Albela (2001)(HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Govinda – Aishwarya Rai – Superhit Movie-(With Eng Subtitles)

Albela (2001)(HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Govinda – Aishwarya Rai – Superhit Movie-(With Eng Subtitles)

I will tell you everything. I saw a kid crying. His father died for he was a drunkard. The kid stands all alone crying. I saw that child has grown up. Many men and women are with him. There are all standing in a church. Absolutely right, Ma’am. I’m a guide, so usually
people flock around me. I also pay visit to church dally. But I want to be an affluent man.
I’ve a else way to go. My past is gone.
What is my future? Tell me! I can visualise your princess… …your dream girl,
whom you were waiting till this day. That blue eyed damsel… …slim and beautiful. Smilingly she steps towards you. You’re going with her. Abroad. I also see an airplane
zooming high in the sky. Sonia,
the flight is delayed for 5 hours. 5 hours. Shall we go to the lounge? No granny, you go ahead.
I’ll go to the bookshop and come. A strange husband you are
Phiroze. – Of course! Our silver wedding anniversary and
you take me to some other place. No darling, I’m taking you to
the same old place, sunset point. Oh so sweet. You are taking me to Marriate
island, aren’t you? Right. Our same old hotel
is there on Marriate island. No, it’s not there. It’s 25 years since
we are married… …and you forgot where we
had celebrated our honeymoon. We celebrated at lakeside
Marriate island. Honeymoon! Honeymoon
was just beautiful! – Thank you. But darling, this time you’re
wrong. – I am always right. No darling I am the
boss. I am right. I know you are the boss.
No darling, it is there. – No. I am telling you it is there.
– Excuse me… Excuse me. May I? Lakeside shally is in Malaga. Malaga… correct! I was going to tell you
the same thing. Just a minute, how so you know?
Are you from Malaga? No, I’ve never been there. I am from Austria. But my Mom originally is
from Malaga. – I see… Thank you dear. Thank you very
much. – You are welcome. So darling let’s go
to Malaga. – Okay. Ok. – Bye. – Bye,
have a nice day ta ta. What if we go to some other place?
– Some other place, you mean? I mean, Malaga.
– But what will you tell dad. I’ll handle him. But I’ll
definitely go to Malaga once. Sonia! Porter. – Yes madam. Tony guide! Tony guide! Tony guide! You want a guide please?
– No thanks. You want a guide please.
– No, thank you. You want a guide madam?
– No please. Hello Tony guide.
Tony guide. – No, no. You want a guide?
Hello Tony guide. Tony guide. Hello Tony guide. Tony guide.
You want a guide please? No guide, please.
– Then no flower. Thank you. Hello Tony guide. Tony guide. I can visuallse a fairy,
your dream girl. Whom you were waiting for. Beautiful! That blue eyed damsel. Good morning. Good morning. Will Namaste do? Your Hindi accent is so sweet!
Sweeter than honey! Are you a poet?
– No I am a guide. Tony guide. Guide? You’re the one whom
I was searching for. I too was waiting for you. Taxi please. Taxi. Carry the luggage. I’ll be back. Yes, madam. Please come in.
Please come in. Hi, okay, good morning. Hi. Take your tea please. Hi, Tony! How are you? One suite room, please.
– It’s not vacant. Then vacate it, Martin. You know who they are?
They come from Australla. Not Australla, Austria. Whatever it is Aunt. For him both
are foreign countries for him. Vacate the room Martin.
– Tony, try to understand. It is very difficult for me. Hey try to make it man! Tony, if there is no suite
then a double room will do. How can it be madam, the room
should be as big as the guest. It’s the question of commission.
Hey Martin, make it, man. One suite room please.
– Tony, one more please. Tony! Okay! If our Tony has said it then
something will have to be done. After all we’ve to stay in Malagha. Don’t worry rate will be the same. Excuse me. Yeah! Make it fast. – Yes. Fill this card please.
– Aunty please. Please. Thank you so much Tony.
– Don’t mention not. Go upstairs, Ma’am.
I’ll handle the rest. Meet you tomorrow
at 10 o’ clock. 10 o’clock I’ll be right here?
