19 thoughts on “How Currency Obscures True Value – Mike Maloney

  1. I have always been curious if values could be compared to a gallon of milk. I say that because most people relate better to a gallon of milk than they do gold; as sad as that may be. Plus, I would think there is plenty of historical data on the price of a gallon of milk. Mike, please consider making such charts (gallon to x ratio) along with gold to x ratio charts.

  2. Keep up the good work mike and
    I like the way u explain n educate n share your experience thankx n cherrrzzzz

  3. Is there any place to look at real estate divided by gold each month for the past 100 years? Even the past 50 would be valuable.

  4. My father was placed into an orphanage due to the 1946 Hyper inflation of the Hungarian Pengo, in Budapest. His mother could not afford to support him during those years of financial collapse.

  5. Mike I am greatly appreciative of your videos, they make such a complicated idea to be easily understood, even by children.

    I have a question about consumables like salt and oil as money. Do consumables contain the necessary properties to be called money? Seeing as it can be burned, wouldn't that make it not durable? sure it can't be printed and inflated, but couldn't the supply diminish and cause an implosive deflation?

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