Film and Television Production (BSc)

I think students kind of definitely
expect to learn a lot of theory and practical skills which integrate well
together so that you can get a really broad understanding of the film industry
and TV industry as a whole. I think after the first year you get such a great base building on your learning and just using it as a starting point for
getting everybody up to speed and at the right point. It’s great for the start of
second year where you can jump straight into going back into practicals and
building already on all the skills that you’ve learned in first year. I think I’ve learned a lot in theory and practice which is really useful and very
interesting. Most of the professor’s have worked in the industry for so long so
they have a lot of experience so they can talk to you about their experience
what to do and what not to do. So in second year you get the opportunity to develop your own film and you go through the whole process of being the
writer, the director the producer so you have freedom of whatever you want to do
basically whatever genre you want to explore. Lots of people have
different things that they wanted to do there was quite a few documentaries there’s quite a few horror films, there’s quite a few comedies so they really give you freedom to do what you want. When I first came into TFTV I didn’t know that I was interested in television as much as I am now, then I realized that
actually the TV studio is fun as well and there are some roles
that I’m very interested in, like lighting the studio you know it kind of
opens you up to different roles. The BSc. in Film and Television production at York is an extremely well resourced program. Students get access to all the
equipment; all the facilities they would expect to see, not only to support their
studies and to allow them to be as creative as possible, but that they would
expect to see in the outside world when they leave. We will never talk about
something as a piece of technology without understanding the use to which
that technology is put. It’s a creative degree underpinned by technology and
underpinned by critical thinking.

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