Oh! She is writing. Come Sonia! Okay bye. – Bye. Cool! She is beautiful! She is mind blowing! She is just… She is mind blowing. Commission man!
We’ll settle the accounts later. After all you are my friend. I don’t want any relation with you.
C’mon, Martin clear my accounts. Including tax, it
totals to Rs. 5,640/… …your commission, 644/- He says, I’m his friend! Cheating me,
eh! Rascal! Bloody basket of flowers! The girl has come. Where am I? I am unconscious! My heart says, go boom! Boom! Hey Neena! Where are you,
bloody basket of flowers? Hey Neena! – Tony pick up the jacket. You dog!
Am I going to pick up this cap? Where are you, my friend?
– Donkey, monkey, idlot fool! What do you think yourself? From where is she talking?
Where is she? – Scoundrel! 420! Trying to boss over!
Trying to act smart. Where are you? Face me.
– I’ll show you. I’ve served you in all the
possible ways since childhood. And you’ve never ever gifted
a one penny chocolate to me. Never took me for an outing!
Do you take me to be your wife? From today your food
is stopped! Finish! Now you tell me sorry. Neena, I hope you aren’t dead! Oh Neena darling!
You have become a cat! While you were allve you were a cat… …and after death also you have
become a cat. Oh my cat! Neena my darling, stupid idlot. Tony, don’t hit me or else
I’ll keep you starving. Is it? I’ll eat you raw. No tea for you.
I won’t even wash your clothes. Okay, I’ll employ a new maid.
– What? I am a servant. Time please! Time please!
– Apologise first. Ok sorry Tony. From where did you get this cat? A tourist was selling it.
It also contains… …a tape recorder.
– Really. Record some good things in it,
I’ll hear it later. Why did you waste your money
for the tape recorder? I can talk straight forward with you.
– Right? Now, say… Stupid! Idlot! Fool! Donkey! Tony! I’ll kill you. Vasu and Sapna have gone to
commit suicide again. – Oh shit! Do you know, nanny? – Yes. I felt as though Mom would
welcome me at the airport. I felt Mom touched me as the… …warm breeze fondled me. You never saw your mother and
still you love her so much. Mom was a nice lady, wasn’t she?
– Indeed! Then why didn’t she
go to Austria with papa? For she didn’t want
to leave India. Where did she live in Malaga? I don’t know. Don’t break your promise. Atleast tell me where
my mothers grave is. Please tell me, nanny…
this is not the past it’s the present. A human body perishes but not… …their memories. Please tell me. Nanny please! Please. She is in the room,
but why doesn’t she come. You are doomed, Tony! You fool everyone. But that
girl has taken you for a ride. Damn it, what a beautiful smile! It feels as though a bottle
of fenny has been uncorked. Good morning.
– Morning. How are you? – What! Sorry! I’m speaking to
you in local language. I mean. How are you?
– Fine. Couldn’t be better.
– Good. Good. Your Mom is not to be seen.
– My Mom has expired. She was fine till yesterday. That’s my nanny. Okay, your grandmother. Atleast
you’ve someone to call your own. She is my governess. She has
brought me up since I was a child. Why didn’t she come?
– No. Her feet are aching. I’ll come alone. – Good, good. By the way Madam, Goa is
famous for three things. It’s churches, beaches and the
third I’m sorry to… …say the fenny here. And you prefer? I want to go here.
– You want to go here. You want to go here! I’m illiterate, Ma’am Marble island, Tony okay. Hello. – Sonia my baby
I am missing you. I love you. Fine thank you. How are you, father? Don’t worry about me.
I am fine darling. How’s your shopping going on? How did you find Singapore? Papa. – Yes my child. I’m in Malaga not in Singapore. Why? You know I hate that place. I know, papa. I didn’t want to hurt
your feelings. But the flight had
to land at Bombay. So I thought, I must once
Visit Mom’s… Give the phone to nanny. Yes, papa. Yes sir. Yes sir. Right sir. Sir has allowed us to stay
in Malaga for a few days. Happy? Good morning madam. Tony! Ok I’ll be ready in a minute. No problem Ma’am.
