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  1. The state of the Trump economy- Lowest unemployment in 50 yrs at 3.6%. Lowest unemployment for Black
    and Hispanics in history. Jobless claims at a 50 yr low. 12 mill fewer people on food stamps. 6 mill new jobs
    and 500K new manufacturing jobs.GDP averaging above 3%. Wages are on the rise. ALL FACTS.
    These #'s alone get Trump re-elected in 2020. Bet on it. And you think Hillary got crushed in 2016? Uh oh.

  2. Here in Denmark EU there was shown a documentary about Trump's economy long before the election in 2016. It showed bankruptcies and fraud and outright conning about "Trump-Towers" i Kasakhstand and Poland. I really do not understand why US citizens did not know about those important facts.

  3. Why is the media say strong economy is very strong and doing very well and knowing that's not true only for the rich is benefits from this only job is available is low paying jobs not higher paying jobs and that's fact !

  4. This should be called "ask a white worker". Go to "ANY GHETTO USA" and get the truth about is the economy better.

  5. I get up from bed because I cant sleep and I refresh my MSNBCannibal youtube tab and there are like 20 fqkn videos I have to post on!! NOT FAIR!! NOT FAIR!!

  6. That DNC chair is high. If they actually believed in the dignity of work and pensions, they would not be ignoring the candidates running who are supporting this. The intro to this segment just showed the establishment candidates. We see you Comcast.

  7. Real talk, real talk…uph up up hold on Mr. Chairman I gotta stop you there so we can let the commercial industry interrupt.

  8. Hey,guy on panel,women want our freedom too. Stay out of women's healthcare decisions.
    And your unrealistic comments about ppl getting better job training, having the opportunity to in many places and companies isn't available! Lots of companies hire and give you few hours so you don't receive benefits or a living wage. That guy is unrealistic,or is it I've got mine,forget about you?

  9. Time to cater to the white guys again because minorities and women who support the party r not the deciders. Chris Mathews needs to retire. Old white guys r not the future of the democrats.

  10. Still 40% of Americans would be unable to deal with a $ 400 financial emergency!
    But yeah, the economy is doing just great, right?
    WAKE UP!

  11. Every presidential cycle, the people say they're not doing well. Even when the economy is really good. People will always belly ache. The big problem with Americans is debt. Stay out of debt! And people are not getting raises. Solve those problems and everybody will be happy.

  12. Wow the lady in the black sweater is delusional as is the guy in the blue shirt – dumb, just plainly dumb. The economy sucks except for a few areas. Most places are not reaping any benefits thanks to Republicans and trump. And trump is no business man – he's a fake, always has been, 6 bankruptcies but lady in the middle is still clueless and buying trump's boloney.

  13. 400 Years of Slavery. It's Time for Freedom. It's time for Reparations.
    The United States Government is guilty of crimes against humanity. We must go to the UN and charge America with Genocide. Per the Geneva Convention of the 1940s clearly defines Genocide as any systematic program put in place that seeks to harm in part or whole an entire group of people that manifest itself as unfair treatment, un-necessary homicide, or any other quality of life issue that significantly diminishes that peoples ability to live a comfortable life. America/Amerikkka is guilty of Genocide, Amerikkka is guilty of war crimes against black people, and America has constantly violated the nation's declaration of human rights. This is no longer a civil rights issue, which puts us under the jurisdiction of Amerikkkas courts, we must now see ourselves as what we are: We are prisoners of war amongst a hostile government. We must appeal to the world court for rectification we must internationalize the struggle.
    Dr. Umar Johnson

    America owes black people 210 Trillion dollars. Meaning each African American person would get 5 Million dollars in reparations; however, they really owe $56,054,000 per person×42M persons= $2,354,688,000,000,000 or 2.5 Quadrillion Dollars.

    In Washington DC you had what they call Radical Republicans like congressmen Benjamin Thomos, Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Adams and the rest of them that said this “That the only things that black people will be in America either they’re going to be free or they’re going to be slaves. Minimally to be free they must have 40 Acres, a mule and $100. – Dr. Claud Anderson

