one so we keep the power together of America. You all about to put us to war, because the other countries they are starting to think you guys don't have it together. And when there is confusing among the parties. than someone can slip in and attack and form from the inside. lIKE NANCY IS DOING. This really no to be a split party for America. pull it together before you all put us to war.

  21. The dishonest clown media continues to validate Nervous Nancy’s smear campaign against President Trump. Everyone involved in this attempted coup must be held accountable for their treason against America. Q the truth.

  22. we don't need t hear from anyone else ,we're all sick of hearing about impeachment. The President has a job to do let him do it

  23. From the bottom of my soul this is an embarrassment. Our country is a joke we have no respect for our own president no matter what’s going on we show no respect. Its all a big show where the preppy kids still play popularity contest and love hearing how intelligent the words they learned in an overpriced college sounds on tv. None of them even know who we are they’re all out of control. It’s all fake and a big circus I’m ashamed to be an American right now. Our ancestors would be speechless to see what they dreamed and died for turn out this way. The American people deserve everything the government does to them. As long g as we all go to work and buy things nothing will ever change. I say we all take 24 hours and stop the whole wheel from turning. No one go to work or buy anything for one day and I mean no one watch what an affect it will have turn it back to the people we run this not our government

  24. Why do we need to hear from Little veiny and Bolton… We already have the transcript of the phone call, and Ukraine said there was no pressure… Ukraine received the military aid and never had to do a so-called investigation into Joe Biden. Why don't you reporters bring out that fact, instead of making us do that for you.

  25. You can't judge an economy by how well the MEGA RICH are doing.
    Trump is a Belial a self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  26. Didn't Democrats say that we would have a nuclear war with N Korea? What about how the economy would collapse in days? Hope Democrats lose their seats.

  27. I guess anything that stands in the way of right wing corporate profits is left for these folks. Anything short of extreme unregulated, unfettered capitalism (fascism) is left wing. Do these people understand fascism?

  28. Moscow Mitch and hypocrite Graham two of Trump Cohorts declared that Trump was NOT GUILTY, a BIASED VERDICT, even before the TRIAL started.

    The CONSTITUTION MANDATES that the SENATORS acting as JURORS will take an OATH to be IMPARTIAL.

    These SENATORS have already VIOLATED that OATH and MUST RECUSE themselves from the PROCEEDINGS.

    The THIRD BRANCH of the GOVERNMENT should DECIDE if they should RECUSE themselves for fairness of the process on

    behalf of the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  29. The Democrats and their conniving corrupt fake news mockingbird media have been propagating a FALSE NARRATIVE that Pres. Trump, during his phone call of July 25, 2019 with Pres. Zelensky of Ukraine, was "inviting Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 elections by finding dirt on the Bidens" to gain political advantage. This is a ridiculously sinister LIE made only to promote a basis for their long held desire to impeach POTUS. Pres. Trump, under a Treaty of Cooperation between the US and Ukraine, that was signed by former president Bill Clinton, for the two countries to cooperate in the investigation of crimes (which include corruption), was requesting Pres. Zelensky to look into some government officials in Ukraine who might have been involved with interfering in our 2016 US presidential election, e.g. as regards propping up candidacy of HRC while throwing dirt on then candidate Trump and his then Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. Pres. Trump also requested Pres. Zelensky to look into CrowdStrike company owner, who might have gotten HRC's private server, which the FBI failed to take out for technical examination to check if it was really hacked by the Russians, and which was the subject of the FBI investigation in HRC's mishandling of classified information during the early part of 2016 . He also requested Pres. Zelensky to look into the suspected corrupt practices of the Bidens after a video surfaced where Joe Biden boasted about withholding a $1 billion plus US loan guarantee to Ukraine until after a prosecutor investigating the Burisma Holding company (where his son Hunter was sitting on its Board, receiving around $83K per month for doing what? nobody knows) was fired. READ THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF THE CALL. POTUS is the Top Enforcer of our laws in this country. As such, he can order the investigation of any crime committed or possibly committed especially by powerful people in this country. This is the reason why Pres. Trump issued an Executive Order on December 21, 2017 to address just that, as well as other human rights violations. And it is also in keeping with his promise to DRAIN THE SWAMP IN WASHINGTON D.C. It was never about inviting foreign interference in our elections (which the Democrats and their conniving corrupt fake news mainstream media have been continuously promoting), but requesting assistance in the investigation of crimes/corruption in government.

