16 thoughts on “Does coffee really stunt your growth? We found out

  1. Well I stopped drinking coffee when I was 15 and I was short and now that I’m 16 I’m 5’11 and doctor said I would grow to be 6’2 so in my experience yes it was holding back my growth

  2. People thought coffee stunted your growth because when you sleep you grow, and coffee keeps you up so if you had coffee and couldn’t sleep then you wouldn’t grow.

  3. It does stunt your growth. I drink it everyday, I used to be tall and now i'm a midget. Lol! I will never stop drinking it tho.

  4. I mean doest caffeine make you stay up and if you drink it closers to night it could technically keep you up from sleeping at an appropriate time and sleep is pretty important for growing kids.

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