Extreme Danger(s) During a Major Economic Collapse that All Preppers Must Know About

Extreme Danger(s) During a Major Economic Collapse that All Preppers Must Know About

In today’s video you’re going to learn
what will happen when a major economic collapse hits, and how it will affect your
life, and how it will probably turn your area into a deathtrap. Right after the
channel intro: As preppers, many of us have different ideas or thoughts of what will bring on SHTF. And my belief is: whether we have a
pandemic, or our grid goes down, or a sun storm or EMP (or whatever) is that a
economic collapse will always almost always end up being a secondary effect
of that. For example: if we have a major pandemic sweep across the nation, then
people will quit going to work and quick going to stores, and then our economy will
collapse. Or if we have an EMP and our grid goes down: then people will quit
going to work and people will then not be able to buy or purchase things, then our economy
will collapse. Or if we have a nuclear war, then our infrastructure would be
blown to smithereens. So therefore, we’d have an economic collapse. And besides all of
that: with the fact that we have fiat money that that’s not based on precious
metals anymore, and the fact that our government keeps putting us trillions
and dollars in debt, we could still just have a flat-out/all-out economic collapse
without anything else bringing that on. To me: it just seems like that
our system (our way of making sure that food gets to our dinner table) to me it
seems like our system is too dependent on everything running just right to make sure that happens. So my thoughts: is that it will only take one good hiccup to really bring down that
house of cards. Now, if we were to have the Great Depression happen again
in today’s world, I think it would be hugely different than what we experienced back then. If I understand this correctly: in the early 1900s when we had the 1st Great Depression: the majority of the population lived in the country-side, and lived on farms… while the minority of
people lived in the city. So that means: in the Great Depression the majority of the people
lived in the country and on farms and they knew how to produce their own
food. They had skills back then like growing and producing food, animal
husbandry, and everything else needed to survive. Whereas the minority of the
people that live in the cities did not. Now if you flip that around to today’s
society: the majority of the people live in the cities and the suburbs and they
have no idea of how to raise their food, or animal husbandry, or any of
those other survival skills. And now, the minority of people live in the country.
And then a lot of your farms nowadays aren’t the old of mom-and-pop farms of
the early 1900s, these modern farms are ran by
huge machinery and stuff like that. We have to face it: back in the
early 1900’s: a person knew how to grow a tomato. Today: the average person… their idea of hunting their food will be selecting the
best-looking tomato that’s on the store shelf. And then we also have to look that
at the men in the early 1900’s compared to some of these metrosexual men that we
have in today’s society. So I believe that when the next economic collapse
begins, that the first thing that we’re going to see is the prices of goods and
food to skyrocket, and for inflation to set in. And what I mean by that, is that I
believe that we’ll see the prices of food and stuff like that skyrocket,
but our pay our paychecks won’t increase to cover the cost of that skyrocketing
food. And then when that happens, then people will start getting laid off
from work, and then shortages happen, and then food starts becoming scarce, and
then medical care always starts becoming hard to get, and also starts
becoming very substandard. And this also has an
effect on everything, because then people will only start will only start spending
their money on things that it absolutely takes, that’s absolutely necessary
for them to survive. When things like this happen, people will quit spending
spending their money on unnecessary things like: expensive coffee houses,
doggy daycares, hotels, traveling, restaurants, etc.. So then what happens is:
businesses that offer goods and services that are NOT life sustaining things: they
start laying off their employees. So doggy daycare centers: they start closing down. Hotels: they start closing down. hose factories that produce television
sets and stuff like that: they start closing down also. And then this
causes even more people to be out of work and then having to become dependent
on the government (that’s already but broke) to try to feed them. And then
probably what will happen in the next major economic collapse (that happened in
the 1st Great Depression) is that banks will start foreclosing on homes, and then landlords
will start kicking the tenants that can’t make the rent or mortgage payment. And then what will happen is: that will cause desperate people, who will end up sleeping on the streets and in the
alleyways outside of your business or outside of your work (if you even still
have a job, and if you haven’t been kicked out of your house). And then when
you have a huge influx of these desperate homeless people, then the
government will probably start setting up camps to try to house and feed these
people. And we know that as inept as the government is:
You know these camps will become dangerous places, that will be ridden
with crime and also disease and sickness. I think that a lot of these people that live
in these government camps will probably find it actually to be safer to live on
the streets or in an alley rather than to live in one of those camps. And
then with so many people laid off and not receiving paychecks to
pay taxes: then the government itself is start going to go broke and will start having to lay off its personnel (like police and
firefighters). And then with so many people being desperate, and then with so
many police officers being laid off (and there being little to no police presence):
then I believe that violent crime will skyrocket. We just have to face it: people
that, just months ago, had a good job and a nice house in the suburb… now they are
suddenly finding themselves and their family living on the streets with no idea of where their next meal is going to come from. And then these people
are going to become angry (and rightfully so) but angry at the government. And then
rioting will start happening, and government buildings will be attacked
and set on fire. And then with so few police officers and firefighters being left off (the ones that survived the lay-offs) they will be kept busy at the
city centers where the government buildings are being attacked and set on
fire. And this means that the rest of the areas (outside of the government centers) are going to be left unprotected from the criminals. And
criminals will take advantage of that. Desperate people will search out food
and resources that it takes for them to survive. And they will take it from you,