  30. America is very very sick right now and know one to fix it and the person that can is being ham stringed letting the whole country looking for a good dr…

  31. What I wrote below is a model, theme of screenplay. I describe plot, which is based on real facts, known to me. I propose possible developments of the plot – The Iranian agreement… As we know 1.7 billion USD in cash was given to Iranians by Obama – I suggest that it was bribery taken by dems for time given by dems to Iranians, which gave Iranians chance to make progress in their own nuclear weapon development. The evidence of bribery: 1. Cash instead of money transfer. 2. No records that the cash was sent – it should be photographed, filmed, recorded, should be many witnesses, on every airports, in banks. It should be as much as 17 pallets 1000 kg each, 170000 packages 100 USD x 100… 3. Since I know the cash was transported from Switzerland bank, which probably means, that all bills were used, and numbers of bills were not collected. It is hard to explain, why it wasn't done, why not in American bank, in USA, and why bills were used, instead of new bills. The cost of this operation compare to money transfer would be horrible, anyway. 4. Lack of arguments, that it was done according to USA law. USA is a country of law, cannot give financial help in not trackable cash to country, which protects terrorism. I doubt if it was "legal", according to US law. 5. No evidence, that the money was used in a proper way. It means, that consciously or not, USA could help or helped terrorists, and promoted terrorism, or development of nuclear power in Iran, for US money. 6. If it was against law, president Obama should be warned about this – there is no evidence, that it happened. 7. Explanation given by representative of Obama administration, that it was comfortable to sent cash to Iran is hard to defense – it wasn't cheaper, but much more expensive, it probably was against US law, the logistic was much much more complicated, simply it could not be more comfortable. Intelligence service independently should investigate this "Iranian agreement". If Trump ordered the investigation, it would be basis for impeachment, because it would be against dems before the election. They would impeach him. So, only journalists and Intelligence Service independently may check this mysterious Iranian agreement… Hope they do that as soon as possible. Trump broke this agreement, and in my opinion the consequence of this fact could be his impeachment – because Iran could ask dems to return 1.7 billion USD, for example up to the end of the 2019, and the only chance to do it for dems could be the impeachment – made in hurry. Now they stopped – are they waiting for help? For Iran reaction? For "someone's" decision? Who knows?

  32. LOL if they were pushing…they would turn the articles over tpo the senate.. I fear they will gloat and say the preident that was impeached numerous times.. He will be a martre

  33. The master of distraction and diversion is trump unfortunately for him most American are not fooled and don't have their face planted in his *ss.

  34. If 63 million American voices were not enough to convince the demon-craps of what Americans really want, then perhaps 85 million will. November 2020 will be proof enough that Americans know exactly what they are doing and what they want from their representatives in parliament. We all owe a big Thank you to Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff for showing and making it quite clear to all Americans exactly what their leadership and representation would look like if they were actually in control of things politically. Thank you but no thank you. We like what Trump is doing much better. Happy New Year to all.

  35. the only truth ANY dem has said over the last 3+ years is that they were going to find a way to impeach trump. I guess you have to live for something, eh Dem mates?

  36. There it is, Rep. Reschenthaler the five words that end the argument about hearing from others, "I have read the transcript". The only talking point Mitch needs.

  37. God bless you Don Imus. We're going to miss you and thank you for all the work you did with kids with cancer at your ranch. There's a special place in heaven for you buddy.

  38. Well it's pretty obvious that there are several young reporters that are jockeying for the position of Fox Rachel Maddow and the Cavuto/Wallace hybrid. SMH

  39. The Dems didn't think those witnesses were worth fighting in a court of law which they could have fought for. Also no one notices, but the Dems wanted to call these witnesses, these witnesses were not called by the defense so dont buy the line of them saying the only people that could defend Trump, Trump wouldn't allow to come forward. ITS BS the Dems blocked every witness from the defense.

  40. I'm Quite TIRED Of Hearing About This "FAKE" Impeachment Investigation.–Play Your Cards Or Fold, Then Pick Up Your Tent And Leave The Building!!–Just Stating The Facts And I Know And Understand Them To Be…!!

  41. The biggest shock for me was seeing the same old white men in Congress since GOP Nixon ✌️resigned/impeachment. Term limits!

  42. If the articles of impeachment is still being held by Pelosi, and yet to be submitted to Senate, that means Trump has not been impeached


  44. At the true hart of the issue are the Bidens and Obummer. Let us hear from those we have not heard from. All questioning of witnesses that are accepted should be in writing. When the Bidens do not show for the trial charge them with contempt of Congress.

  45. It was an embarrassing circus.. I'm looking forward to the Supreme Court teaching Virginia a lesson about the Constitution.

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