100 thoughts on “Buttigieg unveils immigration plan he says will reduce deportations, spur economic growth

  1. 100/2000=0.05, 5% of wall built in 3 yrs, lol😂; Which equates to 33.3 miles of wall built per yr, wonder if ‘Me’xico is still cutting the check?

  2. America needs merit based immigration. Pete is a liar. Importing low skilled workers and welfare abusers to our country drains our economy and tax dollars.

    We need reduced immigration with a focus on high skilled workers, who are already educated, speak english fluently, can fend for themselves financially and will integrate into society flawlessly. Why are we importing charity cases from s hole countries. We need to brain drain other first world countries. Thus merit based .

  3. Trump's economy = Assume the economy is doing well because everybody is spending borrowed money and buying things they can't afford. Most Americans don't have more than a few hundred dollars..but that's okay…use that credit card.

  4. Merit based immigration or no immigration. The american tax payer is done taking care of s hole people from s hole countries who take a s on our country. That is done.

    Merit based immigration or no immigration.

  5. He's a corporate hack. Open borders and mass migration is what corporations want. It drives down labor cost and make lower and middle wage more expendable and replaceable with immigrants. Growing the economy does not necessarily benefit you.

  6. Sick Corrupt Democrats Hate America and Hate Americans remove every single one of them come 2020 vote Republican vote Trump 2020 The Democrats need cheap slave labor so they can pay for all the state pensions they promised but never funded

  7. The fact that he says reduce deportation and grow the economy in the same sentence should make any common sense American laugh.

  8. Once again someone who is out of touch those jobs and housing these illegal will take are from low and middle class Americans especially African Americans

  9. Most of us came to this country back in the days the right way, so now these idiots wanna just skip the policy n let every illegal into this country n even give them Driver licenses, nothing but more crime in this country watch.

  10. Buttigieg (Butt-Judge?) says it all doesn't it! This man is anti-christian cause he doesn't even believe in the basics, One Man to One Woman!!. . . . . . His Anti-Christian Ideology is Anti-American!. . . . . This still is a Christian Conservative Nation!

  11. Demonicrats. What about helping U.S. citizens. That's right you need illegal immigrants for Democratic states. You flippen idiot. The federal government is responsible for the defense of the USA. Now you're for states rights. A$$! Oh wait….

  12. Why are [D]s attempting to block the counting of 'illegal' immigrants?
    2 + 2 = 4
    What is the total number of illegal immigrants currently in the US?
    What is the 'real' total number of illegal immigrants currently in the US?
    By flooding coastal States controlled by [D]s does this 'pull' votes out of the Heartland?
    At what point will your voice and your vote become null and void?

  13. ✖️Boost the economy with more depends, free healthcare, free college, GND, $1000.00 per month free money, ect.( 🤔) Be better if we had a Democrat free country.

  14. Buttigieg should be indicted for Treason …along with the rest of the politicians who draft legislation that UNDERMINES our Border. What kind of a moron wants open borders unless they're trying to turn us over to the GLOBALIST?.

  15. Why are Democrats still talking ? We aren’t going to vote them. Wasted air. I suppose it makes their donors think they got something for their money.

  16. Of course, hom0s can't reproduce, so they need replacement migration. This is the biggest problem in the West today – lack of balls and real men in politics.

  17. It's a great idea, as long as they all live at Buttigiegs house & he covers all costs for the rest of their lives & the chain gang migration that follows.

  18. Democrats are now the party of illiterate 3rd world illegal alien foriegn national welfare recipients, they have no intention of serving the interests of American citizen taxpayers.

  19. If you think democrats have bad candidates for the 2020 election, just wait and see what they drag out for the 2024 election.

  20. The crime in Pete's city is per capita higher than Chicago, is it any wonder he would support criminal cartels trafficking drugs, humans and gangs. Folks please stop saying he's a moderate, he's a Marxist through and through, Obama fooled America with the same rhetoric.

  21. A full 10 percent of the population was not born in the United States… and they are not here to become US citizens. They are here ‘for a better life’…
    The United States will no longer remain UNITED if this continues. The people arriving are not becoming US citizens but taking over sections of the Soon to be former US.

  22. Garbage Democrat Plan. Losers trying to be Bigger Losers than other Democrat Losers. Tough job since All Democrats are Losers

  23. Political correctness is just cultural Marxist crap designed to make white people guilt-ridden cowards who won’t resist their own destruction.

  24. no man should be able to say a person can not work. thats why republicans often hire undocumented workers. so they dont have to pay american wages and rights. give all people the right to work. citizenship should only be from birth in the country. that doesnt mean people cant work and live here by choice.

  25. Seperation between states and federal law is a joke…. imagine 50 states having separate laws…mights as well divide the country…there is a reason this country is called "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" ..this guy doesnt know how a country works and never been to other country with laws..A country has its unified laws of the states when a foreigner travels. I know it as a legal immigrant here ….we have to even take measles and mumps vaccine before landing to US as an international student and prove we can support financially before visa is granted. I have noticed many democrats are clueless and think if American paspport works anywhere it should be otherwise.

  26. Economic growth?? Yeah, more shovel ready low paying jobs and businesses fleeing the USA with high taxes paying for them.

  27. Funny, lowing immigration is spurring economic growth, so lets do the opposite and hope it will do the same.

    The democrats are insane.

  28. Oh, oh, oh better vote for Trump…they’re gonna get ya coming and going…trump called for more legal immigration than ever and apparently he is getting it…he has also presided over the highest level of illegal immigration in history…all the while calling for the elimination of your bill of rights and is now going to unilaterally hand over american sovereignty to mexico and canada thru the USMCA…the corporations and the corporate media love him though…as do the british royal family, whom he works directly for.

  29. Great it’s ok to break the law! Soo stupid and puts illegal immigrate in danger on the trip here and increase the money for the cartel. And more murders by those who are illegal and could have bred departed!

  30. The alternative to "catch and release" is using taxpayer dollars to house them in our already overcrowded prisons and provide them meals and medical care.

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