either under the cover of darkness or take it from you by force. And then not
only will these desperate people and criminals start taking food and
other resources, but some of them will also start committing other acts of
violence (just because they’re sick individuals) such as raping women and
molesting children. After having been a police officer now for nearly 18 years: I really personally believe that after
SHTF, and with a breakdown of the rule of law: that we will see violent
sexual crimes skyrocket after SHTF. And then with the lack of police: the
gangs in crime-infested neighborhoods will just openly start claiming their
their neighborhoods, and then start putting their neighborhoods completely under
their control and their whim. Now, I know that already happens across so many cities already across the United States, but let’s take
away the actual rule of law away, and I think this would be something that you will see in
almost every populated neighborhood across the United States. So take what you’ve got now, and then multiply that by a
thousand-fold. And then of course these gangs: once they get that neighborhood
openly under their control and then underneath their whim: one of the
big things that they’re going to do is they’re going to extort food and
supplies from the people within that community…. so the gang will actually live fat and on the hog, while the people that’s under them are brutalized. Now us
preppers: we like to try to foresee things that we will have to go without (after SHTF), so
we try to prepare for them. So since we study on the subject, we have some knowledge and some
foresight into that kind of stuff. But your average person does not. So when the
electricity gets shut off, a lot of us preppers will have solar lights and will know how to safely get light in the darkness. But your average person will not know this stuff. So when the electricity gets shut off you’re going to have people that’s going think
it’s safe to start a small fire inside their home for warmth.
You’re gonna have people that’s using candles that don’t really know the
safety measures behind them. You’re gonna have people using those hurricane lamps
(those oil lamps) that’s not going to know how to safely use those. And these people
are going to be living in these abandoned apartments and abandoned buildings, and
they’re gonna be using small fires for heat and for a light. And I think you’re
gonna start seeing a lot of buildings getting burnt down and actual whole areas
being destroyed by fires, because you’re not going to have the fire
department to keep these fires contained. So I think you’re gonna see a lot of
what used to be beautiful neighborhoods that are now going to look like burnt out
hollow shells; they’re gonna look more like war zones than the once beautiful
neighborhoods that they were. And then, as people start getting more desperate for
food and for survival: you will actually have people (that still have food) that will begin shooting people
that they catch trying to steal their food. And many times this will result in
neighbour shooting neighbor, and then families upset over that shooting, and then
neighbor becoming against neighbor, and this will many times end up with neighors shooting neighbors. And then what you’ll have is the family of that neighbor
becoming against the family of that neighbor for the shooting of that person
over the food, and then this will start a rippling effect, and
then you’ll start having revenge killings. These revenge killings won’t even be over food, and you will see revenge killings taking place. And then, most people do not have proper knowledge of sanitation. People
will just dump their bathroom waste right outside their apartment window; or if they live in a suburb, they’ll just start digging holes and burying it
in their backyard. Plus their garbage will also pile up, and this is going to
bring on a lot of sicknesses and illnesses. Personally I believe that as
violent as daily life will be after shtf, I still think that more people will die
from preventable illnesses and sicknesses more than the amount of people that will die from violent deaths (again after SHTF). And the worst part is: is that many of these illnesses will be preventable illnesses; and people will die from illnesses that (just months before) that a quick trip to their doctor would have taken care of. But with medical care becoming so scarce and also
almost non-existent and also substandard… again, people will die from illnesses that they would have survived just months previously with the proper medical care.
So what can a person do to help themselves survive a
major economic collapse? My theory is: (and this is my theory… agree with me or
disagree if you want to) my theory is: is that your job as a prepper is to ensure
that you and your family survives longer than the
average person after one of these events. Basically what you need to do is: you
need to survive the great “die-off.” Because as people die off, then food and
resources become more abundant. Basically: as there’s less people that’s trying to compete for food and resources, then resources will start coming back again, and start becoming more abundant. So having all of your prepping basics in
order is important. First: don’t live in an area (or at least try not to live) in an area that is already ridden with crime. And have as much food put back as you possibly can. And also have multiple ways to purify
water. And besides having food put back: also know how you can garden and produce
more food. And also don’t forget about having basic medical supplies and basic
medical knowledge. And have a good protection plan. And like I said earlier:
also don’t forget about your sanitation. It will do you no good to have all the
food and all the supplies in the world, and for you to only die from a
preventable disease because you prepared and ate your food from an unsanitized
environment. So as a community: what are your thoughts on this subject? What did I
miss in my video that you can comment down below with that will make this video a
wealth of information for everybody that stumbles across it? And after SHTF:
knowing how to do an effective roadblock, and using tactics is going to be
important. Using tactics like this will help to keep marauders and criminals out
of your area. So to see a video on that, then click on the video that should be
appearing at the top of the screen (just about now) to learn more about that. And should you also carry pepper spray if you carry a gun for self-defense? Or will
you automatically go to jail if you shoot justifiably shoot a criminal in self-defense without attempting to use
your pepper spray first? So to learn the answer for this, then click on the video
that should be appearing on the right side of the screen just about now. Anyways folks, if you made it this far: Hey, thank you very much for watching, and I pray that you have a good night. Secret message from EP: I hope you enjoy the Closed Captioning. I do these for those who have hearing issues, and also for those who have to watch the videos without sound.

