Continuous Bar Production Line

Continuous Bar Production Line

Egan Food Technologies offers two and four roll extruders for a continuous
bar production line. This line is designed to manufacture health food bars, dough or any product
extrudable into ropes. Conveyor belts range from 16 inches up to 48 inches wide. Production speeds can be up to 15 feet per minute. Dies are
machined to match your specific bar dimensions and the machine comes standard with a pneumatic guillotine cutter. Blade
options include an anti-friction Delrin or stainless
steel. After the bar is cut, product can transfer onto a takeaway
conveyor to feed a cooling tunnel or oven. Alternatively we can provide a retractable conveyor to
place the bars onto pans to be racked. To arrange for a
product test or for more information please contact
us today.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    we are interesting to buy an automatic snacks bar line for making sesame,peanuts &nuga
    please send us more details about your line.
    best regards

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