94 thoughts on “Burnett outlines issue with Trump’s financial disclosure

  1. well Erin, this seems to be a trend that the US is becoming a cashless society not everybody can afford to a credit card. Supervisor Vallie Brown, the driving force behind the cashless store ban, said she was responding to complaints from some of her African-American constituents who said they were being marginalized. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC), 8.5 million Americans are "unbanked" — the term used for people who don't have bank accounts — many of them minorities and seniors. Meanwhile you might be after his taxes, not everybody works the same as he does he might " think" like he's underbanked, he sure doses not live like it.

  2. He should not get paid for his
    Hotels? There is no reason to see his taxes. Those are private and personsl and nobodies business.
    If the Corrupt Democrats get Trump's taxes them anyone can
    Get anyone's taxes. Congress should never get the President
    taxes. Of course he is going to
    make money in his businesses. Do you think he should rent out his hotel and golf courses for free just because he is President? Green eyed jealousy that'sall. Couldn't get him on corruption or collusion
    So the corrupt Democrat congress
    Will harrass him forever one way or another. They are so corrupt themselves and more than likely cheat on their taxes, they think the greatest President we have had In years cheats on his taxes. If they ever got his taxes and found they were in order, I wonder what they will do next to keep harressing him. I hope that by then the elections will be here and they
    Will all be voted out. Then we will
    have four years of an congress thT will actually do their jobs and thr USA will get the new laws, the border wall and infrastructure that we need to make our country safe
    and secure. GOD BLESS TRUMP AND THE USA.
    Great Presiden

  3. So let me get this straight a 1% growth in profit for a hotel year over year is terrible! You at CNN have a bias vs getting the real truth out.

  4. Watching this once decent network descend into the abyss of enterainment news yellow journalism and smear partisan political hackery is sad .

  5. American citizens do not care about Trump's finances, they care about Making America Great Again and exposing muslims for the hate cult that they really are 😯
    How's the muler investigation going btw?

  6. Erin's outfit is amazing, and brings out her eyes 😍😍

    Oh yeah, and didn't trump hold several events at his properties where the revenue went to his companies?

  7. The oath of office states…to defend the Constitution…not destroy it…all traitors should get life in jail . president , treasury , justice…all traitors…

  8. A guy who goes bankrupt every year releases a cherry-picked financial disclosure to show his gullible base that he actually made money to ease their gullible minds.

  9. Number one, where did this money come from? Send him the Constitutional Laws he is breaking, print them in large print, so he can see them. Send him the Constitutional Laws, in which Congress has more power, than he does. He is clearly is breaking Constitutional Laws, and should face the music.

  10. I'm not from the US.
    Doesn't an ignored subpoena usually involve a charge being filed? Otherwise, what's the point?

  11. how he works, gives each one millions as gifts they take it , he records them and then he threatens them, and now they do back flips

  12. Title26;IRC;6103(f)IRS;
    Pursuant to an action by, and upon written request by the chairman of, a committee of the Senate or the House of Representatives specially authorized to inspect any return or return information by a resolution of the Senate or the House of Representatives or, in the case of a joint committee by concurrent resolution, the Secretary shall furnish such committee, or a duly authorized and designated subcommittee thereof, sitting in closed executive session, with any return or return information which such resolution authorizes the committee or subcommittee to inspect. Any resolution described in this paragraph shall specify the purpose for which the return or return information is to be furnished and that such information cannot reasonably be obtained from any other source.

  13. More Democrats colluding against Trump. Let’s look at Bill and Hillary’s foundation taxes in regards to Uranium 1 deal.

  14. When is burnett going to question Hillary Clinton's payment for Russian intelligence through fusion gps and Christopher Steele?

  15. I'm an American and I don't need to see the president's finances. what I need as an American citizen is the Democratic party to start working for Americans again. It's time for the left to get over the 2016 loss.

  16. This moron propagandist called a congressman just said he hasn't been thru them but states that they don't paint a full picture of his taxes. That's not reality.

  17. This paper-flapping at the camera about Trump. I've seen her do that before but with proof-of-collusion documents. Silly little Burnett. Ever since she had a child it seem that she is overwhelmed and, simply, is no longer competent at doing her job. I feel badly for her…


  19. Wait, isn't it called emoluments when a president is making cash from their businesses? Why would Jimmy Carter sell his farm if he could have just carried on, business as usual?

  20. So when he goes to his properties, the country is paying Trump Inc. Ostensibly, because he can't get himself & his crew a comp- even as president?
    I thought he transferred the business to Don Jr… what is he being paid for?

    How is any of this legal?


  22. One would think that anyone elected to lead the country would want to be transparent as to their finances and to dispel any doubts as to their commitment to the country as opposed to their personal interests. It is amazing that Trump supporters applaud his efforts at opacity as if it is a good thing. But I don't understand Trump supporters.

  23. please all, tell me has the Trump Tower hotel been running for decades before he became President and rich people of all walks of life have been lodging in it????? so if people want to go and stay in his hotel even more now that he is President how the fu=k is that his fault. jealious haters. you POTUS 2020 fu ck the liberals left they are all hell bound.

  24. erin burnett needs to have a hard boild egg shoved down her throat to shut her up, hater jealious

  25. Trump is the best president we have ever had. These tax returns are nonsense. No one cares about how much money he makes.

  26. I'm sure his properties aren't paying taxes on the actual income. Someone so corrupt is most likely messing with the books!

  27. how about talking about the real isues for a change fat girl,wake up and smell the facts like best aconomy in 50m yrs punk ass bitch

  28. As a Country, we need only look at his Cabinet: Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, and his newest protector; Barr. These are the only people Trump needs to keep hiding his financial matters. Trump and his entire Cabinet is showing complete "Contempt" for Congress.

