79 thoughts on “Andreas Antonopoulos – Currency Wars and Bitcoin’s Neutrality

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  2. While bitcoin is a better money, it will never solve the problems created by money. Please investigate a resource based economy.

  3. At the root of "currency wars" is a war on the meaning of words also. Even prominent economists idiotically refer to the Federal Reserve Note as the "dollar" and feed right into the false nationalism by lamenting the passing of "the dollar" as the world's reserve currency. It is the fraudulent Federal Reserve Note (not the dollar) that is passing away. The legal dollar is a one ounce silver coin issued by the US mint and nothing else!

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  5. wow what a great talk from the heart and spot on… almost as good as the investing in skills talk!!!! please talk about economic singularities and punctuated equlibrium a little more in a future talk

  6. Before Bitcoin is/could be taken seriously it must first fix all the problems it bears with it:

    – Extremely poor and sloOooooooooOOoooOOOOooooOOOOoooOOoooooWwwwww performance.

    – Extremely secure cryptography supporting backend but extremely insecure supporting infrastructure (millions of wallets running in outdated versions of Android, as well as farms of miners running in poorly securised servers).

    – no "A"uthentication in the "AAA" basic triangle of security.

    – No legal support in case of robbery (no body likes police and lawyers until you need them)

    – No real commerce. 99.9% of Bitcoin users are speculators.

    – Mining that favors hardware over software and so concentration of mining (completely opposite to the principles of a distributed crypto-currency).

    – Deflactionary: With no inflation there is little motivation for investors to invest outside the bitcoin. In fact it becomes the realm of speculators (as is the case today) and speculators and not interested in real economy (health systems, R&D, public infraestructures, public education system, …).

    – et cetera

  7. He works with facts and he has changed many perspectives on Bitcoin. Positively and objectively of course. Always worth a watch!!

  8. Wow, what a great talk!..That last question was a bit out there, but I would say there is a moral argument for keeping some of your wealth in bitcoin. Owning bitcoin, when I go to a bank I feel a sense of relief knowing I am not entirely incumbent to the banks whim. I see the current banking system as what would be defined as evil or at the very least highly immoral. The banking system enslaves and makes victims of 99% of us, our children, and their children. The biggest joke being that by feeding the banks we are enabling the banks… As a literal definition "spirituality" is "relating to or affecting the human spirit" – having part of my wealth, no matter how small, outside of the banking system makes my human spirit feel better – it could be argued that owning bitcoin is a spiritual responsibility.

  9. Antonopoulos has to do a better job repeating the questions. When someone rattles on for 3 minutes and Antonopoulos just answers "yes" or "uh huh", that's bad form. Otherwise, brilliant content.

  10. if you're worried about being labeled a criminal, might help to google imbatman57. gist is minimizing claims you make, while asking honorable questions that help see there's no controversy

  11. Let me comment please before the question and answer period, sorry some will undoubtedly come upon some of these things that I am going to comment on and my comments will be redundant in part.
    1. This is a person and a speech and a gathering of and Era. We are entering into a 'world' of intelligent systems that once put in place will not be defeated. All will be automated and each action programmed based upon the systems many input points – that will be every point in every place and at every time increment. The technologies exist that this could be in place today, but for the slowness of intelligence amongst humans as a group.
    I believe we are brought together by a higher power and we are together for a reason. As coder writers and other tech working people and watchers of this meeting by people like I am – we are the important part of this important – biblical – time.
    2. Andreas Antonopoulos and you his colleagues and friends are so important to us that I want to put into context what he has just said and why this is so large and you so important.
    a. Since time Kung Fu Tze and his predecessors of approximately 2000 years have insisted upon virtue. Socrates continued. Machiavelli re-sounding him. Adam Smith re-searching particularly important to us; wealth of a nation and repeating the original message being a moral philosopher rather than an economist- virtue. Each having the same message – virtue! Each; one, by one, by one, by one in his own time was not listened to. And each today completely un-read and soon to pass to oblivion. To be taken by an intelligent system that will unequivocally provide the ravages of the failure to listen; the failure to try to understand.
    b. Andreas says: The eradication of the currencies that provide private transactions by making all transactions digital (input for the intelligent systems) and on that platform will provide: i. Surveillance, ii. Control, iii. Confiscation, and iv. "negative interest rates" Theft of value from all (in addition to the theft of the value from some by Confiscation). All wealth and all actions soon to be in total or Totalitarian form, governed by the few despots who oversee the system until it oversees itself – Total . . .
    c. Andreas refers to Nationalism (and an aggressive pursuit of it – fascism). We have again a scholar Victor Klemperer, a German scholar who allowed us to see: Nationalism in Germany was Communism. (It was a lost people searching for a political – moral philosophy when their culture was destroyed by itself through its own corrupting.) Victor Klemperer in his work "I Will Bear Witness", like the early great philosophers for virtue will not be listened to.

    Andreas uses the word: Precipice. Please listen to him. Regard the great minds from the past and listen to them in this. As you proceed please bring the great, true, repeating knowledge to the fore of your good minds, please. And do great with this knowledge as your guide; for your legacy. Because your success, as simple or mean as that seems is important beyond important in its 'today' connotation. It is important for all time. It is about time we listened and guided our actions by what we have been given as a gift – great gift. Godspeed. And thank you so much Andreas Antonopoulos.