    Black folk are still under the impact of 360 years of slavery and another 100 years of Jim Crow, semi-slavery. They are still being burdened; they are overburdened by slavery. No one has addressed the negative impacts of slavery on black folk; it has never been addressed, because what was the purpose of slavery? The purpose of Slavery was to systematically, socially engineer black folk into the lowest level of a real-life monopoly game; that was based on wealth, power and control and only what you control. Then slavery distributed almost 100% of all this nation’s wealth, power, resources, privileges, and controls of all levels of government; into the hands of the hands of the dummy white society. And black folk don’t have any resources to be a completive group. When black folk were in slavery, they owned and controlled nothing. They came out in 1860 a few blacks about 250,000 black folks had successfully acquired one-half of one percent of this nation’s wealth, and that was in 1869 Rock.
    Here we are 150 years later and we still own and control one-half of one percent of this nations wealth. And its wealth that controls your freedom. And that one half of one percent what does that equate to today? That means that the typical white person today has 35,000 times more wealth than black folks than white folks. And you tell black folk to go out and compete. Compete with what? What are they going to compete with? They don’t own or control anything. They still only control one half of one percent of anything that’s of value of our society today, while they’re being burden down with sixty too seventy times of their fair share of everything that’s negative. All the social pathology is being inflicted on them. They’re the ones barring the burdens of low-income housing, poverty, food stamps, welfare, dysfunctional families, no businesses, no opportunities, failing school systems’, they’re the ones being negatively impacted. Nobody has ever addressed the real issues. The civil rights movement didn’t address the issues; they started talking about social integration. Social integration was not the problem with black folk. And even the concept of civil rights; they twisted and corrupted that concept. Civil rights were initially talking about what you going to do for black folk in the country. When it came out in 1865 and 1866 and they set up the first civil rights laws. And what those civil rights laws were trying to do was to address the Dred Scott decision of 1857 which said that that black folk had no rights and they could own and control nothing.
    In Washington DC you had what they call Radical Republicans like congressmen Benjamin, Thatias, Charles and the rest of them that said this “That the only things that black people will be in America either they’re going to be free or they’re going to be slaves. Minimally to be free they must have 40 Acres, a mule and $100.” Now immediately when Andrew Johnson replaced Lincon when he got assassinated He vetoed/reversed it. And then after he vetoed it after the conservatives took over the control of black folk the north walked away from and abandoned them; black folk were forced into Black Laws, KKK, Chain Gangs, Prisons, Convict-Lease Prisons, Jim Crow, segregation and peonage. And they corrupted the whole concept of civil rights and made it a civil issue for everybody. Nobody’s ever enslaved the gays, the midgets, the humpbacks, women, Asians, Arabs, Hispanics, American Indians; they enslaved black folk. So when you start talking about issues, when you talk about rights; The Dred Scott decision of 1857 said that The Black Man had no rights. It didn’t say the Asian man, the Arab man, the Mexican man, the Indian man; it said the Black man. So what happened is the whole concept of civil rights and social integration has been maldistributed and corrupted into what is called fabricated classes; they’re getting all the benefits that black folk are supposed to be getting today. And it’s intentionally being designed to make sure everything is moved away from black folk, and the lock and the box stays on black folk so they’ll never get out of it.
    Dr. Claud Anderson

    The government is the one that created the ghettoes, and pump guns and drugs into it. They do blackface to cause gang violence and problems in those communities. If the government didn't want ghettoes and black violence there would be none. Also, you can thank Willie Lynch that said the side-effects of slavery would cause blacks to hate each other for hundreds even thousands of years. The government allowed slavery; slavery was a law and still is/ 13th amendment.



  14. The problem with the "He is / was a business man", beyond it having been well known for decades that Trump is a horribly bad business man, is that you can't run a country like a business. A company has one sole purpose; make maximum profits for its owners, at minimized expense. That is its function. A country has many, many purposes – making profits for its owners (arguably the big corporations, lobbies, "donors") should not be one of them. Unfortunately in America, it is. That is a problem, because a country is its people. That profit comes at the expense of the people – they inherently are the "(minimized) expenses" part of the equation.

    This is why you can't run a country like a company. A country's purpose is to to protect and serve the interests and well-being of its citizens / inhabitants. If you inject company-mentality or capitalism into that part of national functions, you lose funds. Because the purpose of those is first snd formost to make profits, extract it from the operations and serve it to outside entities (owners). A country on the other hand, needs to prioritize its workers, and redistribute its revenue back into the country. Their purpose and primary functions are inherently, polar opposites.

    Running a country is a matter of expenses, not profits. Some countries nationalize certain industries, typically natural-resources related, but the income from that goes to supplementing tax income, it goes to boost the budget for expenses; building and running the country. Not into private and corporate pockets. Kind of like getting a second job to make ends meet, or to shorten the timespan of a renovation, downpayment time of a loan or other big bills etc.

  15. Ok, stop the investment, raise the taxed, create some inflation, get unemployment up to at least 15% raise the cost of living, shut down the greedy capitalist manufacturers, the Democrats will take control and everything will become great for some of these people.