Tony will not go anywhere. Everybody comes from some
or the other place. Everybody wants only one guide,
Tony and no one else. Ma’am what shall I say? Today
you are looking very beautiful! Your goggles are very nice
and it’s suits you. And the way your hair is flying…
it looks so beautiful. I also like Gucci goggles. Tony! – I always buy Gucci goggles. Stop. What’s wrong Ma’am?
Stop the car. Stop the car! Can’t you hear? Stop the car. Tony, I did not tell
you to stop the car… I told you… stop talking. People from all over the world
come here to listen to me. And you tell me to shut up. So that,
I can also say something. So go ahead. Let the nectar
flow through your words! Tony,
I’ve to find my Mom’s grave. Your Mom’s grave! Here, in Malaga! Where? That I don’t know. No problem Ma’am.
Tell me your Mom’s name. I’ll find her grave. You people spoil the
name of Malaga. Come on, madam. What a place! Beautiful! Madam, if you’ve a heart
enough and strength… Tony will show you such locations
which will be beyond your imagination. No one is as good as you. You’re my love… my life. I’m all your’s…
don’t take me for wrong Tony, now how far? Far away…
where there’s beauty. As you tread further in life,
you’ll find life more beautiful. Seriously Tony…
Now where else, Tony? There’s blue island further. Where is it? Can I show you? – Yes. Fancy t-shirt! Wow! Malaga! – Malaga! Ma’am, see we are here. – Yes. And we’ve to reach there. – Yes. From here to there.
– Right. – So go straight. It’s difficult to reach there. Is it? – Yes. Now…
– Now, you try. We are here,
we’ve to reach there. – Yes. And come little up. – Straight up. It’s difficult. We’ve to ride
the motorboat right and left. Shall I show you? – How?
– Now start. Come up. Stop. Come down.
– This is going far. This is going very far. This is the way the motorboat goes. We’re off! Here goes the bike. And here we reach.
– We’ve reached. Blue island. – Blue island. Atlast we’ve reached blue island.
– Let’s go. How did you find King prawns?
It’s quite famous. People come all the way
from Bombay to have this. Is it?
But why aren’t you having it, Tony? We Indians have a different style. We love to feed other people. During festivals we treat
our guests very generously. On the arrival of a newborn
we offer everyone sweets. We invite people for meal while
conducting the death anniversary. You can say in India,
people rarely die of starvation. For mostly people
die of over eating. How do you find it?
– Is it good? Excellent!
– I like everything around here. Tell me the truth, what do you like?
While eating, one mustn’t lie. I’m not lying.
The churches here are good… The beaches are good,
the people… …and Tony I like you a lot. Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you so much. I visuallse a fairy. Beautiful, blue eyed damsel. Smiling! She is with you. I’m trying to build
India’s reputation… …and you scoundrel
you are bent on disrespecting it. C’mon, apologize to her.
– Sorry! And me? Tony! You also carry a revolver? Tony, you are such a good actor,
my hero. Hey! You take away my heart! Hey! You take away my life! Hey! You take away my heart! Hey! You take away my life! This decision of the heart is
done with a lot of difficulty. Why doesn’t my lover agree with me? Hey! You take away my heart! Hey! You take away my life! This decision of the heart
is done with a lot of difficulty. Why doesn’t my lover agree with me? Hey! You take away my heart! If the weather teases you… …then how can anyone escape? Like the wonderful fragrance… …we both are similar to that. You have taken away
my senses, my beloved. Hey! You take away my heart! Hey! You take away my life! This decision of the heart
is done with a lot of difficulty. Why doesn’t my lover agree with me? Hey! You take away my heart! There is some magic in your eyes… …whoever they looks at,
they make him crazy. You are a bit crazy. You are a floating cloud. No one knows my pain here. Hey! You take away my heart! Hey! You take away my life! This decision of the heart
is done with a lot of difficulty. Why doesn’t my lover agree with me? Hey! You take away my heart! Hey! You take away my life! This decision of the heart
is done with a lot of difficulty. Why doesn’t my lover agree with me? Hey! You take away my heart! Gabru, why are you
always seen in winter wear? I told you, I feel the psychological
chill for the whole year. Neena, Tony is not be
seen around nowadays. Don’t you know, he is a guide?
He must be with his tourist. No. Listen… he in not guiding the tourist.
