How to Produce a Card out of Thin Air! (tutorial)

How to Produce a Card out of Thin Air! (tutorial)

(upbeat music) – What’s up YouTube? Chris Ramsay here. Thanks for tuning in once again, and sorry for the long delay on the posts. I’ve been quite busy, but I’ve brought you guys some goodies, so today I’m gonna teach you a cool one-card production that looks like this. It can be done once the card is in palm, you can produce a single playing card so it looks really flashy, and it’s quite easy to learn. It’s a bit of a knack, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. There’s many things you can do with this. There’s a single card
production that you can do, multiple card production. You could also use this
as a “thought of card”, that’s kind of what I do. So they think of a card, and they try to push the memory on you, or the thought on you, and you ask them to throw it towards you, and as they do, you “catch”
their thought of card. So I’m gonna teach you
how to get into that, and how to perform that, so let’s… Let’s do that now? Yeah, let’s do that now. So let’s get into learning this thing. By the way, I’m using the new David Blaine black lined playing cards. These are really dope. They’re nice. They look good. They feel great. Oh yeah. Okay. So for this you’ll be needing one card. So get your one card ready. Alright, so once you have that one card, this is what’s going to happen. You’re going to put the card in palm, and when you palm, by the way, a lot of people tend to palm like this, like you need to like death grip the card. Palm actually only
happens between this here, and this here. So the pinkie and that, and that’s what a palm should look like. It should almost look like your hand is completely straight open. And that’s all you should be doing. These fingers should just be relaxed, and that’s what the palm should look like. Alright? So once you’re there, what
you’re gonna wanna do, is you’re gonna wanna bow
the card like that, okay? And the way that works,
this is how I do it. The inside of my palm, is gonna flex out, while the pinkie pushes down, and pulls back. Now you see how that bow’s created? Let’s do that again. So from here, it looks like that, and from here, you push down and… pinkie goes back to curling, you’re curling the pinkie back,
and your palm is going out. So that’s basically what you’re doing. Okay? So once you feel that bubble, you’re thumb and index here
are basically gonna be the ones that are going to (snapping) Let’s try that again. Are basically gonna be the
ones to catch the card. So you really have to make it look like you’re plucking it out of thin air. Um… You don’t want it to look like like that ’cause that’s kind of, that’s kind of terrible. You want it to look like it’s really at the tip of your fingers, kinda like you’re you’re pulling it out of this air, okay? And the more you practice this, obviously the faster you’re gonna get, and the more cards you’re gonna drop. That’s just something that comes with learning card magic. So, Thumb… After you’ve beveled and bowed the card, the thumb is going to come behind, and the index is going
to come here, right? So basically what’s happening right now is that I’m only touching it
with the pinkie and the thumb, and the thumb comes behind. Boom. Alright? So very, very simple. All you’re doing here, is you’re letting go of everything, and your thumb is pushing upwards. Now, the more you do this, the more, sort of… The card is going to want to spin. Sometimes it’ll fly outta your hand, but to control that, you
really gotta time it well. But that little spin, is very, very nice. It happens at the end of the fingertips. And it looks really
magical from the front. It looks like you’re… It’s kinda hard to do it at this angle, but I’ll try. So it looks like it’s really
appearing outta nowhere. And to help that, you can get the action of
pulling your wrist back like you’re plucking
something out of thin air. So just like that. So from here, that’s what you’re doing. And see how my fingers, they open up. They will open up because I want to show clearly
that the hand is empty, and that creates the illusion
that I just plucked something out of thin air as opposed to doing this, alright? So it’s just the index and thumb. Once you’re here… Alright? So you’re here, everything is closed. You can hold it at this point with your middle and ring as well because you’re just bowing it. But as soon as as soon as you clip it between
the thumb and the index the other fingers open up, right? So you’re here… Just like that. A cool thing you can do with this, this is something I do
casually from time to time, is the spectator will think of a card, so you have them… Let’s say you have them look at a card so they say stop wherever, and they look at that card. Let’s say this is the 5 of Diamonds. And so the 5 of Diamonds gets
lost somewhere in the deck. Once you do that, you control the card to the top, so by the means of pass, or whatever you wanna do, and once it’s on top, you top palm, and you put the deck
down, and now you say, “I want you to think of your card, I want you to actually
to send me your thoughts. “Actually, pluck it out of your mind, and throw it to me. “See if you can do that.” Now they do this, and then you catch it. So it’s a very, very
magical thing for them. They’re merely thinking
of a card that they saw, and now they’re plucking
it from their imagination, and throwing it towards you. Now you physically catch
it which is really cool. So once again, all you
have to do for that is just peek control it, whatever however you wanna get it to
the top of the deck is fine. I like using this because
it’s very much hands off. So once again, 8 of Spades, juggle it down, keep that break and control it to the top, and once it’s on top you want to top palm, and now, boom. Alright? So whatever you want to
use that for is fine. I think it’s best used just as a sort of funny thing to do. Just a cool, badass thing to do is you produce a card. You do this with business cards, with all sorts of rectangular objects that are flexible. So, I hope you guys enjoyed that. That was the Pop Out Move. And uh, yeah. Practice it well. Take your time. Learn it properly, and
we’ll see ya next time. Alright guys, thanks
so much for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed that video. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I especially hope
that you put the time in to practice this and
to make it look right. I don’t wanna see any
crappy Instagram videos of you producing a card like this. You gotta really… It’s gotta really be at the fingertips. Give it the time it deserves, but once you do put the
effort in, it will pay off. So, thanks again. Thumbs up this video if you liked it. Share it with friends, and
we’ll see you next time. Peace out. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “How to Produce a Card out of Thin Air! (tutorial)

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    EDIT: I spent a day practicing it and I am glad to say that I managed to figure out how to do it, it still works if you have small hands its just a bit challenging. The best advice I can give is mess around with comfortable ways it fits in your hand and practice!

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