EconoUs2018 – An Economy that Works for All

I think networking is a really important way of spreading good practice and creating a movement for change, and I think everybody needs to get together, come together for important conferences like this. It’s a chance for us, not just to meet with each other or learn from each other, but also to practice making the world the way that we wish it were. We can organize ourselves the way that the world should be organized out there, in the bigger world. So, I always find that exciting and I think that’s something that’s really different about EconoUs. We can learn from each other, give each other mutual support and solidarity to change things. So, it’s vital that people get involved and create friendships across different areas and different countries. As the main planning partner, it was a really exciting, interesting experience. It was great to bring people here, to really show them the great city we have, the great province we have, and all the different exciting things that are going on here. And also, just to learn from all the other people that were here. Well the tagline is a community that works for all. I think that really resonates with our concept of powerful communities so it’s great to be heard and I encourage everyone to get involved. So, if you are watching this right now, be sure to log onto where you can learn about the PEOPLE, the PLANET and the ECONOMY.

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