Free Market Economy: Hong Kong City—Free Enterprise System

Free Market Economy: Hong Kong City—Free Enterprise System

“The whole month of, like the whole season
of winter and entire month from December to January is nothing but like buying stuff,
it’s when actually economically the year [stuttering] globally financially is [stuttering] the best.”
“I’m not Communist I’ll tell you that right now, I believe a man should own his own house
and car and cow, I like this private ownership I want to be left alone, let the government
run its business and let me run my own.” So you could basically hear that he’s basically
stuttering, he doesn’t really understand what he’s talking about, and this is the same boy
who then made a response after that and he says this: “Scotty M, so what I have a neurological
disorder and I stutter and I have a disability, you must feel such a big man for using such
a low blow, I’m not a fucking kid, I’m 20 years old…” right so, he says he’s not a
kid and that he’s 20 years old, well I’m 31 years old [burst into fit laughing]. So yeah
I don’t know about yourself at the end of the day I just think he’s making that up,
maybe he does have a neurological disorder or whatever, what do I know? But when it comes
down to him being 20 years old saying he’s not a kid, well in comparison to me I’m 31
years old, I’m more mature on this matter, you know, I try to debate the issue, try to
put across the argument and he just comes back with the childish sort of response saying
it’s bullshit. “Incidence, Capitalism in a free society that hurts people.” So what you
can immediately take from this is the fact that from what this boy’s basically being
saying before and from what he basically supports, he’s in defence of this Communist Maoist Rebel
News. “His lifetime, Mao Tse Tung was a hugely respected for the way that his socialist policies
improved the welfare of the Chinese people, slashing the level of poverty and hunger in
China and providing free healthcare and education.” Jason Unruhe, because Jason Unruhe wouldn’t
do the video response this is his video response trying to stand up for Jason Unruhe. Well
the funny part is is the fact that he’s just admitted himself that Capitalism in a free
society, in other words think about that, what he’s basically saying to you is, he’s
admitting that Capitalism is in relation to a free society. “Capitalism in a free society…”
think about that, he’s actually opposing a free society, that’s what’s funny about it.
“Capitalism in a free society, that hurts people.” We’ll take a look at this graph;
this is a graph here that you can see of the freest societies in the blue, and of course
you can see the one’s further down the table as you go down are the less free, right down
to Venezuela; Venezuela is now sitting 176th on the freedom index, in other words it’s
a extremely repressed country, but if you were to compare number 1, Hong Kong as a free
society, if you were to compare Hong Kong to Venezuela: [music] “full street here, these
side streets here in Jordan district of Hong Kong is where you find the street eats, you
find the clothing, and you find of course the unsavoury side of Asia, if that’s your
thing…” you would notice an enormous difference. Hong Kong from 1961 to 1997 had closed the
wealth gap between the rich and poor. The beautiful thing about Hong Kong is the very
fact that it has no natural resources, it had no national minimum wage yet as one of
the poorest places on earth, once a small fishing village, Hong Kong with no natural
resources had thrived and prospered; not just closing the wealth gap between the rich and
poor, it went from an average household income of less than $5,000 to more than $38,000 and
that just goes to tell you something to do that with no national minimum wage, will show
you a prime example of what the free market can do for them. But if you were to compare
this to for example, Venezuela: “Long queues outside supermarkets are an all too common
sight in Caracas these days, people wait for one, two or even three hours to buy basic
food stuffs which are in short supply in Venezuela.” Venezuela all thanks to the price controls
and everything else causing the food shortages and all the rest of this, which I will of
course get around to doing a video; the brief again you can check out on pricing, but I
will do a video explaining on price ceilings which of course Venezuela’s a perfect example
to use in this regard. But if you compare Venezuela which is an extremely poor country
yet has vast resources, that’ll go to show you the difference between a country like
Venezuela to what was once a tiny small fishing village, now a thriving big booming city,
of Hong Kong or Singapore. That shows you just how much nonsense the boy hits out with,
he doesn’t understand. So anyway people that’s part two, if you liked the video feel free
to like the video below, share the video, subscribe if you like my channel, favourite
the video or whatever and don’t forget, two other videos you can check out which of course,
if you haven’t seen part one which is there to the side, and of course the other video
that I had done on theory and practice, which was on response to Red Scare TV. So you can
check those videos out, plus the fact what I do have coming like I did explain was a
video I will do on a price ceiling to explain why Venezuela ended up in the mess it did,
so I will of course also have that. Don’t forget you can also check out the pricing
video that I did mention, anyway, hope you liked the video and I shall talk to you’s
later, thank you for watching, cheers!

22 thoughts on “Free Market Economy: Hong Kong City—Free Enterprise System

  1. there is no use trying to knock sense into hardcore socialist, best we can do is mock them out of their  fox hole an hopefully more more people will turn away from socialism and open their eyes to the ridiculous nonsense these people are actually trying not to say. they gotta sugar coat their morbid ideas of equality.

  2. Expect the typical morons like Libertarian Socialist Rants, Socialist Democrat, and the other hard left knuckle heads to refute the evidence and continue on with spouting the talking points.

