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  1. No….. Geography……
    The data cables from the US land In Ireland…, the CLOSEST exchange is therefore London….
    traders always propagate to the closest point to data cables for their trading…….

  2. On the contrary, Brexit will make the UK more dominant as they will be able to de-regulate the banks and cut corporation tax to below those of Ireland

  3. 7:30 i wonder where and how she came up with those statistics. in fact, based on that little clip, i don't even know what they mean.

  4. Who in their right mind would chose Frankfurt over Amsterdam? One city is ugly, full of crime and full of Germans, the other is beautiful and has cheap drugs. No offense to the Germans, I am German myself, but for fucks sake, if you can pick your destination, go anywhere in Europe but Germany.

  5. This fiasco called Brexit as put me out of a job the building trade as almost come to a standstill because of the uncertainty, not just me many more builders who will never recover from this mess.

  6. It is very polite of the Euros to say, "We hate to see you leave," but they seem very eager to assume the role that the Brits are so eager to relinquish.

  7. City of London : Has been under attack from European and US bodies for decades because of its control of Trusts and Offshore dealings. City of London is estimated to control over 40% of worlds finance via such shadow world. The report here as I see it – concentrates on the visible side of City of London financial business related to EU. It can only 'guess' at the larger more lucrative aspect of City of London dealings – which would be expected to continue virtually untouched.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np_ylvc8Zj8 … a documentary that gets as close to showing the 'real might' of the City of London. It is doubtful that Brexit will make much difference to this as 'The Spiders Web' is designed and operated specifically to be independent and global in its business.

  8. Square mile of London is technically separate from UK & EU. So financial centre won't change it's criminal activities.

  9. If we leave without a deal, could this, could that, could the other, perhaps this, perhaps that, perhaps the other, maybe this, maybe that, maybe the other……What are the could's, perhaps's, might's and maybe's, if we remain with a German dominated Federal United States of Europe ?. Are we so keen to be afraid to walk the streets at night for fear of JACKBOOT JURGUN shooting us on sight ?. Are we so keen to have an GESTAPO style police force demanding Identification from everyone as we go about our daily business ?. Have we so soon forgotten that we fought TWO WORLD WARS to prevent GERMANY from taking over Europe ?. Let's stop the conjecturing, and start dealing with known facts, and if known facts are hard to come by, then let's get out of the EU as voted for three years ago, start trading under WTO terms, AND THEN START TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE EU.

  10. " Could Brexit end London's financial dominance?" NO the way Brexit has been betrayed will end London's financial dominance what will also end it is the HUGE financial transaction tax the E.U. has put in the May/Johnson surrender treaty that will be collected by the H.M.R.C at British taxpayers expense and then sent directly to the E.U. .

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL_BFJJnd80&t=40s
    Just, no… The UK is still the one that googles it most. And it if this is not what you mean, and you really mean most of the countries that google `Brexit` most are European. Then yeah, thanks for that info Sherlock.

  12. TOTAL BS … financial issues are separate from trade arrangements … does America …Canada … Russia … etc etc have any issues with finciace …. NO… this is a total beat up … being part of the EU has nothing to do with financial arrangements

  13. The City of Londonโ€™s financial dominance comes from the UK-controlled tax havens around the world. Note: โ€œCity of Londonโ€, not London itself.

    Those UK territory tax havens remain part of the UK, so almost nothing will change in the bigger picture.

  14. One Europe under one religion and law. Bit too many white people in this film and there needs to be some replacement done.

  15. Read the Lisbon treaty the money is going to Brussels in two years time with astronomical job losses thanks to our bygone prime ministers.

  16. This is exactly why we shouldn't sign up to any regulatory alignment: destroy the city and you'll get Singapore-on-Thames

    Let them leave. The EU will regulate it to death and they'll come crying soon enough

  17. The Houses of Parliament should be shut down and turned into a hotel for rich tourist and should be run by the people for the people and any money it makes goes into the country. A new parliament should be built a basic one, smack in the middle of the country somewhere in the Midlands. it should be a meeting house and have built in bedsits and a simple canteen for politicians that have to stay over. no luxuries like there is now. a politician should be classed as a working person not somebody that has special privileges. they stand for the local people that they are representing and speak for them not themselves. They work in the best interest of the country and its people not themselves. because they took the job for the sole purpose to make the country a better place for everyone to live in, not to better the quality of their own life.