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  2. I'm with you on this my friend why I am glad i have a great bud out location God Bless Be Safe ,
    Ps hope you and your family had a Christmas

  3. As a fellow law enforcement officer with 13 years on, I completely agree with you…
    We’ll see groups and factions form and pillage the land for resources while committing heinous crimes…
    The veneer of civilized society is so thin that once law and order is removed, we’ll see the ugly side of humanity rise to the surface rather quickly…

  4. I’ve been subscribed for awhile and just finally got a notification! It’s been a few months. Always enjoy your videos! Thank you

  5. With mentions to other people, I can feel a little open to talking about advanced strategic and tactical systems that are being used by nations as warfare. We know cyber warfare of attacking credit databases, financial digital money systems, infrastructure hydroelectric dams (energy), nuclear plants (energy), petro-based power plants (energy), telecoms (comms), electric utilities (energy), [all these will affect electric-operated gas stations], water utilities (water sources), computer databases and networks, … and many more.

    But, there as we mention with cosmic (super) nova and solar flare (CME) EMPs hitting us … there is now advanced beam weapons that HAVE BEEN and ARE BEING used in various nations. Such is the concept of transmitting an EMP blast that eventually explodes in the atmosphere of a distant nation. Such are the noted "mysterious sonic booms" (no jets, asteroids, meteors, comets, meteorites making the shock waves …). And the other "mysterious energy vortexes" are the same Tesla technology he documented in the 1940s … that are now being used by the U.S., Russia, EURO, … and possibly also China. One can see these reports from the open-nations media – but not reported by the other closed-nation medias.

