Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Greta is Wrong on Growth

Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Greta is Wrong on Growth

The planet is warming, and all
you can do is talk about money and fairy tales about
eternal economic growth. You have stolen my dreams and my
childhood with your empty words. I’m sorry, Greta Thunberg. I share your worry about global
warming, but that is Dead Wrong. It is more fair to say that economic
growth gave you – and me – a childhood. Before we filled the skies with
greenhouse gases, every second child died before
their fifteenth birthday. And they did not have a
school to strike from. 90 percent were illiterate. So our ancestors did not burn
fossil fuels because they were stupid or evil, but because
they wanted to give us a future. And we still need economic growth, to
protect us against all sorts of threats. The risk of dying in a
climate-related disaster – floods, droughts, storms, and
extreme heat – has actually been reduced by more than 90
percent since the 1950s. Not because we have fewer
disasters today, but because we have more wealth and
technology to save human lives. Had we had negative growth since
then, we would have had less global warming, and yet, almost
half a million more people would die every year because of
climate-related incidents. Now we need to create
this growth based on green technologies that do not
emit greenhouse gasses. But that’s expensive. Do we really think that that
is going to happen in shrinking economies that have to
deal with mass unemployment? If not, then I’m sorry, we’re
gonna have to talk about money. Wait! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel here. And watch these other videos. And check back next Wednesday for a new Dead Wrong from Free To Choose Network.

27 thoughts on “Dead Wrong® with Johan Norberg – Greta is Wrong on Growth

  1. Worthwhile points, but a bit too aggressive with the school strike dig and the mass unemployment hype. The nice thing about the Thunberg intervention is that it brings the discussion down to a calmer, more thoughtful level. She may express her concerns stridently and with absolutes, but she's just a school child. The proper response to a child is always a calm, explanatory one. And the case for temperate action wins when it's a temperate discussion.

  2. Great stuff. Wish we could have a longer and more elaborate video on how to approach climate change from an economic perspective. Taxes on fuel and emissions or subsidies on electric cars? How can we assist the emerging economies to grow in a sustainable way?

  3. Until November 2018 I thought IPCC (English IPCC) was a serious organization and the responsibility for CO2 in global warming was proven.
    As a scientist, I gave myself the time and the method to understand this area and I discovered many erroneous and even falsified information.
    It is time that the Head of countries including US, Europe and France agrees to question the political correctness that is leading us into the wall.
    It is time for serious newspapers to address the issue, there is no scientific consensus, and many serious publications question the ideology of CO2-induced global warming.
    The IPCC is a political body whose objective is to transfer considerable sums (several hundred billion Euros/U$D from Western democratic countries to developing countries under the pretext of a climate change linked to the production of CO2, it is time to revisit this topic in a scientific way, many experts question the conclusion about the role of CO2 and climate change.
    I suggest creating an independent scientific council to check the information and conclusions.
    Professor François Gervais' recent book "Climate Emergency is a lure" clearly poses the problem and I suggest opening the debate scientifically by avoiding ideology and preconceived ideas.
    More important many publications indicate that a certain number of data would have been falsified see:
    Mr. Tony Heller explained why NASA and NOA data are manipulated to make us to believe that there is a global warming!!
    In health Care world fraud is heavily punished with de-baring, could that be implemented for scientist committing fraud regarding climate?
    Why CO2 cannot heat the planet:

    What can we do against those global warming hysteria???

  4. Oh my God!! You're amazing, Mr Norberg. I loved so much your book "In Defense of global Capitalism". Thank you from all my heart for everything you do.

  5. …. There has been NO Global Warming for the last 20 years! It has been far warmer in the past – Roman times for instance!

  6. Please can you make a video talking about the political and economic crisis in Chile. There is a terrorist intervention led by agents of Cuban and Venezuelan intelligence who infiltrated Chile among the refugees who came from Venezuela and organized with Chilean communist activists and terrorists to destroy the only capitalist country in South America. Chile is under permanent attack is being destroyed with fires and looting of markets, businesses, infrastructure. And the supposedly right-wing government has thrown to the demands of the left, the current constitution will be changed to a new socialist Chavist constitution. They want to dismantle the Chilean economic model to transform Chile into Venezuela.

  7. You fail to grasp something:

    Hacks like Greta or Shiva basically don't care about people dying, as long as it's the right people dying.
    They care about 'the planet' ™, and about 'ecology'(tm). You and me? The rest of the pigs and capitalist in the world? They can get either killed or re-educated.

    This is Greta, and all the other loony ecologists.

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