HGH (Human Growth Hormone) TRUTHS & MYTHS!

What’s going on Hermanites? I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com and today I want to talk to you a little bit about Human Growth hormone also [known] as HGH But before we even start this video. I want to let you guys know right up front [obviously] I’m not a doctor I’m not your doctor now I’m not medically prescribing anyone to take HGH we’re just going to talk about this topic [now] usually when people ask me questions, [and] it doesn’t matter What supplement it is HGH or anything else and they say Scott should I take this? I usually say well If you’re asking me if you should take something you probably have your own answer Because you should never put anything in your body that you don’t first research on your own usually ask a second question and that question is how [many] [hours] of sleep are you getting and What are your macro counts for the day? and if you can’t answer that question either Then you definitely shouldn’t be taking any Supplements, because you don’t have a place [to] start from. If you don’t know what your macros are for the day How do you know what to supplement into your meal plan? So make [sure] you’re getting seven to nine hours of sleep and make sure your macros are set so you can reach your goal Whether it’s muscle gain or fat loss Now what is HGH? HGH is a naturally occurring [substance] in your body and it’s created from the pituitary gland in your brain and What it’s responsible for is the overall growth of the milk development of the bones muscles and other tissues in your body There’s basically three [people] born those people born who have an average level like myself Maybe some of you some of them have a deficiency and then some who excrete an abnormal amount So obviously if you’re an average person you’re growing you know you haven’t really seen any Any deficiencies and your muscle growth or bone growth range like that more than likely you’re producing enough HGH which the average person is If you have a deficiency, it’s probably been something that’s caught on early, and you’re under medical supervision already And you’re getting your HGH injections to make sure that you grow and develop properly If you [have] an abnormal amount of secretion, it’s possible you have something known as acromegaly Which is basically you guys have Andre the giant is he has a you know bigger head bigger forehead bigger Jawline bigger hands bigger feet Hairier bigger organs Inflammation of the Joint maybe hypertension high blood pressure and those things are irreversible, but you’re born that way So there’s really nothing [that] you can do about it as far as my [knowledge] is concerned so Why do people take HGH? Why are they injecting themselves with it? Obviously HGH is responsible overall growth and development It does help the body burn fat but if you already have an average amount There’s really nothing [you] can take Naturally to substantially boost the amount of natural levels in your body, and if you start injecting yourself with HGH You’re not under medical supervision It’s possible that you can get some of these conditions that go along with acromegaly and they’re irreversible, and it’s been scientifically proven that HGH injections [don’t] really have any significant impact on extra muscle growth or fat loss So there’s really no need to do it and it’s super expensive so unless you have a Deficiency or maybe know you’re getting 30 years old or above and your body’s not producing as much and you think Maybe I need HGH injections. Go talk to your doctor the answer should always be Not hey buddy. Should I take HGH? No should be hey Dr. Smith should I be taking it? Then they’ll run a test And they’ll let you know if it’s something that you should be taking So to wrap this video up sum it all up there are some things that you can do to ensure that your body is naturally Producing the amount it’s supposed to number one make sure you’re getting seven to nine [hours] of sleep It’s proven that your body actually secretes the most HGH when you hit slow-wave sleep. Which is the deepest cycle of sleep Make sure you’re eating properly and also make sure you’re exercising The more intense the exercise is the more HGH your body is going to produce naturally on its own Then we can also talk about alcohol, but we can talk about it kind of lightly There’s been studies done in the show that if you’re consuming alcohol your HGH Production can go down like 70% [and] mainly because people are drinking at night And they’re it’s disrupting their sleeping patterns. So not getting that HGH secretion while they’re sleeping so if you’re going to drink alcohol you go to a party just don’t get wasted every night But the end of the day your body [super-smart]. It’s going to naturally be able to adapt to make sure it can survive and grow So I hope you guys enjoyed this video, on HGH if you have any questions, or comments, please leave them in the comment section below From well great information feel free to join me on my website Scotthermanfitness.com and as always more good stuff coming soon See you guys

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