She is a girl. She is guiding him. Yesterday,
he was dancing around with her. Did you see? – Yes. He was roaming
with his hand around her waist. Hey! What’s wrong with you?
– C’mon, get up. Time not over. Get lost from here. Oh Neena please understand. I love you.
That’s why I am telling you. Discard Tony’s thoughts
off your mind. Marry me. Tony is not your cup of tea. Yes. Will you please get out?
– Excuse me. – Get out. Get out.
– Why do you hit me. Hey! Neena! Neena! Dear, what to say…
that Madam… she is too good! You will be happy to meet her. And the biggest highlight
in her that she is not hot tempered. Being so beautiful,
she is not hot tempered. And today she did something amazing!
Today she offered me to dance with her I danced in such a way
that she was stunned. Did you cook? I’ve served your food.
– Very good. Had it not been for you,
I’d have starved. Wow! Neena! She is not good looking
but she is useful. Hey Neena. Neena. Hey Nee… na. Hey Nee… Nee… Nee… na. Tony, what happened?
– Water! Water?!
– Why was the food as such? Here’s the water. Only for you.
– That’s the water from the flush. Is this a glass?
Throw it away! Give me clean water. Give me water.
– I’ll not give you water. Tell me,
what do I hear about this Madam. Nothing. She’s my customer.
What else? I wash your clothes…
cook for you… And you enjoy with the Ma’am, eh? There’s no harm in dancing with her. Leave my hand.
– C’mon, get me some water. You may die of hiccups,
but I won’t give you water. Die okay. – Neena please! Neena! What do you think of yourself? Stupid! Idiot!
You bloody basket of flowers! Leave me. I will kill you. It’s so peaceful here, isn’t it? You people are so lucky. You don’t have any problems in life. Damn the luck!
What are you talking? – Really? I couldn’t sleep the whole night.
– Why? Hadn’t I reached on time
they would’ve committed suicide. Who?
– Vasu and Sapna, my friends. They love each other. Their parents don’t
allow them to meet. Whenever they get a chance
and tread into their dream world… …this world doesn’t
let them live in peace and… …God doesn’t let them die. But no one can stop lovers.
They usually try to die. Vasu too met the same fate.
He didn’t listen to anyone. He shouted and told the world… Bye… …we are going from this world.
– Tony, you’ll fall. I was trying to make him see reason.
But he didn’t listen. Tony, come down.
– I requested him in the same way. Tony please! – I kept requesting
him in the same way… …but he did not listen to me. Tony. Tony. Oh God! Help! Water! That should help! This water is dirty. Mineral. Use Mineral, Ma’am.
– You rascal. Good morning ma’am.
– Hey good morning. Very good morning ma’am.
– Let’s go. But… Where’s the car? Oh! So what?
Then, let’s go on the bike. Will my bike do? Who is that? Nobody is there. – Let’s go. Hold me. – Sure. I will take you Malaga in 2 hours.
– I see. What is the matter
you are looking very beautiful. Today is my birthday. Many happy returns of the day.
– Thank you. How old are you?
– You should never ask a girl her age. But you aren’t old.
Why should you hide your age? Very charming. All right.
I’ll tell you… 24 I am also tell you 24 years old.
One short for a silver jubilee. Happy birthday to you…
24 are done? 24 are done? – Finally! Happy birthday Sonia.
– Papa. Papa! Happy birthday, my dear Sonia.
I am missing you terribly. I am eating your birthday cake.
May God give you a else life. Sonia, your Dad has send
this cassette from Vienna. He told me to play
it as soon as you come. So Neena, ultimately good night. Thanks Gabru, so nice of you. Neena, I want to say that…
I love you. Hey fink! You propose
to every second girl you see. What do you think of yourself?
Ever looked at yourself in mirror? Why are you jealous? He wasn’t
talking about your girl friend. You can never be my girl friend.
Ever seen yourself? You are thin like a prawn fish. I, a prawn fish!
And what about your madam? She is a mermaid, is she? Indeed! She is a mermaid.
She is so beautiful! Have you ever seen her? Her eyes…, hair…, her smile…
Everything of hers is beautiful! She’s a princess! Damn your princess!
