Brazil’s pretty cruzado banknotes

Brazil’s pretty cruzado banknotes

how about people here you going and this
is Glenn in today I’m gonna show you some Brazilian banknotes
you know I have here the five poacher come on girls and cruzados these are
issued in the mid-80s and they also come in denominations of
10 50 100 5000 and 10,000 cruzados 40 series so as you can see this one is
white mainly green coloration but the coloration it’s not too too much then it
distracts from the overall beauty of it so he has this going here Villalobos he
was a conductor and this maybe you also produced some music as you have a some
music compositions in the background and water lilies maybe that’s what the
composition is actually called we have some security features here and there we
have signatures person a central bank person some Costello monetary oh so
probably cash cash yeah we about conductors wand here I have no idea what
that’s called my vision looked it up yeah and this was
actually one of my first banknotes that I actually got in Oh probably like 80s
or early 90s you know a newspaper actually had a publicity and
was uh giving away banknotes as a sit another thing about presume banknotes at
this time up until recently is that had they had actually a long cereal
which they actually didn’t use the whole sequence of okay so did reversely
thank night as well what’s his name again
anyway he’s conducting actually has much like and he says probably the Amazon
River tropical it looks actually like a library both people and boats it could
be indigenous people so maybe also he done some conservation
work as well and it’s enough security feature here so you got that as well
because this was issued before modern printing by computers a sexually was
widespread and it’s actually quite easy to actually print these banknotes so
there’s a watermark and security Fred it’s actually has writing it just means
a Central Bank of Brazil and a denomination so beautiful one any sick
of money to you one thousand it’s actually not as good as the first one
look well to me anyway better this one has a hot dog there assist obviously it
looks like this guy was a writer so I had some in scripts in the background
has some he’s writing mmm this one actually has 1986 this was pretty
nominated to rizzardo Nova so one person Chris I don’t know Cressida which was
when ye residue Oh Chris I don’t OVA and at this time Brazil was actually gone
for Harper inflation so these banknotes actually quite cheap and easy to get
actually quite beautiful as well another thing you should know
that the b-series of this 1000 rosado’s was any issue with the overprinting has
actually never issued as a 1000 cruzado in general circulation okay have a side
of this banknote that’s our Rio de Janeiro in 1905 first
of much as you can see has old trance being pulled by horses and either shows
the time period that no longer exists other these buildings probably don’t
exist anymore it’s definitely at ramstein yeah and you
could say that there is an absence of cars which actually we were not very
common before the First World War it really only really become common after
the Second World War and then we have a quill and a book of writing on it any of
the watermark and features which are pretty standard for this series of
banknotes so I hope you like these faint notes
I hope showing you these actually encourages you to get banknotes from
Brazil because there’s a whole series thing you can get and they’re just
awesome so please like this video like resume
maintenance and just have an awesome coin collecting de barro people

4 thoughts on “Brazil’s pretty cruzado banknotes

  1. I have just a few Brazilian banknotes (newer ones) in my small collection. I have some other collections as well (mostly quite modest ones), for example quite an interesting collection (this one is really not a bad one!) of half-precious stones). But nowadays I am mostly interested, as a collector, in collecting interesting films and videos from YouTube. I intend to make about a hundred playlists with videos of my choice, but I am just in the beginning of this exciting for me, but rather a time-spending job. Especcially I am interested in songs and dances of different peoples.

  2. I have those Brazil banknotes too I’m uploading a updated video of some cheap random banknotes collection that I have

  3. Hi Glen, brazilian here!
    I just realized that your channel is way bigger than I previously thought. Wasn't expecting to find any brazilian-related videos. Awesome!
    Just some quick notes about the video:
    * At 1:20 the first signature was from the President of the National Monetary Council.
    * Machado de Assis (reads like 'Mashado') was a legendary writer, most famous for his romanticism writings. (If you like reading and if you could find any translated book from him, I would recommend reading it)
    * At 4:40 actually, the "1st of March" written there isn't the date but the street's name. "Rua 1º de Março" translates to "1st of March Street". Coincidentaly right after that they put the year the photo was taken. So the legend says: "Rio de Janeiro – 1st of March Street in 1905.

    Also I haven't seen any brazilian coins in your channel. Do you have any? If not, I could send a few to you if you'd like. They are not anything special(I kinda started to get a bit more serious with collecting coins after I came to Australia 2 years ago), just some spare change I got from the last time I went to visit my family. And I might also have one of the newer 2 REAIS banknote. Give me a shout if you interested! Bye and keep it up!

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