Economy X

Economy X

Tall people… ..constantly making the world
a better place. And how does the world reward you? -Let me get that for you.
-Oh, thank you. Stretch out with up to
40% more legroom in Economy X on Virgin Australia.

6 thoughts on “Economy X

  1. This is great that they advertise special seating for tall people but it's false advertising. The reality is that they give the tall seating area away to any short fat slob who requests extra leg room so that when i tall person does actually request a seat with extra leg room it is never available because it is already sold to selfish short arsed people who believe that they are entitled to extra leg room even when they don't actually need it. A better solution would be to have variable seat legroom areas… actually put short people in the shorter leg room areas and reserve the taller leg room areas for those who seriously need extra leg room …

  2. i luv this advert. The guy at the end when he looks across at his adjoining passenger with the whistle and his hand movement is gold!!

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