Bloody idiot! You haven’t seen her, isn’t it?
Look at her snap. I was dancing with her. Look… Get lost!
I don’t want to see it. I’m getting wild. I’m leaving.
– You’ll stay here. Get lost or else I’ll break your legs. Look! I’m also someone’s child. Child, eh! You can father
a couple of children! Get lost! Get lost!
– Move… – Get lost! Do you think yourself Prince.
Ever looked at yourself? – Get lost! She considers herself as Samantha Fox.
– Idiot! She thinks herself beautiful.
– Your madam… She does not get the right guy. Tony, what’s so special
about her that I lack? You lack courage. You love me,
but you’ve never expressed it. Had Madam been in your place… …she would’ve accepted before
the whole world that she loved me. She’d have danced and screamed.
Know why? Because she’s quite bold.
Not like you. Your veil slipped away from your head. Your veil slipped away from your head. Your veil got stuck to me. The magic of your
love has been cast on me. I have no control over my heart. My veil slipped away from my head. My veil got stuck to you. The magic of your
love has been cast on me. I have no control over my heart. Your veil slipped away from your head. Wonder when you stole
my peace of mind, I did not realize. You have made me crazy
by giving me sleepless nights. My sight has not shifted
even for a moment… …since it has seen you. Don’t act crazy… …you have my swear. My veil slipped away from my head. My veil got stuck to you. The magic of your
love has been cast on me. I have no control over my heart. Your veil slipped away from your head. What state have you made of mine… …the pain does not go. There is a fogginess in my thoughts… …I do not get consciousness. What sort of colour has
spread on me of love. I have just realized about your love. Your veil slipped away from your head. Your veil got stuck to me. The magic of your love
has been cast on me. I have no control over my heart. From your head…
– Yes, from my head. Your veil slipped away from your head. Good morning.
– Tony I’ll kill you. Bloody basket of flowers.
Tony you are monkey. Ma’am this is Malaga’s grand beach. Many activities like boating,
yachting, rowing… …romancing goes on here. Leave it… What are you doing, Ma’am? I’ll ride the bike.
– Have you driven before? No. I’ll ride it for
the first time today. No, don’t do it. In fact say,
I’ll try it for the first time. But it is a really nice bike. Don’t take risk Ma’am.
The bike is new. I’ve to pay the
remaining six installments. So what?
You can teach me. I?
Teach you? I’ll teach you.
I don’t mind. One minute.
Move a little ahead. Now keep you right foot here…
and left foot here. One minute. I am sorry, I am sorry. What happened?
– The bike broke down. Why has it stopped?
– It has run out of petrol Ma’am. Now what? Now only two things are possible.
One, we both sing together. Or else we’ve to take refuge
in some hut like in Hindi films. Cut it out, Tony! Come on let’s go
and ask for a life. Let’s go. Madam, one minute… Bike… Angels in the night.
Exchanging glances. Wandering in the night.
Whatever chances. Hey! What are you doing?
Getting a cart in the hotel? A cart is not allowed in. But I can get the bike Atleast. Bullock cart is not
allowed in a five star hotel. I know.
But a bike is allowed, isn’t it? You can bring a bike. Then, I’ve brought the bike.
– But this is a cart. This is a bike.
– Why did you confuse us? Catch him.
He has kidnapped Sonia. What are you saying? Return my Sonia or
else I’ll strangle you. Talking about strangling me, eh! Her father is a rich man. I know. He must be about 60 years old.
– She’s a princess. You will position your hands properly! Your princess is sleeping there. Oh my God.
– Oh my God. Hey, you people too?
You’ve ruined my reputation. Have we reached. My reputation is ruined.
– Thank you, Tony. I’ll never forget
this day my entire life. What is the need
to thank me, ma’am? I too will not forget this day. Good night.
– Good night. Tony, don’t come from tomorrow
we’ll look out for another guide. But aunty… Damn it! I don’t understand. Why is a flower always
accompanied by a thorn? She is a thorn!
Very big thorn! Bad luck! I’m also here since morning
but couldn’t catch a fish. And your basket, it’s full.
I’m unfortunate. Whenever I think that something
good is going to happen in my life… …something or the
other untoward happens. Now, what’s the problem with you? Don’t you get tense.