    So it is entirely possible to have an EMP blast without any nuclear rocket or missile.

    One could also mention connections of HAARP and the Russian Woodpecker (google) being used for the preliminary radar, anti-radar, and jamming systems (not just frequencies, but energy walls) and distorting the atmosphere (mirage effects), or hardening the atmosphere against incoming weapons or flying vessels. Recent TV docudrama DID SHOW that the Bermuda Triangle has some realities in that there are massive portions of magnetized iron sources in the area that really do distort the magnetic field – spinning a compass, while also having instant magnetic fog clouds … that instantly on and instantly off as you enter and exit their extreme areas. Some of the same are the expulsions of methane gas from the many buried undersea areas, that can explode and cause such bubbling of the sea, and ships sailing in such fizzy soda water sink, while planes can't maintain solid air support with weakened gassy air, and fall out of the sky. Some of the many aspects of other weaponry that can also cause sea hydrospheres and air atmospheres to weaken and thusly causing an enemy's military resources to fall into the sea or onto the land. I have my own suspicions about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 having been a source of this same natural event in the China Sea or South Pacific, … or synthetic weaponry being used.

    There are more reasons for knowing what you and other nations are doing. Sun Tzu – know your enemy – and you will know how to circumvent their engineering and technologies. The same applies to preparedness people in knowing faux sonic booms, energy vortexes, and seeing other natural and unnatural phenomena within their own area.

  6. This past few months there’s been a lot of talk about a major earthquake here and I casually asked 3 of my neighbors if they had extra food,water ect.. in case of an emergency. Of course not one took me seriously. They actually kinda laughed at the thought of anything bad happening. This is my biggest fear after SHTF! What do you suggest I do? Obviously they know that I am prepared now. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. I think the situation in Venezuela is a taste of what’s to come in the United States.
    I’ve recently learned how to do pressure canning because our meat prices are slowly rising.
    WROL/SHTF seems like a heartbeat away. I feel sorry for our children and grandkids.
    Your video gave me more food for thought.
    Respect everything you do for the community.
    Much Aloha 🌴🤙🏽🌋

  8. As much as I hate to think about this stuff, I still do, and you hit this topic right on the mark. Its a real shame that so many people have no clue when it comes to growing their own food or taking care of themselves without outside help, I'm thankful for how my siblings and I were raised in the mountains of Va. A friend an I were talking about this exact subject last week, in regards to whats going on in Virginia right now and I explained to him that they have no idea what civil war looks like or what the consequences are, the same applies here, most don't get it. Great Vid!!

  9. I think your spot on with illnesses. How many people even know how to boil water to desalinate it?

    Can you maybe do a vid about what to do with Human waste? Compost it safe way? Burn trash a safe way?

  10. The economic collapse will be precipitated by the enormous federal debt. The government is simply going to keep "borrowing" money via the Federal Reserve, until our dollar becomes worthless.

    The key indicator for preppers is when borrowing costs for the federal government start to rise because people don't want to lend it money at current interest rates, and they have to offer ever higher rates to attract lenders. That is the key indicator in my opinion for the beginning of the end.

  11. Excellent point, our system is fragile at best, Supermarkets dont stock food they have maybe 3 days and if People panic it will all go.Its amazing nothing major has happened yet, natural or man made. It will be hard for us, imagine someone who never gave it a thought, many will perish, and many will suffer then perish. Heard a good hack, many may know it, wrap your bic lighter in duct tape, a/ you have the tape and b/ it's a good fire starter.

  12. Your efforts are appreciated more than you know. Right on the mark with your reasoning on this topic. Dyed in the wool true blue through and through – I believe we share a common heritage – a persecuted people driven to the West…

  13. The good thing about being a prepper truck driver. We can see when the economy is on a downhill slope. I can tell you with over 20 years of experience in prepping and truck driving the economy is a mess right now.

