8 thoughts on “GDP hitting zero during shutdown seems excessive to me: Yale economics professor

  1. I call BS. The Government produces NOTHING. With the Government shutdown it's a better chance the GDP goes up but some fool wants to pay back pay.

  2. Too bad your Annoyed Shiller,because your flight might be delayed so you can go play with your buddies….Ill be sure to pass that on to the Angel Mothers…

  3. Ever since the gvt shutdown my life has been better!!

    And at this rate, I want the shutdown permanent. I will be fighting for permanent shutdown of the gvt.

    A total dissection and stripping of it. Limit it extremely. Down size it to super small size. We don't need millions of people in our gvt.

    P.S. Since the shutdown and tsa going away the chemtrails have stopped in California. And if their is a housing bubble and it bursts that is solely on the shoulders of the fed chairman for being so stupid with the rates. If we have any recession at all, it is directly because of him. His decisions dictate his lifespan.

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