  16. It doesn't matter what you make as a poor or middlle class worker. The more you make, the more they take. I have no problem with paying taxes. But THE COST OF LIVING is one of the highest underlying problems, in this country. No basic apartment should cost more than $500 a month. Some apartments cost the same, if not more than a house mortgage ($7-800+ a month). But what do you expect, when you're working for scraps. I'm not getting paid well for my time as a sheet metal worker or any other manual labor job to help offset the cost of living and be able to afford a home, food, car, health insurance and still have enough to put $5-10 in savings. Higher skills isn't always the answer and definitely not in this economy. When the jobs aren't there, the rent doesn't lower. It actually rises, because housing market crashes and average Joe's sell to corporate (Real Estate) and they only see top dollar signs. Class warefare. Reasons not to live in the city. Less money flow into the city, lack of economic stimulation. Can't spend what you don't have or have to drive a country mile to get. That's when big business and UPS become more favorable. Then you see smaller businesses selling same or better products and a premium go out of business.

  17. Who owns the buildings going up? What type of jobs will it bring and for whom. The college loan inis creating life long indentured slavery.

  18. Ppl saying that we shouldnt guarantee wages really doesnt understand that if a workers employeer isnt paying them than the American taxpayer is paying them. By paying for their snap benefits, by paying for their emergency care (bc they cannot afford health insurance), by paying the housing company, ext. On top of that when wages are low than ppl have to work more hours to sustain themselves meaning they have less time to build their skills to actually qualify for a higher paying job. The average person is not benefiting from keeping the minimum wage low, and the people who are benefiting are pocketing the money they keep by not paying their employees a living wage, thus stalling economic growth. Not just that but the lower minimum wage is the less employers will be compelled to raise the wages of higher earning jobs. Thus keeping his paycheck stagnant as well.

  19. That one imbecile in blue talks about illegal immigrants lowering wages and the host doesn't ask him about Trump hotels hiring undocumented workers? Come on!

  20. Republicans don't care about anything but themselves and their money. And they want to push their "values" on others.

  21. This union worker is a hypocrite and his job is not skilled enough that a robot could not do it. And one day when his job is in danger I hope he remembers this panel and his failure to stand by other Americans during their time of struggle .

  22. One lady says “I was a lifelong Democrat.” All you need to know about this hand selected “conservative” audience.

  23. a guy talk about total corruption on both sides and quick got demonize and label as a "TRUTHER" CONSPIRACY THEORIST, then the guy said the us gov has rigged elections in many countries ..imagine ! trying to find the clip, msm are guilty of misleading and manipulating the US citizens for so long ,,google HASBARA and u will find

  24. That’s the problem right there, “when I went to college it cost me $2100 a year, it was a breeze to pay it off.” And then they say oh boo hoo to millennials who owe $100,000.

  25. Wait until Mr. Teamster loses his job due to autonomous trucks. It's coming soon. He's so arrogant now. Just wait. BTW, I'm also a teamster.

  26. That woman works 3 jobs and she still can’t afford to pay off her student loans and live on her own. Clearly she isn’t getting paid a decent wage at any of those jobs. No one should have to work 3 jobs just to get by.

  27. Chris Matthews is the last person on MSNBC who should be hosting this.
    He interrupts his guests frequently because he loves he sound of his own voice, and he thinks only his viewpoint is important.

  28. I want to know more about the union guy…a republican, a negotiator and a pro-life guy.
    He thinks you have to do whatever it takes to survive and make enough money to exist. So it is okay to work three jobs if necessary to pay your bill in his mind. I get that.
    I think college costs have gotten outrageous so the $160,000 of debt that girl owes is beyond crazy. But it's a private school, she needed to go somewhere else I think.
    The lady in the middle didn't have much of a point other than to say she wants govt to not be out in the world spending taxpayer dollars…she's America first. I get that.
    She and the union guy voted for trump. The guy's a liar, a con man and a straight up crook. he's an embarrassment to look at. He's a 72 year old punk. He was that way in 2016.
    Their thinking went right off the rails in my opinion. And I blame them more than anyone, not the Russians, wikileaks or even trump for this hot mess we're in.

  29. The US labor participation rate is only 63%. Consumer debt is higher than 2008 levels and consists more of non asset debt like credit cards and student loans. This booming economy thesis is an illusion. Just another asset bubble and everyone drunk on cheap money.