Nanny told me… …she’ll change the guide. I’ll not go there now.
I told her to change the guide. I’ll not talk to Madam too.
– Really? Promise! I swear on you! I challenge.
I will never talk to her. Tony!
– Yes, Madam… How can… Welcome!
Where are you? How come you have come.
– I just came searching for you. You are angry.
So I must coax you. I’m not angry with you.
I can never be angry with you. What are you saying?
I’ll die if I do so. I’ll die if I do so. One
doesn’t get angry on near one’s. Ma’am. This is Neena.
Neena. Yea ma’am. Tony is full of praises for you. Heard that? But Tony has never told
me anything about you. Hey! Liar! She is such a big liar!
– Tony! – Tony! Don’t worry. Ma’am, I always think about you. Be frank you had your breakfast?
– Yes. Had your lunch? – Yes. He worries so much! – I have to! Did you have your milk? – Yeah! Here there is a lot of tension.
Like this. I think, he’s talking about himself. Saw?
She learnt how to talk because of me. May I tell you? – Yes I’m tensed because of only two people. One is Neena and the
other is your nanny. You don’t mind? No of course not.
– Then come. – See you Neena. I’ve to see her that is the
problem of my life. Come, come. The temple of Lord Krishna and Radha.
– Oh! The symbol of love. Come.
– Come. What’s this?
– This is total surrender. – Oh! – Okay.
– Not you… Why Tony?
– Not you. You will do it when you wear a sari. Now.
– It is offerings. Ma’am. – Tony.
– Ma’am. It’s really bad.
– What? I don’t want to talk to you.
– Why? I don’t wish to speak to you.
– But why Tony? I searched for you everywhere.
In temple… in church… I asked everyone about you.
But I couldn’t trace you. But Tony, in Goa I… What if something
had happened to you? …I’d have been disgraced in Goa. I’d have been the talk of the town. Where can I go in Goa?
I was on the beach. You should’ve taken me.
Why did you go alone? Alright. I’ll remember.
Take this. Very bad.
– Present, Tony. Present. For me?
– Just like that. Costly?
– Did you like it? Tell me. Rs. 6000/-! Who sold this scarf to you for 6000/-?
– Let it be. Wear it and show me. A scarf worth Rs. 6,000/-! In this much…
I’ve no heart to wear it. Not this way. Wear it this way.
You’ll look good. Raise you head. You are looking so good. Shall I tell you something, Ma’am? No one has ever gifted me this way. Worth six thousand rupees!
– But you are looking handsome. So cute. I was unaware of the magic of love. I’m besotted and fanatical. You are crazy, you did
not reallze this much. You are besotted and fanatical. I was unaware of the magic of love. I’m besotted and fanatical. You are crazy,
you did not realize this much. You are besotted and fanatical. I was unaware of the magic of love. I’m besotted and fanatical. You are crazy,
you did not realize this much. You are besotted and fanatical. You stay in my eyelids. All night yesterday,
I dreamt about you. How do I tell you?
How restless I was! I did not have peace
for even a moment. My heart tells me, that it is
difficult to explain anything to you. You are besotted and fanatical. I was unaware of the magic of love. I’m besotted and fanatical. You are crazy,
you did not realize this much. What magic have
you cast on my heartbeats? My crazy mind has started dancing. When I look at you, I feel loved. When I take the name of God,
your name comes before that. You have a right over my life.
I was unaware about all this. I’m besotted and fanatical. You are crazy,
you did not realize this much. You are besotted and fanatical. I was unaware of the magic of love. I’m besotted and fanatical. You are besotted and fanatical. I’m besotted and fanatical. Ma’am! Ma’am!
I’ve good news for you. I hope you’ll not be sad. Why? What happened?
– I’ve found your mother’s grave. You won’t be sad? Will you come with me? That one. Madam… – Yes… This is from my side. The sunset is so beautiful!
And you look so depressed. Just smile once and all
your sorrows will vanish away. You know how to flirt very well.
– No, I am speaking the truth. If you don’t believe me,
then see for yourself. I’m feeling depressed today. Why? Now my job is over.