  3. @wolfengheist Some odd reason I can't respond to your comment directly even although it has the reply link, anyway…

    What you mean is, they wouldn't be able to refute the evidence, however you are right, what they'll do is avoid evidence like the plague, dance around the evidence and hit out with something irrational. You watch, I listed the dates 1961 to 1997, notice how I stopped at 1997? That's because in '97 China took back occupancy of Hong Kong and since that period due to state intervention there has been the widening gap between the rich and poor, this is why the Hong Kong Chinese people wish to be back under British occupancy, I don't know if you saw the article but more than 92% I think it was agrees to becoming part of Britain again 🙂

    I would welcome Hong Kong back, the Tory government would serve them well. Hong Kong is a remarkable city, it is why I do a lot on Hong Kong and want to do a video on the city at some point. If I get the opportunity to go there on holiday at one point I would most certainly take a lot of video and pictures. But yes, these irrational fools like SocialDemocrat01 are immune to evidence, it's not even slightly clear the difference between Hong Kong from the 1950s to Hong Kong today, it's massively different. It takes clear wilful ignorance to turn a blind eye to it, that's why you hear them religiously contradict themselves by saying Government was the cause of it, if that were the case the most government controlled societies would be best off, look at Venezuela, says it all.

  4. Watch Angry Basterds start making videos labeling us as racists, sociopaths, and stuff even though he is the true fucking sociopath and racist.

  5. i'm 23 with Asperger syndrome and i'm willing to bet these socialists/communists are going to attack me for that.

  6. A. Bastard has not ventured out into the real world, yet.  But soon he will have to.  From the look out the background in his video, he either in some cheap dorm room or in his parent's basement. 

     He's living by the bullshit he's been taught by teachers and college professors who never had to make a living outside the academic world. And he worships our ol' buddy Jason, who from the looks of it, is a trust fund Communist who never had to work a day in his life; worse, he doesn't have any working class friends who could tell him everything he believes is just utter bullshit.

     I feel sorry for A. Bastard, he has no idea that all the old ideas he hanging on to has created more misery in the world then he could ever imagine, but old diehard American Communist won't tell you that; they say that it wasn't done right, or that's just propaganda. 

     The only thing he should look at is how many people risked their lives escaping from Communist countries. After all, who risks death escaping from paradise?

  7. Actually enjoy your comments Scotty. I was born in Glasgow so love the dulcet tones ,now live in Jersey and am old enough to have hated Thatcher back in the day but now believe she was a greater asset to the UK than Winston Churchill.
    The thing is ,not to laugh at the youngsters with their naive beliefs , when they grow up  they will realise how dumb they are .Keep up the good work !

  8. Well folks, that's me got my vlog channel setup under this channel I'm posting with where I'll post about stuff I'm doing, vlogs, thoughts, travel vlogs etc, so those who subscribed before this channel is ideal. I feel from experience having my Scotty M channel started on a lot of stuff like the accent videos and stuff was a learning curve, although from experience it's best having a channel dedicated rather than mixing as it conflicts. So yes, vlog videos etc you can catch up with on this channel I'm posting with here and I will mention between them in future videos so you can go back and forth. Plus I will need to get sorted an intro video for my Scott CJ McKelvie Photography channel, so you can also keep up with that if you so wish.

    As I say my next video I have planned is on Venezuela with Price Ceiling and will have a WordPress blog done on this video I haven't done yet.

  9. What's your opinion on the whole Confederate flag situation? And I understand you and I would relate to Rand Paul the most in the GOP, but what's your thoughts on Donald Trump? Keep up the good vids mate

  10. Hey Scotty. Stuttering is the least of that guys problems. Just think, another year and he can legally drink alcohol!! Though I am thinking he may have already hit it already with that hair!! I'll spare him any insults, that's socialist territory.

    On a slightly off but relevant topic, what do you think of Rand Pauls chances in the US presidential election next year? He's my preference. A pro free market capitalist and a thoroughly good guy by the looks of it.

  11. Could you do a video about Jeremy Corbyn?   Socialists are screaming for him at the moment.   (chunky mark especially)

  12. "I'm not a kid I'm 20 years old". While reading off a sheet. Tah man, what a way to be the poster boy for folk our age…fucking idiot….I mean I'm not as knowledgeable about the free market as you Scotty but I do understand quite well about supply and demand….as a photographer, I need to…haha

    Also he users disability, am a 20 year old with Aspergers and I have more social and verbal skills in my small toe than he does in his whole body..

  13. You're a wank, I'm against statism so what I'll do is put up an island were the state owns all the land as an example of the free market in operation, what a delusional fuck wit.

  14. 1) Let's have the protection once provided by States Rights where the State Legislature appoints the U.S Senators;
    2) Prohibit the Federal government from owning any more than 5% of a State's land.
    3) Abolish the Department of Propaganda … I mean "Education".
    4) Rules laid out by Federal Agencies … the defendant … gets to have the rights accorded to them as if … the laws were passed by Congress.
    5) The Country is not moved by ideology … Cato, Common Cause, Heritage, ACLU, … are made "to heel" … by tax exempt foundations and secret societies . The goal "Regionalism local and by Treaty" arranged by the Deep State.


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