  29. Trump (once elected) raised the rate of his Post Office Hotel by 60%… that's why it's making this kind of money.

  30. Don't Blame Trump for his Tax Problems it is the Tax system that allows Bankrupted Individuals to Kick Ass to indulge in Bankruptcies.

  31. Congress has no legitimate reason to request President Trump's tax returns. If they want them disclosed they should pass a law that says every government employee — especially Congress itself — must release their returns for public review.

  32. We don’t care about his taxes!!! We care about what he does for our country. CNN is very petty and uninteresting.

  33. Clownish & counterfeit. Scoundrel & proud of it.
    Arrogant to an unworthy extent.
    Fractious & fatuous. Vapid & vacuous.
    Ladies and Gentlemen…our president.

  34. Trump the criminal con artist fraud who never had any intentions of helping the poor to middle class and a lot of you still support and believe in this fool. That’s because it wasn’t about the economy and the forgotten folks. It was always about racism, bigotry etc etc etc.


  36. Trump is not a president, he's a criminal and a con man. Ever since Trump has taken office he has disgraced and disrespected the White house. Absolutely no class at all.

  37. Do you honestly think trumputins voters could afford to stay at that hotel or any of his other property GET REAL trumputin iS A FUCKING CROOK! !!

  38. All he does is brag on himself as those idiots at his comedy show rally cheer. I have a feeling it won't be the dems beseating that bitch but his own team of republicans. They got their precious tax breaks for the rich, judges, deregulations, etc..so they have no more use for him he only served them as a distraction from the average American folks as they put in play all kinds of laws that only benefits their fucking lobbyists!!!

  39. Everything has been ran by these mindless dumb shyts for so many years & there must be a change. When will this occur? Only time will tell!

  40. We all know CNN and Democraps are on a witch hunt. Where is the collusion? Now going after tax return? What has Democraps have done in the last 10 years?

  41. Trump is doing a wonderful job. There are jobs everywhere ,even illegals have two jobs. I.r.s. only go back three years.

  42. Poor people can't understand how rich people. Trump has people that do his tax's he does not do taxs. Trump is a victim of evil democratic.

  43. Can't believe all you CNN people are so pro-establishment you are actually against the only man that is willing to take it on

  44. Fuck CNN. Fake News CNN. CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks.
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  45. CNN is the message delivery arm of the party combining with the state. This the very same thing that happened in communist Russia and several other European nations. Beware folks, this will turn out very bad. History had proven so.

  46. People are quick to crucify Trump so that they can get on with selling out the U.S as a vassal state to the EU. You Democrats are on a fast track to a Socialist Dystopia where 'equality' means everyone suffers in poverty except for the ruling class. Don't worry, Trump will be gone one day, maybe soon maybe later, and you will all get exactly what you want and it will cry bitter tears over what you'll bring on yourselves in the name of your cult religion of 'Social Justice'. If you don't believe it, it's already happening. The Left will rid themselves of the Right and continue to devour each other when they have to decide things like Islamophobia or Homophobia? Feminism rights or Trans rights?

  47. The Orange Corrupt Scumbag can do 2 things lie like a mother fucker, and he is so Stupid he gets caught in every lie he tells,10,000 lies and counting, and he can bring out some of the most ignorant people in the Country! #the HILLBILLIES!

  48. James Comey and Loretta Lynch have the "Right to Remain Silent". Comey says he didn't make the decision on Hillary, and Loretta Lynch says she was not in charge………………………and don't recall the crux of the conversation Comey. LOL Who will pay the Barr bill first?

  49. Is this idiot a account , has he ever done tax's anyone in the house. Is this guy just jeoulous. You guy are not smart enough to know how to do taxs we need all Congress tax's with all the bribes and payoff. Obama and Clinton had nothing to show. You worry too much about his money. He gave a million to Texas.

  50. Your all liars this President is doing everything for the American people. Nothing wrong with wanting to give back at the last phase of your life. Give it a rest you people are scared because Mr. Trump is cleaning the swamp.

  51. I never ceas to be amazed by the fact that Trump has never been convicted of any felony.
    Master criminal, he is ?

  52. So true Jeremy! He is typical trailer trash. Money never buys class after all! His wife is an ex-soft porn model who now has to perform in public. No wonder she cried when he won.

  53. I can't believe anyone being willing to see Donald Trump's face everyday. Unless he can do something magical. Of course he can't. Magically he disgusts me visually relentlessly though. Are Americans blind? or they might've lost the value of the beauty. Maybe they are blind and deaf. I see.

  54. What a disgraceful display! Shame on you CNN, why didn't you go after OBAMA and his wife when they were flying all over the world at taxpayers expense? Why didn't you go after Al Gore when he was making videos and plugging those stupid light bulbs that are full of mercury and dull, AND he has stock in the bloody company and that is a conflict of interest, but hey, he got a Nobel Prize! How many Presidents, including Jimmy Carter are millionaires, and billionaires, and no one ever went after them with such eagerness, such avaris, it's unbelievable! This is the only thing you can do is go after him personally, attack his children, it's like watching Entertainment Tonight and all the gossip! Keep it up Dems, and CNN, cause you are so STUPID, you are pissing off the public, who no know what you are doing, and he will get elected AGAIN!

  55. So he's making Money for being our President! Wow! President Obama would never have done that! Unbelievable little man! 🤔 Why don't you investigate his wife! I think she has the rest of the missing money from the 1st campaign!!! Remember she fired her secretary? 🤔

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