  14. Almost all the economic experts agree with eminent economic collapse of the global economy. The numbers we are looking at makes this collapse pretty much a done deal. I heard that 90% was rural during the Great Depression, now 90% of our people live in the city. That is predictive of how wild the cities will get if any wide range catastrophic event occurs. This video I think is absolutely right in it’s speculation but it’s not really speculation is it? It’s a well informed and thoughtful telling of upcoming future events. Events I’m nowhere close to being ready for.

  15. Great video fellow Patriot the way I look at it is you have grasshoppers and then ants anybody out there that don't know what that means check it out

  16. You covered it all for the most part as I see it. The biggest thing if we ever have to be put into it, it's going to much harder than we ever believed after living the good life for some time now. Well done and all good points to take in. Thank You.

  17. Great video EP. What I can add is to mention not having all your supplies at home. I am running out of room at home to store supplies…according to my wife….so now I'm looking at getting climate controlled storage unit with 24 hour access to store more. I'm limited at how much I can store at my BOL. Any thoughts anyone?

  18. Desperate people are far more dangerous than any threat in SHTF. I just recently saw a movie on Netflix(I think).
    It took place in a small town about 150 miles north of NYC. I think it was an EMP type event that knocked out all power. However the town’s vehicles kept running.
    There were 4 college age kids out camping, and this one veteran who is referred to as the town weirdo. He was the one warning the town that their small town will soon be flooded with hungry, desperate people. In their disbelief what he warned them about happened and the first targets by these lunatics were local LE and took over the town.
    He was the one who was prepared and faced a moral dilemma of saving people vs preserving his food and resources.

  19. You're right. The sex crimes will explode. Makes me sick, the evil of people, and devils. I think I saw a memo that the non armed public officials will be layed off before officers.

  20. Excellent points here that's why I'm thinking about solar panels for my home. On top of food and medical supplies make sure you have lots of ammunition toilet paper and HAM radio skills because if all that happens you won't have cell or cable service either. You can also buy fish antibiotics and dig a hole to burn your trash. Your biological waste can be used to fertilize your crops.

  21. Ethical Preparedness… They will expect you to assist in confiscation and incarcerate or kill Christians or anyone who is against them ( Red list). Once they reached their goal then the( blue list) kicks in. All police officers will be eliminated. Stay close to the Lord and he will guide you to safety…The tribulation has begun…peace.

  22. Yes, once upon a time in 1776 everyone knew how to grow food, raise livestock and/or hunt and fish. As cities grew into mega cities more and more people lost touch with the land. Nowadays less than 3% of the population feeds the other 97%. It's only a matter of time before a Malthusian crisis hits the fan. When that happens people will EAT people. Literally…

  23. Right on the money with what will happen only I think the timeline is off. When it begins 24 hours safe, 48 hours keep your head low, after 72 hours hell breaks loose for 21 days. Then most people will be neutralized.

  24. I thumbed down this video because you believe political correctness is more important than the real world ie the importance of race/IQ. The 1930's were much different than our present day because americans are no longer a racially homogeneous population. We no longer have real skills, no longer have a work ethic. We no longer have shared beliefs. Diversity means our destruction. You people that refuse to comprehend this are those same who caused the problem from the outset. You people want open borders, okay now we have open borders. You people want 78 genders, okay now we are forced by law to accept 78 genders. You wanted women to have the right to murder her own children ? Okay now millions of women choose to murder her own children. Are we a better or worse civilization for all these politically correct ideals ? Think about it before you delete this comment. Yes, communist style censorship is alive and well on ALL these prepper type channels. All of them without exception.

  25. Totally disagree with the sexual crime statement… cuz of feminism… 🤨🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 sorry can’t even finish typing this with a straight face. One need go to a third world country and see this right now. Another Outstanding Video. Stay safe and keep these awesome vids coming. JJ

  26. During the great depression there was less then 100 million people on earth. Theres 8 billion now, so idk fir sure by my guess in math is to " times the great depression by 1billion % = …..

