Cutting for Growth: The Journey, Episode 2, Season 2

Cutting for Growth: The Journey, Episode 2, Season 2

MICHAEL: The moment I hit print,
I will be starting down the path on a journey that
I’ve been resisting. (MUSIC) I was looking at Google Maps
from the satellite view and I found that there is this…
what looks like a pond. Let’s go see if we can find it. I’m walking down this path
and I’ve never been down this path before and every little move is
scaring the heck out of me. Looks like the fence is broken. I’m not gonna walk all the way across
it ’cause that would be madness but I’m gonna walk a little closer. I gotta be honest with you guys, when I turned around
and started walking back, I started freaking out a little bit. I’m think to myself, “OK,
if I trip, I’m done.” I have a great sense
of confidence now because I’ve already gone down
this path, I didn’t get killed. It wasn’t as bad as
I thought I was going to be. We don’t try things sometimes
because we don’t know what’s around the corner I’m gonna head back now with
a lot less fear, that’s for sure. If you’re like me, you have
these little voices in your head that says, “You’re not good enough,
you don’t have what it takes.” And what I wanna encourage
you is when you hear those little voices in your head, that’s your green
light to move forward. Don’t see it as your stop light,
see it as your go light. I have reached a metaphorical
and actual fork in the road so now I have to make
a decision which way to go. We’ve made a very…
challenging decision to cut off an entire
segment of our audience in exchange for serving
the bigger part of our audience. So, we are no longer going to be
servicing the creator community at our conference and we’re gonna just
double down on marketing. Welcome to the 2018 manager meeting. I think the a-ha moment I’ve had
over the last couple of months is that our core
audience is marketers. So, what that leaves us with
is four ticketing options, the all-access, the marketer,
the community ticket, and the virtual ticket. We made the decision to no longer
serve the creator community. This is kind of a big shift because
we had previously – I’ve previously been to VidCon, saw how big their conference was and thought to myself, “I want
some of that community.” And I’ve been developing
relationships for years in the creator community
with YouTubers and podcasters, and bloggers, and the decision has some pretty
significant implications on everything we do at
Social Media Examiner because I’ve instructed
my editorial team, we’re no longer creating
articles for creators. And I think that we can
argue that we got distracted and as a result we were
cycling resources, company resources into projects that should have been
focused on the core tribe. This is an important moment for me because I know that
the moment I hit print, I will be starting down the path on a journey that
I’ve been resisting. I asked a question, if you
could wave a magic wand and immediately solve a big social
media marketing problem you face, what would it be? And I have 3133 responses. Inside of these responses is
the next idea, I just need to find it. It’s like a needle in a hay stack. 92 pages, it’s too long, or is it? I think I just have to
print all that out and cut out every little strip. We’re gonna need more paper
and a printer, let’s go. (MUSIC) MICHAEL: Hey Jen, got a sec?
JEN: Sure. MICHAEL: I have a little
project for you. JEN: (LAUGHS) Oh no,
what is it? That’s hot. MICHAEL: You see each one of these?
JEN: Yeah. MICHAEL: I need each
one of them cut out. JEN: Like in a spread sheet? MICHAEL: No, like physically cut. JEN: Oh, pieces of paper cut out?
MICHAEL: Yeah. JEN: (LAUGHS) Really? Export it into a spread sheet
and then do it on a computer? What’s the – what are
you gonna use these for? MICHAEL: I want to stack them on little stacks.
JEN: Why? MICHAEL: I actually want to be
able to like separate them out physically in the conference room and fill up the whole conference room..
JEN: OK. MICHAEL: ..with 3000 of
these little things. JEN: Let’s slice and dice. (ROCK MUSIC) JEN: This is why I went to college,
three of them. (MICHAEL LAUGHS). (ROCK MUSIC) One page down, 91 to go. Lots of ideas on that one. MICHAEL: Alright, I am
heading to VidCon. (MUSIC) I’m at VidCon surrounded
by a lot of kids. This is my third time at VidCon and it’s kinda fascinating because
really it’s the next generation that’s here and you come
to an event like this and you can find ideas that are
not necessarily mainstream yet. (MUSIC) So, three years ago,
I came to this event and I wasn’t sure how
we were gonna expand Social Media Marketing World and I got on FaceTime with
you, do you remember that? PHIL: I do remember that. MICHAEL: And I said
I have this crazy idea of how we could grow Social
Media Marketing World. PHIL: And you send me
these massive bits down on the expo hall,
musical stages going on, and I was like, “That’s inventive.” MICHAEL: At the time,
Social Media Marketing World was like a Disneyland pass,
one ticket to everything. So, the idea that I got here
was that we could have a tiered ticketing system that would allow us to scale
and grow the conference. One of the things that I’ve learned
by going to events like this, is that everybody
wants something from you if you’re a successful person and my strategy has
been the opposite. I believe in the value of
developing relational capital and when you invest in people, you’re deepening
relationships with people, that is where
the magic happens because then you can call those
people up on the phone, ask them for feedback when
you’re in a struggle and they will gladly help
you out down the road when you really need it because it’s friends that help
friends out, it’s not strangers. (MUSIC) She is crushing it
on Facebook Watch. RACHEL: Why I love Watch so much
and why I’m such a huge fan is that women ages 25 to 55,
my target audience, they live on Facebook. 40 to 50 million views
on videos per week. MICHAEL: What?
RACHEL: Per week. MICHAEL: Follow her. OK, so I’m gonna upload
that to my IGTV channel. Start thinking about
the cross applications. RACHEL: I can see that actually. MICHAEL: I really would love to
get The Journey on Facebook Watch. It would be so exciting if you’re
actually watching this on Watch, that means we were successful. CALEB: So, this is the Switch Pod. It’s a vlogger’s tripod so it
switches into tripod mode so you can set it down quickly. MICHAEL: That’s super easy. CALEB: We kickstarted
it and do this here. MICHAEL: I like how it just
snaps open like that, too. CALEB: Yeah, the magnets. MICHAEL: So, you can
just go like that, “Hey, everybody, check it out.
Woo-hoo. There’s Mitch.” PHIL: Look, black carpet. MICHAEL: What not to
do at our conference. (MUSIC) MAN: Are you filming The Journey?
MICHAEL: Yes. MAN: How is it going, Journey?
Great work man. (MICHAEL LAUGHS)
I watch every video. MICHAEL: Awesome, awesome.
MAN: Great job. MICHAEL: That’s a wrap. I thought it was a wrap. OK, now it’s a wrap. We have the goal.
JEN: Yes. MICHAEL: And if we wait on
the goal, we could be in trouble. (MUSIC) I wanna say something to you,
anybody watching right now that feels like they don’t have
what it takes to be successful. (AIR CONDITIONER SOUND) First of all, be careful of
air conditioners going on while you’re recording. (LAUGHS) That is your biggest fear. The worst thing that
can happen to you is that you’re filming
and the air conditioning goes on. What more can possibly happen? (MUSIC) Please join me on The Journey. Subscribe now on YouTube
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25 thoughts on “Cutting for Growth: The Journey, Episode 2, Season 2