  12. I'm starting to think we may be seeing the results of large pressures developing between the two types of fiat money in the globe. The developed world creates its fiat money by clicking computer keys to add "money" into their economy. They can inject "liquidity" or "stimulus" at electron speed. The developing world where more of the population is "unbanked" they use mostly paper fiat. The problem is it takes much more time to inject a paper fiat money into an economy and effect inflation than it does in a digital fiat system. When and where the two systems meet might be likened to when a cold front enters a warm air mass. It causes winds, storms and maybe even tornados. Digital fiat and paper fiat are not compatable and is now a global problem.

  13. i've always wondered about 1 question that has not been asked:
    What prevents the market makers in buying huge amounts of BTC and controlling this currency as well?

  14. I wonder if this guy has taken precautions against his life. He seems like one of those people that gets killed when shit gets real.

  15. THAT FUCKING LAST BITCH WITH HER STUPID QUESTION. "don't you see us fighting the illuminati and this actually being spiritual warfare?" GODAMNIT YOU TOOK AWAY ONE MORE GOOD QUESTION YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT /endrant.

  16. I've been following Antonopoulos on youtube since 2013 and it always pleases me just to hear him expound upon these various worldly issues and how bitcoin tech can solve them but I look at this video here and what I notice is that when asked questions even though he responds respectfully and nicely but look at his eyes, you can tell that some of these questions which people have asked him over and over throughout the years at these events are starting to annoy the hell out of him LMAO!!

  17. I am stil very very suspicious of this bitcoin because it is digital and not backed by anything just digits on a screen like today but we still have paper money. The elites are very shewed and they make a move one way but the object is something else for what they ultimate want. I wouldnt be surprised if this guy is an agent working secretly for them. Even if it has some credibility at first, the elites will slide in and take it over and then make changes. That is how they operate. I see a lot of thumbs up and the audience is excited, but many monetary systems have come about and starts off honest but then they will let Satan come in and take over and require one have a microchip. I am very leery!

  18. Also, the bitcoin is digital so what happens if there is cyber moneyary heist. There are always smartvtech people in the world to do digital robberies which has been done without a trace.

  19. 02:31 currency and a system of payment
    03:10 currency war , global, fully-fleshed
    03:46 greece, cyprus, spain, venezuela, argentina, brazil, india, turkey, pakistan, urkaine
    08:00 trade war instrument
    17:52 these currency wars are wars on population, they are form of civil war from the government against his own people 28:13 question 1, IMF
    32:19 question 2, venezuela, being engaged in bitcoin, put you in jail for the rest of your life
    35:59 question 3, bitcoin is going to be the switzerland…
    40:46 question 4
    44:32 question 5
    46:02 question 6

  20. Bitcoin IS developed by governments. XRP and ETH are openly backed by banks. This was part of the plan since 1990s. Welcome to your new shackles. Nations are working together. The trick is in sending these "intellectuals" to sell you false hope so you won't fight it.
    YOU want to be sovereign. And he talks about sovereignty as a negative thing. Nice trick.

  21. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. A.A. is my all time hero in bitcoin. He never stalls searching what to say next with a lot of Um's and stuttering. He has a real grasp of he says and he delivers every time.

  22. Bitcoin seems lik a digital fiat currency to me.. With a geek/tech elite supplanting the banking elite. How is it different? It is not really a decentralised currency coz someone still has to own the blockchain and the mining process. I'm no techie but this just jumped out at me.

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  24. Run a find & replace command and replace the words:

    "Bitcoin" with – "men" & "masculine nature"


    "Government" with "women" & "female nature"

    And we have even more answers.

    Bitcoin is the MGTOW of the economy. As both men and our money flee gynocentric society that has been ravaged by female nature and the welfare state. Demanded by women and their very nature to value "protection" and provision by the state at the expense of the very men who built said nations. And perpetuated by the simp, female minded men who enabled them.

    Go MGTOW.

  25. BIG BANG TALK :>) Walking "all u Need 2 Know source! A true (un)polished multifaceted passionate Crypto diamond!
    Modern Robin Hood of Economy. Well educated, interested, experienced Metaphorical connecting our financial past and future from with passion!
    From Technical, Biological, Medical, Economical, Anthropological and IT perspective. Very enriching for navigating (financial) life! Greeting from Amsterdam

  26. Can't believe i finally found a disagreement with Andreas… Nationalism is on the rise, but in Europe it is a very different case of nationalism. When a country is being destabilized by globalist imposition, you get nationalism as a mechanism of cultural preservation. The main problem Europe is facing is Islam. No sugar coating it. If you import a replacement population that shares no values with the native population and sees it's women as chatle, then yeah… you will get populism. I was a highly idealized liberal before EU brought in millions of Muslims in our countries. Now i am forced to vote for nationalism, as it's the only thing we can do to prevent civil war down the line. Don't sugar coat Islam… it is a grave mistake. Multiculturalism is fine, but Islam is incompatible with the west in it's current manifestation. As far as Chiene and Japanese or Turkish nationalism goes… yeah, that is pretty shit. But Europeans are rightly becoming more populist. Hungary is an admirable country right now. Orban will go down in history as the defender of Europe. And we don't even like the guy. That's how bad the situation is in Europe.

  27. If this is his "More subdued" talk, holy hell I'd like to see what his other talk would be like! WOW!

    3. Genghis Khan
    2. HitlerStalin
    1. 48:30 The type of guy that thinks Q&A is a great opportunity to plug his stupid speech.

  29. I realize this is an older video, but if anyone hasn't subscribed to Andreas' YT channel, you should. –>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJWCJCWOxBYSi5DhCieLOLQ He's also on Twitter, and has his own website. Andreas is obviously a powerful voice for FREEDOM!

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