  27. When you start using #10 & small cans.. save the cans for candle holders.. lite a candle and let it drip the bottom if the can enough to make the candle stick, then push the candle in it

  28. I really don't think foreclosures will be an issue to deal with. Here's why I say that: Banks will definitely foreclose. But people are even now becoming better armed, if they're smart. With all of the carnage that will occur, and the low law enforcement personnel numbers with so much else to do, nobody will be able to remove the occupants of these houses. That (civil matter) will not be a priority. But I agree with your summation of potential events and I think you covered it well.
    5:44– Looks like current San Francisco footage.

  29. There is a lot of proposed causality in the video, and as preppers, we are interested in cause and effect, but we have to be careful about what will and will not precipitate what.

    Food price increases can be caused by a lot of different stimuli: labor cost increases, fuel cost increases, warehousing increases, raw material increases, government interference, etc. we are already subject to a LOT of different price inflating factors. One of the least mentioned is demand. If people desire food more, the signal to farmers is to produce more because more will likely be sold, which will mean more money made for the farming group.

    Please fellow preppers, don't be a reflex buyer. Buy gradually over time. Waves of demand will CAUSE a price hike, not be CAUSED by an actual price hike.

    Buy heirloom seeds, cultivate some of your own supplementary food sources as well. Hell, start raising chickens, they aren't that complicated or expensive. Maybe start making deals for buying some of the goods from your own local farmers. Start buying their eggs or milk directly, try getting a 1/4 cow.

    I worked with a lady who raised buffalo, no joke, buffalo. Getting buffalo meat from her was a great experience.

    That sort of solid relationship building now can potentially pay off during hard times. The one thing that you can't pay for is good will and time building trust.

    Be careful of presupposing peoples' mindsets. If a person honestly does humble themselves to ask for help on YOUR terms, figure out a way to help somehow. Don't be THAT GUY who they can label as a selfish monster pig that deserves to be raided because he is a hoarder.

    This is what it means to live life morally and ethically, giving when it is difficult, helping when it hurts. People remember that sort of thing and it builds. . . wait for it. . . good will.

    In the past I have had to live very poorly, but it was my relationships with others which got me help, a job, etc. because they trusted me and my integrity.

    Have integrity instead of hoarding that 8 oz of rice.

    Aside from that, something a person learns in economics is that the economic system is not simply one block set upon another. There are complex, changing relationships that allow people to produce and provide goods and services. It is a bad idea to presume too much understanding of the resourcefulness of economic actors. They will surprise you.

    Last point, don't trust the state to provide for your well being, don't ask the state to provide for your well being. If you can see to your needs locally, all the better.

    I know this was kind of long, but this was a very general topic. Be careful, don't trust the craze, keep a level head, moral soul, and sound, measured judgement.

  30. I live in a mobile home now, im older so I know how to grow food, I used to raise rottilers so I have the basic animal husbandry skills. so it's not major major for me.

  31. That's a great Point great video my friend you're so right the masses of people today are dependent on iPhones and I distracted by Sports and Hollywood Elite ain't got a clue what's about to happen if it does… and they are so dependent upon the grid and under government for handout…

  32. The sad thing is sadly around the world man has lost his will to be self-sufficient and depended upon technology to do everything this is why they building AI to do the work for them.. and after I do that putting people unemployed which puts more debt to the country cuz now you got to take care of these people somehow..

  33. This is why I'm glad I'm Going Back to Basics I live out of my van part-time hopefully full-time in a couple years till then have a small attic apartment or studio and live a simple we need to go back to basics and find a way to live simple and not depend on the grid or on the government for anything we are too reliant on the government and on technology that's not good recipe for problems down the road..