  30. Gawd, these shows are like sensationalist media extravaganza hype vomit fests. Music and graphics like it's half time at the NFL. It's juvenile, banal, stupid, ridiculous and adds NOTHING to discourse.

  31. ALWAYS LOVE the hypocrisy of union members making $30-$40/hr voting for policies that create low pay, no healthcare, zero hour contacts!!!

  32. Do you know why it is not working anymore? On the one hand the one giving the education get paid millions, they have side jobs where they earn 90% of the earnings but still they want more. So where do they get their millions? From their students. Educations have been become way too expensive and you get less from it. You cant tell me that the current eduction is working.

  33. Hi Chris.👋.
    Exceptional town hall meeting, Chris.👍☺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Chris.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.

  34. "We polled a bunch of MSNBC employees, and the results are in. This great economy is actually terrible."

  35. Vote blue but try not to be manipulated by the leadership because they’re basically republican-light and they like the status quo because it keeps the ping pong game going. Democrats v republicans. Both parties corrupt!

  36. If you're super rich you don't have to pay any taxes apparently. Where's that middle class tax cut Trump promised before the mid-term election?? Oh yeah – he was full of sh*t as usual. His supporters just let that one slide by. But can you blame them – with so many lies being told on the daily, who can keep track?!

  37. The only smart person that got to talk was the black woman. That overly passionate white guy should have been booed the minute he said he didn't vote.

  38. Sounds like exactly the people that Bernie Sanders can appeal to. If you think Donald Trump created the dynamic that these people are complaining about then you are probably dumb enough to think Joe Biden is going to change the economy in any substantial way towards a more equitable distribution. Joe Biden is here to do what every one of his predecessors has done. Convince you that it's hopeless to better your situation because he is all you've got. [Edit] Which will lead to a less outwardly ridiculous authoritarian president. The establishment Dems are entirely responsible for this one.

  39. They will still vote trump….


    They are STUPID / HATERS…..


  40. How do we fix an illegal immigration problem? We make it easier for refugees and immigrants to come in legally. We provide a work permit to immigrants so they can get paid a fair and legal amount, like everybody else. This immigration issue is a problem that the government has created because we don't take refugees from certain neighboring countries and we don't give them a legal base, and therefore it's easier for companies to abuse these people, which ends up affecting the rest of the country. Immigrants don't make the laws, we do, and we need to adjust them based on the needs of our country. Immigrants do help our economy greatly, so we need to do something.

  41. Yes, it's true that if you want better wages you need to find better jobs and maybe get a skill, etc. However, every job should provide at least a minimum wage that guarantees your basic needs in accordance to the general cost of living. We pay our government to ensure they make laws that protect workers rights and their wages, and we can't allow this injustice to continue to happen.

  42. $160k student loan. Over $2k payments per month. About 7 years to pay off (+/- interest rates). Has to live at home. Works 3 jobs–none of which are in field of study. Does her budget allow $10/wk for lottery tickets because that's the only way she is going to become independent. She probably has more skills than the factory worker and as many long term job prospects. God Bless Trump for saving America! (puke)

  43. It is completely unacceptable for wages to be bellow the cost of living, regardless of city or state. When people have to huddle up together in one home to make ends meet, you know there's a problem. When kids are employed and still cannot afford to live on their own, you know job wages are unsustainable.

  44. Back in the days, people could easily afford everything, but sadly our government has done nothing to help wages and instead have give corporations more power.

  45. If people have to work 3 jobs just to survive, then the president's claims of having created thousands of new jobs means nothing. By this reckoning, for every 100 jobs filled, only 33 people are employed – not 100 people.
    And the jobs are sub-standard. They don't even pay a living wage.
    Trump's economy is all smoke and mirrors.

  46. Our government should start doing their job correctly now, and change these low and unfair minimum wage requirements and adjust minimum wage to match cost of living in the particular area, or we will have to hold them accountable. We pay plenty of taxes and our government must follow the people's demands.

  47. The man on the panel says you need to acquire more skills if you want more money, I say it's not always that simple, funny how his own daughter disagrees with him and responded with "it didn't work for me."

