Americans Review Australian Currency

Americans Review Australian Currency

– I’m picturing just like cookies
in the shape of kangaroos. (laughing) – You think their money is cookies? – I don’t know what the
Australian dollar is called. – I think it’s called
the Australian dollar. – I hope they have animals because they have a very diverse
mammal population. – Koalas, wombats. – The Prime Minister’s on there. – That’s a really cool coin. – It’s about the size of our quarter. – Queen Elizabeth. – And the queen. – There’s a snake. – Like an octopus with feathers. – I don’t know what bird is
so prevalent in Australia that they use the feathers on the back. – Some crazy Australian plant. – So far no mammals. And I have been very disappointed. – The border is different.
– Yeah. – It’s jagged. – One, two, three, four, five. – 10, 11, lost count. – Do decagon? – Yeah. – Well there’s a kangaroo
– Oh! – and an ostrich holding up a shield. – No, no, no this is not a peacock. The is like an emu? – Oh so this is kangaroo vs. ostrich. – Kangaroo’s winning
– Team ostrich. – every time. – There’s really a lot of
detail inside of the coin. – Oh this one’s gold. – They went down in size
but they changed color. – Kangaroo number two. – We need a coin with just like all the cool American animals. – Black bears, brown bears, (laughter) – This is a family of kangaroos or is this like a one
kangaroo shown multiple times? – Australian coins are
so big, they’re so heavy. You need really big pouches. – Yeah like a kangaroo. It’s pink and purple. – Feel their money. – Ooo! – You can see completely through it. Woop, woop, woop. – These at the strip
club would be awesome. – That’s what I was thinking. – Looks like you’re standing
in the middle of a cathedral and you’re looking up. – It’s like a treasure
map I’m pretty sure. – Everything we’ve looked
at from Australia so far there’s a woman on the currency. We don’t have that on
any American currency. – Finally a different face. – A green to yellow to blue fade. – I’m not a fan actually. – This guy’s kinda hot. – It’s like a man and his scarecrow. – Dude riding a horse holding a whip. – This is the country man’s bill. – I think I would save these things because this looks so fracking cool. – This is probably like
really significant stuff for Australia but like
to us it’s just like I don’t know, some dude and
his scarecrow and some oxen. – Yeah. – It’s kind of like
reading a history book. – It doesn’t have to
say 20 or 5 or 10 or 1 it’s just like oh, this is orange, I can see that it’s orange. – We like the coinage. – Yeah we really like the coinage. – Super colorful, would
be super fun to like throw up and make it rain. – I think it’s really cool. – You do you Australia.

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  1. "I don't know what the Australian dollar is called" what do you think it's called? paper? A fricken dollar! (or $1 dollar as i say it)

  2. Our notes are plastic, they survive a trip through the washing machine.
    Each note is a slightly different length so that the blind can figure out which note is which.
    We have thrown technology at the problem of forgery, as opposed to American notes being made from very specific materials and inks that are hard to forge.

  3. in Australia we also have an unofficial currency it is called the slab a box of 24 beer bottles or cans usually it is used between friends and family.

  4. ten dollars, i dont know who the lady is but i think thats andrew barton, nicknamed banjo patterson, who was a poet. he invented waltzing matilda, clancy of the overflow and the man from snowy river

  5. Why are Americans on YouTube always so naive about Australia I mean surely whoever directs, produces or edits the video must know that it was a emu so why not correct them on it. I feel like I'm being over sensitive but I know the difference between a emu and a ostrich

  6. Btw the emu and kangaroo represent moving forwards because they are the only animals in Australia that can’t go backwards while facing forwards.

  7. There is a lot about our currency that I think is interesting. The animals, and not forgetting the animals on the old one and two cent pieces. Also, if you look very closely on the coins other than the $1 and $2, from memory you will see the tiny initials SD. This the the designers mark after he won a contest to come up with our new decimal currency in the 60's. And it's worth mentioning that the weight of a coin is important because if the materials are worth more than the face value, you're going to get a lot of melted down coins.
    Australian notes are some of the most sophisticated in the world to protect from counterfeiting, and we have had a recent revamp to aid the sight impaired. I believe the most counterfeited currency is the US dollar with bills and even bonds being reproduced all over. It's hard to say how much is out there or what it costs the nation.

  8. If you want to know why Australia’s national animals are the emu and kangaroo is because the emu and kangaroo are animals that can’t walk backwards and that symbolises that Australia will always go forwards

  9. I have heard americans also call it monopoly money,but the aussie notes are like this because they one of most secure currencies in the world

  10. Wow look at this. We can drop our money or use it in the rain without it falling apart. Wow. Whadda you know. It’s actually useful

  11. The people on the notes are significant Australians from like 1800 1900 something like and they put them on the notes coz they did important so yea

  12. Why didn’t you explain it to them after they had the terrible guesses? They could have actually learned something.

  13. Not tryna be rude but it would have been better if yall did some background history on the people on the money notes cuz they are very significant and shouldn't be disrespected.

  14. 50cent coin… kangaroo and EMU (eemyoo. not eemoo) it is our coat of arms. The Kangaroo and Emu are there to symbolise ( yes not U.S. spelling) the country never going backwards, as both of these animals CANNOT walk backwards.

  15. is it weird that any BuzzFeed video that themes Australia they have so many inaccuracies and don't tell the Reviews/reacters the correct answers…….this is why so many Americans still have those incorrect views and comments like 'need a bigger pouch or a kangaroo'

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