I’ll have to go. You will go away? There’s no reason to stay back. I’ll miss you a lot, Tony. I’ll take a snap of yours.
Stand there. Go. Go. Hello! How are you?
– Hello Mr. Prem Arya? He is Mr. Khan. Indian ambassador. Anyway, what’s the schedule? The programme is tomorrow. We’ve to
go to the Governor’s party today. He is the one who had come
to India as a member of Australia. Yes. I would like to take his interview.
Is it possible? It’s tough but I’ll try.
He doesn’t like being interviewed. Especially to the Indian journalist
Anyway you don’t worry. I’ll talk to him. Great. Good morning, Mr. Prem Arya.
– Good morning, sir. How do you do?
Thank you for giving me an opportunity. An Indian on time! Strange!
An Indian that too on time?! Indians possess the strength
to move ahead of time. Very good.
Nice reply! Are you comfortable?
– Absolutely sir. Thank you so much. Go ahead. Ask your questions.
– Excuse me. For how many years
did you live in India? 8 years. How was the experience?
– Beautiful! Do you remember India? I can never forget India. Then, why didn’t you return to India
inspite of having a relation with it? Relation?
I didn’t get you. You had married an Indian journalist.
You also have a daughter. Our readers are mostly Indian.
They’ll like to know about your wife. This is very personal.
You can’t ask me that. At least tell us why
didn’t you get married again? No. And now I am beyond
the age of getting married. Papa. I know that you
do not want to be disturbed. But there is an important call for
you from the British High Commission. Ok darling. Hi. – Excuse me, Mr. Prem. Thank you very much.
– I will be back. Miss…
– Yes. – Excuse me. Please. I’ve toured the entire world. Taken lots of snaps. But I’ve never seen a
perfect face like yours… Journalists speak
the truth very rarely. I can also swear by my profession.
– Then I will believe you. I wish to take a snap of yours. No photographs, sorry.
– Please. Give me the roll. Wow!
How did you get these snaps? You gave the rolls to the
security officer in front of me. But the original rolls are with me. Anyway, these are nice. Especially this one. O you like this! Alright… I’ll get these
printed a else with your story. My story?
I didn’t tell you my story. So, tell it. Why? An interview. My father will kill me. After this story you will
surely become immortal. You’ll surely be
immortal after this story. You are right, sure. My heart is someone else’s. Maybe this is called love. Why am I so restless? Maybe this is called love. My heart is someone else’s. Maybe this is called love. Why am I so restless? Maybe this is called love. My heart is someone else’s. I was lost in one meeting. The affair increased in a short time. I was lost in one meeting. The affair increased in a short time. I did not realize when our eyes met. Wonder what effect it has on my heart. My life has changed. Maybe this is called love. My heart is someone else’s. My heart is someone else’s. Maybe this is called love. My heart is someone else’s. Maybe this is called love.
My heart is someone else’s. My heart is someone else’s. Driver, let’s go. I can’t allow you to marry an Indian. Indians are deceivers,
liars and frauds. I can’t let you ruin your life. Never! Why do you hate Indians?
After all my mother was an Indian. If they are so bad, then,
why did you marry her? I can’t tell you that. But I want to know the secret
which you’ve kept hidden from me. I didn’t tell you for
I wanted to see you happy. I wanted to bring you
up like a normal child. I didn’t want to burden
you with all these things. I’m no more a child. I should know what my
Indian mother’s fault is. All right.
I’ll tell you everything. Then you can decide. I met your mother when
I was an ambassador for India. She was a journalist. She lived in Malaga. We celebrated our
honeymoon in Malaga. Then, she came to Vienna with me. But suddenly one day she
said she wanted to return to Malaga. She left a year old baby and me. I… I called her up.
I had even written to her. But she never agreed to return. I may be a culprit. But a small child,
what was her fault? Why did she punish you?
I don’t know. I’ve brought you up
since you were a child. If I’ve no right
over you then it’s alright. But I want to tell you something. When your mother left
me you were my hope to live. And now if you leave me
I’ll have no reason to live. I want to marry Sonia. How dare you?