  48. The Republicans said no to the 2trillion infrastructure bill because they wanted to raise and repeal Trump's tax plan so Chris just lied and mislead all of you and of course y'all fell for it again

  49. It's clear to me that Republicans manipulate the jobs market, but it's our people who make the worst decisions. There's a great concept out there called "vote with your feet". I heard this hour and here are my thoughts. A) I'm sorry you went to an expensive fashion school and wasted an education that brings little to the American table. B) The teamster is and the lady in the Army have valid points but neither of them communicated them effectively. C) The Vet/Union member had a point about infrastructure. D) The couple on immigration have no idea how it works. The lady thought because her Grandparents had passports, they were readymade citizens., that's not how it works. My grandparents petitioned in for citizenship in 1940, they came here in 1914, it wasn't granted until 1966. E) The 20 year old "Catholic woman" is actually barely out of her teens and hasn't lived long enough to sit in judgement on the whole of womanhood. She needs to sit down and shut up. F) None of these people it appears, have read or understands the Constitution, least of all the 20 year old if she thinks it can be overturned by a thousand cuts and NONE of these people can see the threat of of CIVIL WAR II, and the Southern Faction doing the cutting. Nobody stood up for California and Prop 187 when voters in California, me included, tried to restrict the flow of immigrants illegally crossing the border, we knew who was hiring them, but….least of all the Gov. Gray Davis. I see new cars everywhere, people manage to get money for drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, people flock to Vegas and Atlantic City, Disneyland and Disneyworld and Six Flags and Universal City, airports are filled with travellers, the roads are filled with RV'S and VERY EXPENSIVE pick ups and SUV's, restaurants still have 1 hour plus waits on a Saturday night. Until I see those change, I don't believe people are as poor as they say they are nobody is making anyone do anything in this country that they don't want to. So it's all about perception…. and how tribalism coupled with power, money and greed…. can make or break a town or a country and it's people.

  50. "get better skills", " move away from low paying jobs". That guy does not live in most of the USA reality. To get better skills you have to get in debt and takes time w/o any warranty. Not taking a low paying job is what creates the need of inmigration that he is so against.

  51. Pay attention, those who say they are better are upper middle class to upper class. Managers, directors, owners. Everyone below is struggling.

  52. Wage/ income stagnation since 1980. Automation of jobs in all sectors of the economy. All the concentration of wealth and economic growth staying at the top. Rising drug and alcohol abuse because people have to work 70 to 80 hour workweeks just to survive and barely get by. $2 trillion student loan debt crisis. 30 million plus people don’t have health care. Rising health care costs, co pays, deductibles, and exorbitant medical bills. Rising college tuition. Etc

  53. We voted a progressive populist in 2016 because he promised to reshape the system for the middle class. …He lied. Now we have the opportunity to elect a Real progressive populist with an unwavering 40yr record of passing legislation for the middle class.. BERNIE 🌎 2o2o

  54. People should not have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet ! There will never be enough union jobs for all Americans that’s why we need to have a livable wage NOW ! No minimum wage increase in 20 years should be considered a crime.


  56. LOL! These rep supporters clearly have no clue about what they are talking. a total illusion bubble. they will have a rough awaking some day, still not knowing who did all this to them.

  57. As an outsider, I dont see America and Americans as a rich place for opportunities..more like a pathetic 3rd world poor country… the truth is out… Canada is the place to be, go visit Toronto or Vancouver and see how people live, taxes are high, cost of living is high but people are paid very well…

  58. That Union guy was the perfect example of how self righteous and arrogant right wing nut jobs truly are. Not Trump, nor the Republicans, or their supporters have any interest in seeing America as a whole Nation. They don't have one policy, one proposal, one idea or one suggestion that is geared towards being beneficial to ALL Americans, their families, their children and their children's future. These people don't think that way at all. They are smug beyond belief. It's sickening to see people who are lucky enough to be doing okay, look down on people who are struggling because they aren't lucky enough to be in a Union Job, or a high paying job.

  59. Time to be a plumber again. You will make money or sign up for the army, at least you will survive financially. So you work your way up and after 15 years of operations and returning home, you are disillusioned about your community suffering.

  60. That "union worker" is exactly whats wrong with America. Knows he's wrong. Sees the evidence. But has too big an ego to admit it, so he doubles down in the face of overwhelming evidence because he can't accept that he was wrong.

  61. Everybody can't work a high-end paying job America is not built or America has turned into a monster everybody can't afford healthcare

  62. I don't mean to racialize this but a lot of white people in that room don't like Trump and the ones that do like him are a small white minority. The Right use to say get off welfare and get a job but many Americans on welfare work who are mostly white. White working class voters are why Trump won in 2016 and the reason why he will lose in 2020.

  63. FFWD to 7:12 for massive outpouring of #FakeNews propaganda. Trump has been talking about infrastructure since 2015. The democrat controlled congress shot the bill down. Tom Perez is a clinton owned puppet. He will be rolling out Michelle Obama as the “savior of the Dem 2020 hopes”.

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