    For being a politician, like a nurse or teacher should be calling, not because of the perks you get been a politician, it's time the gravy train was stopped for politicians..
    it's time we had normal people being politicians like you would have in a community system.

  18. I think what that Tamzin whatever person said at the end was rather typical of the British mindset. What would make any sane person conclude that the EU was trying to use Brexit to benefit certain cities? Brexit was a UK project done unto themselves. That some cities were seeing certain opportunities coming their way as well as problems and trying to make the most of them is only natural. That she was also so dismissive as to the eventual price that London might pay not being in the EU, just seemed more like wishful thinking and blind optimism. It certainly seemed to be in willful ignorance that London's current status was definitely tied to its relation within in the EU, and without that its role as a financial services provider would indeed deteriorate.

  19. The UK needs the EU more …? Eerrr, I don't think so Chris! We do need each other though, for sure. ( I stopped watching from that point).

  20. https://youtu.be/CL_BFJJnd80?t=367 moving business back to the EU,… says it all. The UK never considered itself being in the EU

  21. Brexit is just a large scale revolt by the british declining industrial belt..who r living on welfare..and look to the past

  22. nop because the UK economy is the most versatile and profitable in all Europe. Even with the brexit pressure and the EU pressure the british economy is still lot better than most of the EU economies including France and Italy.

  23. No it won't. I remember when the same experts said refusing to join the single currency would mean the end for London too. Singapore on Thames will do just fine.

  24. The EU is a protectionist cabal. EU tariffs & subsidies mean consumer goods prices are on average ~20% higher than they would be if all tariffs and subsidies on all goods & services were set to 0%. The UK can do this unilaterally if they leave and their civillian population will each net-benefit due to the drop in prices, even if no other country reciprocates, but I've not heard a single economist or commentator mention this.

  25. LONDON nor itโ€™s financial position as a GLOBAL city will lose any grounds – another scare tactic by financial elitist that want to remain in the EU
    Just ask Greece about remaining in the EU? They would have simply been better having left, reinstated the Drachma, and traded outside of the EU as both Asian and American markets easily outstrip EUโ€˜s trading power. Germany dominates the EU and that is not a Union now is it?

  26. Do I believe this? Yes! 90 colleagues of mine who worked in the midlands were made redundant in December 2016 and our jobs went to Frankfurt, Munich and Paris. Another company I worked for in 2018 many colleagues were made redundant and staff moved to Amsterdam and both companies said it was due to Brexit and uncertainty.

  27. Well you can get your guns back if you don't have brexit Ireland won't have two million black and brown and yellow people in their country on welfare by the rest of the country goes to shit. Not having brexit puts the UN at a disadvantage. And not having brexit you can have your prime minister killed I don't see anybody killing any corrupt people in Europe why is that exit is the Takeover of Europe in a soft coup or Islam takes over again what Islam will have access to the weapons the tanks the nuclear weapons and the extermination of the white European race and Donald Trump said we are not going to help Europe don't forget now America we don't need the help Europe they've been taken advantage of America too long you're not paying up the trillions of dollars for real you when you need to circle around and give that money back to America

  28. Always got the liberal People Talking Heads keep telling what the British people want out of Braxton they don't want it devoted 17 and a half million people to vote it out and now the parliament consider English people subjects that constitutional rights that's what's going on you are subject to a monarchy that is a German descent.

  29. News Flash….New York ranks fairly high as a financial center and is not in the EU…..nice bit of propaganda but, Iโ€™m not buying it. You do realize that if UK remains , the London Stock Market will be moved to Frankfurt by 2022, anyway……according to the Lisbon Treaty

  30. If this was likely, then the EU would have let us leave three years ago. The usual Remoaner project fear scaremongering. The woman actually says "what could happen". The whole programme was guided by a Remoaner, it's all about the worst case scenarios, no matter how unlikely they are.

  31. The Politicians failure to sort this out will see more and more companies running out of the UK. We need Brexit sorted quick for everybody. We need to move on and sort out the madness before there comes a tipping point where the damage cannot be repaired.

