15 thoughts on “GST Series (In English) | Entry gates to GST | CA Divya Bansal | Tax without tears

  1. hey Divya, great initiative. such a informative video with amazing editing and slides. good job. keep the good work up. Looking forward for more detailed videos.

  2. Madamji, ca student ko job interview me excel par konse konse question puchh sakte hai aur unko excel ki konsi use pata hindi chahiye is par ek video bana do plz.

  3. Hello ma'am
    All the videos are wonderful. I learnt many things about GST. Currently, I'm working professionally as an accountant. I would like to a request to you please make Videos on Electronic Cash/credit/Liability Ledger how to transfer the balance in this account and how it setoff from this ledger.
    Thank You

  4. Mom please Kindly advice on the following issue:

    1. Can a taxable person take input credit of tax on amounts paid on the basis of his own ascertainment under Section 73(5) of the CGST Act ?

    2. If so, what is the last date for taking such credit ? (kindly refer to Section 16(4) of the CGST Act.

    3. Is any penalty leviable under section 73(11) of CGST Act or Section 125 of the CGST Act.

    Note: This amount relates to tax on reverse charge not paid earlier by oversight.

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