Growth Rate in Plants – Plant Growth and Development – Biology Class 11

Growth Rate in Plants – Plant Growth and Development – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bill icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students today we are starting chapter plant growth and development in that we are studying growth rate. now when a plan growth actually basically if we see the outer growth of the plant we see that plant has completely moved but this outer both can be expressed mathematically yes math can help us to explain how does a plant growth. growth rate the increased growth per unit time is termed as growth rate without of maths we can tell whether a plant text growing or not yes max can tell us whether a plant is growing there are equations present in maths the growth of the plant can be defined mathematically in two different ways first is arthomatic maybe and the second is the geometric wings now arthomatic progression of growth is exhibited or we can say a plant has grown arthomatically if there is a mitotic division the division in the somatic cells only in the dot essence of the plans now mitotic division self continuous divisions that happen in the plant this divisions happen in somatic cells for example in the leaf cell in the stem cells this also met excels and mitotic division which is an equation 11 will be happening continuously this all sums up automatic progression now does geometric progression so method prevention is similar to geometry it has got something with the shape geometric growth rate represents a typical s-shaped curve in geometric progression if you say a plant has grown it should follow four phases and those reasons are lack phase lock face stationary phase and death phase now what do what do by lag phase log phase stationary phase and death phase lag phase is the starting phase when a plant is a seed just the start of the plant is like this log phase is a phase when the plant is dividing mitosis meiosis is at the peak the plant is taking nutrients from the soil and it is cool stationary phase is the phase where the plant is completely grown and then comes the death phase by the plant dies the growth rate of a plant is the increased growth per unit time at every moment when the plant is increasing it is termed as growth rate now growth rate can be expressed my Kennedy mechanically just by seeing visually we can say that the tightest cobertura mechanical ways or you can say mathematical equations to prove that a plant is coming crew three mathematically can be divided into two types automatic operation and geometric progression the two phases of growth rate are automatic automatic progression of growth is exhibited by mitotic division of somatic cell division or you can say equation elevation in only daughter cells which continue to grow whereas geometric mean so metric Ruth red is represented by typical s-save curved or si growth curve exhibiting four different phases like face lock face stationary phase and the death phase basically the production implants happen in different number of it the most commonly known days are sexual reproduction and/or sexual reproduction now implants there is something called as vegetative reproduction when I say vegetative reproduction it means taking one part of the plant and reproducing it from any part of the time you can grow the whole plant that is vegetative reproduction there are other means of reproduction so grafting micropropagation in tissue culture now all these methods of reproduction can be judged using this mathematical equation that is automatic profession this geometric progression so students in this part of the chapter we have studied how max can help us decide whether the plant is growing or not isn’t it interesting to know that max and biology can be combined together to study plant growth I hope you all are clear about these two types of progression thank you

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