  32. The traitors in parliament who ignore the will of the people are scum and so are their institutions all the money lenders can f__k off with their talking England down i am done with parliament, police state headquaters.

  33. I get it, 1 trillion dollars is leaving the city of London but how much money has been flowing into it and how much is still remaining? That figure might just be a drop in the ocean compared to whatโ€™s remaining in the city and better yet still a significant amount for the common man but not these juggernauts…

  34. Economy this, economy that.
    YES, the economy is going to be bad after brexit. But believe it or not people don't care so much about the economy, they care more about their own personal wealth and whether they can have a say in their own country or not.

    Right now we are one of the world's biggest economies in the world and our people are suffering because of mismanagement. Whether the country earns a lot of money or not does not matter if the average joe can't keep up.

  35. So much scare mongering.. truth is.. we will all find out when it actually happens… at the moment it's just been nearly 4 years of guessing (from both sides) – still waiting for that "huge recession" we were meant to have though for voting leave.

  36. Bankers bankers bankers. Usury usury usury. Brexit is a step to developing a real economy as oppose to a transactional one. This is and improvment. It is better to be poorer and realer then wealthy off of fake loot.

  37. The opposite in fact! So here's the redpill timeline:
    2013: Cameron asked EU not to include UK offshore trusts in the EU-wide crackdown on tax avoidance. EU says 'NO'.
    2014-2015: Media narrative formed (Vote Leave)
    JANUARY 2016: 2019 EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Laws proposals PUBLISHED.
    FEBRUARY 2016: Cameron announces the Referendum to leave the EU.
    JUNE 2016: Referendum – Leave
    JULY 2016: 2019 EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Laws ACCEPTED by EU.
    Always follow the money…

  38. The economic problems are darkened to the viewer in the public..Totally unclear..The public perspective was to stop immigrants crossing the English channel into Britain..but the consequences involved was not originally spelled out for the public examination..British Economy will drastically dragged down by these unreasonable Brexit prepositions.. mass exodus of British intellectuals to Amsterdam or Germany even France are notably occurrence..We are no more in the Age of Empires or Colonial era where forces of superiority were inadvertently gallivanting in places they never belong

  39. No. They've set up regional offices or HQs in Europe. London is, and will continue to be, a main powerhouse for global trading.

  40. Absol;utely; there'll be nothing like living it up in the post cosmopolitan delights of Dusseldorf,or whatever, and having your children come home speaking German, or whatever. Not only the City of London but the great city of London itself just can compete-a no brainer.

  41. Brexit is fake.. you morons.

    You're being Genocided and replaced as defined by the UN itself, your hero Org..

    Wake up fools.

  42. The poor old man of europe. the united states of europe. Anglo shithole deserve all the hurt it's getting.
    You need us more than we need you.

  43. No, it wont.
    London is the worldโ€™s most important financial centre and it is global in scope. Its financial market is more than 10 times the size of Europeโ€™s next largest, Frankfurt. Thereโ€™s nowhere like it in Europe, nowhere even close. The largest centre for clearing Chinese currency is, guess where? Yep, London. Why? Because of the efficiency, connectedness, expertise and liquidity. Where is 50% of European corporate and sovereign debt underwritten? Yep, London. Why? For the same reasons. Itโ€™s the cheapest, most efficient place in the world to do it. The EU can try to force its companies and governments to dump London if they want but they wonโ€™t because if they do, theyโ€™ll have to rearrange finance at higher cost, leading in many cases, to bankruptcy.

  44. No one cares about globalism. It's a disease in humanity. Europe is not what it once was. Uno why? Because of neo liberal despots who have destroyed it, as for your question, no it will just go to other places in the world to do trade ect. It's not rocket science. Euro spaniels and left wing facists will be trying there hardest to splinter and cause problems. It's funny every one supports the snp Scottish [email protected] party but fuck Catalonia. The mind set of you euro spaniels is ashaming. Hold your heads down and wait for your masters to tell you what to do. There's many good reasons for brexit. People won't accept change or beleive in there countries. Hold your head low you worms. #soycialist Chanel

  45. Mrs Merkel herself said she was scared of UK as it would be competition. That's why she doesn't want anyone out of the EU where they have the upper hand in all EU countries by keeping them attach to Germany

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