  1. Wow that's a big move abandoning the creator segment and going all in on marketers, but the conference is Social Media MARKETING World after all. Interesting that the decision includes editorial. I was excited to see so many creators coming to the show and watching the content they made during SMMW, the interviews etc. must have been a tough choice. I liked the metaphor you used at the beginning about the green light signal. Our biggest critic is usually always ourselves. I read something similar to this in a great book by Mark Manson this summer "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck."

  2. Last 30 seconds were hilarious… Worst thing that can happen when you film, Real Estate Edition: Your Realtor is standing out front a beautiful home, you just went live for the home introduction… And the cars driving by decide to start honking and yelling out their windows…

  3. This is why I went to college… three of them ๐Ÿ˜‚

    That's a pretty big decision, but cut to grow makes sense. On one hand it seems like a hard decision, on the other… most of the creator track sessions this year were marketing based, or at least had speakers that understood the corporate side as well.

  4. What I need to cut in order to be successful?

    The amount of time I spend unwinding and vegging. Deep down I know I can get the de-stressing I need just by creating content. Thatโ€™s the joy of podcasting about a topic I love. I just need to stop settling for what I have been used to doing and replace it with something that I truly love and which enriches my mind.

  5. Just had this conversation yesterday! I need to cut doing my own design work so that I can focus on the marketing planning and implementation.

  6. I'm enjoying the journey and the business mind! Thank you for sharing. Interesting you have decided to move away from creatives and focusing on marketers. I'm mainly a creative but my work is focused on marketing, so, like it or not, I'm also your target market, the creative with the marketing mind… I'm looking forward to attending the conferenceโ€ฆ one day, hopefully, when it gets to be hosted here in Australia!

  7. Unless there's a substantial change in the content you deliver for the new niche, i believe content creators will still benefit from SME.
    They have to learn to project themselves (0=

  8. I loved this episode, I thank you for the encouragement to stay the path even when those voices in your head are talking. I made a huge decision to cut myself away from some groups that were time wasters, to devote more time to learn the marketing aspects of my business.

  9. Watched this again today because I landed on this video. This was inspirational! Thank You for sharing your Journey with me!!!

  10. I just started watching The Journey last week and am on this episode now. When Mike said "Your worth it" that stopped me in my tracks. He has a lot of great advice and I am trying to find a way to put it to work for my shop. I will also have to remember the green and red lights for my thoughts. As for what would I cut? I would cut my full-time job. If I could do that, then I could grow my website/shop and be really happy with life. #dolphinwoodhousesoaps

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