  34. One mole commentary left and self-sufficiency is the key guys self-sufficiency and independence from the system the government is the key…

  35. I definitely agree with that there's less men out there today and of course making a man does not mean you have to carry a gun on the side every day and go to war for some stupid government or general that doesn't make you a man a man is taking care of his family.. but they are few men today most men run away from responsibility and we're basically weak…

  36. This is why I live out to My Van Into alternative living I try to tell people the same thing self-sufficiency is the key cut back lifts simple get out of debt and you'll be just fine…

  37. The first signs of collapse I always tell people check the ghettos and in the cities that's the first that's going to feel it these people are prone to violence and they're quick to rob other people they do it now in New York City look around you… these are signs this is exactly why I live out of my van part time of the great we'll be going full-time shortly so I can take off when the time comes… but that is the first signs the in the cities and some spread out Woods to the suburbs… make no mistake people in the countryside I'm not safe either cuz these people will eventually find themselves out in the countryside like an overflowing cup of water with a water has nothing left to go it overflows and goes all over the place that's what's going to happen to people they can start spreading out into the countryside.. where they may find people like you..

  38. Let's keep it real here just because your preference does not guarantee you a longer life the person who's on the street with homeless before this happens mail out last you because that person has been homeless for a long while you are not.. so the deception is Preppers will last longer not necessarily true..

  39. First of all an excellent video. At the end of it I believe you will get two solid responses. Either we are all screwed why bother preparing or the other response of I need to step up my game in preparing. I believe group preperation is the key. No family of four can survive long term. Don't go crazy when promoting the group preparedness idea. It is better to have 10 families prepared for 3 months versus 3 families prepared for 2 years. Most people when they start on their 3 month ability to survive journey will realize on their own the need to prepare longer term without it being required of them on the front end. Ideally live in a friendly rural community where a group of about 100 people can come together to work a community farm. In reality only about 20 to 30 will work and provide 24 hour security for the farm. Also it would be important to set up secure guarded market places every 10 miles for trading one day per week ideally with two narrow ways in/out to aid in security control and easy escape points.

  40. One only needs to travel to Venezuela, (then choose to be independent of signing up for government food assistance) to see what living in an economic collapse is like. The money is worthless there. Unless you have a steady source of income from outside the country, you starve. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled Venezuela, seeking greener pastures. It's similar to what happened in Michigan when the auto companies shut down factories in the eighties. People moved to Texas to look for work. You won't see gangs of people raiding homes during hard times, in my humble opinion. You'll see people moving to where the jobs are. People in the Oklahoma dust bowl moved to California to work in the orchards. People in Kansas during the Great Depression moved to Detroit to work in the auto factories.

  41. Question- Do you think after SHTF a local rural town will start to attach maybe 4 civilians to each police officer giving them some basic training to assist in town security or do you think a lot of officers will just say screw it my place is at home with my family. I am sure as an officer even if you no longer received a paycheck you could still secure resources by confiscation or by small gifts from the community for providing local security.

  42. One step you forgot to include is the govt. using the central banks printing presses to try and slow down the collapse by giving more money away. They'll essentially destroy the dollar, but it'll still have the effect of slowing down the collapse.

  43. Most people today are raised to fear jail or legal trouble, not hell, without rule of law, their fear would be gone, but hell is always there. This will be the cause of the most heinous crimes.

  44. I was going to just reply to Law and Order Prepper's comment, but I decided to put it out in my own comment. I first want to thank you for your assessment of the eventual WROL situation that is coming. you talk about gangs and laid off police. what happens to the laid off "UNIFORMED" LEO's? as a law abiding citizen I do not have the confidence that the laid off LEO will just sit idly by and let society get flushed down the toilet. One of my biggest fears is that LEO's will form their own gangs and do as they wish under the premise of doing good; everyone trusts a uniformed cop mentality. One of my biggest HOPES is that the laid off LEO's will contract with neighborhoods in exchange for some form of compensation to protect not only their families but their friends and families as well. MOST LEO's that I am associated with or have knowledge of ARE NOT preppers and pose a greater threat to society than most gangs. I luv you guys and luv those I personally know. I cannot do what you do, but I have seen both sides of the coin. there are good guys and bad guys in every spectrum of society. it is those of authority NOW that I fear the most. Keep up the great work you are doing and try to convert your fellow LEO's on the merits of prepping.

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