You… You Indian. Sir your daughter loves this Indian. I thought you were a decent man,
so I called you here. But you… My decency has been degraded only… …because I want
to marry your daughter. No, no way that my daughter
will ever marry you. Yes! She will never marry you. If you don’t mind,
I’ll like to hear it from Sonia. Caroline, send Sonia in. I love you Prem but… but my father…
he needs me. My mom had left him.
She never returned. He has no one except me. Why didn’t you think of it earlier? What right do you
have to break my heart? Give me a reply. Why did you come into my life? I was living well. Why did you come into my life? Why?
Are you listening to me? Do you hear me? Tony! I said, I will not have food. Tony! Hi! Ah! Ma’am, I thought
you must have already left. I was about to leave
but someone stopped me. I know who stopped you.
– Who? Your inner conscience stopped you. It told you, Stop! Don’t go…
whatever you’ll find here, you won’t find anywhere. Right? Yes. Only once you can
love someone truly. So, don’t lose it. Yes, Madam.
You are right! Congratulations, Tony! Congratulations! Madam is not
leaving you and going anywhere. God has answered your prayers. Tony, this article… I don’t know. You see, even my photo
is printed in renowned newspaper. Prem…
– He is Prem Arya, my close pal. Where does he live? He doesn’t live here.
But he keeps on coming here. But Madam, you must meet him once.
He is a wonderful man! He writes excellent articles.
Tell him about your life… Can you introduce me to him? Why not?
Think your job is done. Prem brother! – Hey Tony! Brother Prem! – How are you? Today I want to talk to you openly!
– Tony, what are you doing? What are you doing? Give me your hand. – Which one?
– Your right hand. What a fortune! A man like Tony
will take birth and die unnoticed. But the day I saw this hand,
my luck has changed. Whoever reads this article…
they go crazy! I wrote this article 8 months back. And you’ve already thanked me 16 times.
What’s so important? It’s a special day today.
Madam had come to my house today. Who? Madam! She’s a beauty.
You won’t find such a beauty anywhere. She came to my house
and read your article. I had hung your article on the wall. She liked the article. I told her I’ll introduce her to the
person who wrote it. No big deal! What’s her name? Strange!
I didn’t ask her name. No problem.
What’s in a name? A rose will always remain rose,
even if you change its name. Good! You are praising her so much.
It means you are in love. Isn’t it? I’m not of her standard. She is very rich I can
admire her but not possess her. Very well said.
Very well said. Come to the restaurant. She was praising you so much that
I told her I’ll introduce you to her. Please meet her.
I’ll be honoured. For my sake.
– Okay, okay. Today at 4.30 p.m. Hey Tony, one minute. Speak up Ma’am. Good things
shouldn’t be kept to heart. Or else, it’s not good. Here… What’s this? – Keep it. No, I won’t accept fees from you. One earns for living,
but sometimes I do listen to my heart. But this is not the fees. Then, what is it? You pay the hotel bill. Come on.
– Okay, cool. I got it. A lady should not pay when
accompanied by a man. Right? Okay, let’s move.
– Let’s go. Hey Tony!
– Hi, Prem! Hi! Happening, man!
– You are happening. Mr. Prem, stunned aren’t you? You wouldn’t have
expected to meet such a person. My Madam is beautiful, isn’t she? Madam, this is Mr. Prem
and Mr. Prem this is Madam. Hi Prem.
– How are you Sonia? Alive. How do you know her? A journallst coming
from Vienna had told me. Excuse me, I’ll place the order. His suit is giving me a complex. How did you land here? Perhaps to meet you. You have come alone. Nanny is with me.
Papa’s not here. I’ve not married as yet. I didn’t ask you that. You were watching my hands.
I thought, you were looking… …out for the wedding ring. How are you? Fine and happy too. Are you angry? Not at all. We couldn’t get married,
but atleast we can be friends. We were and will remain friends. You know my helplessness. I have not changed. I still love you. Now this is of no use. Prem please try to understand. Please. I’ve placed the order.
Where’s Mr. Prem? He has left. We will also leave. Leave? Hey Joe!
Forget it. Wonder what happened? The meeting got over in one minute.
Madam forgot her money with me. God always gives me a
chance to come across her. What is the matter? You went to meet Prem?
– Yes. You shouldn’t have gone. – Nanny. I realized it after meeting
him that I love him very much. I can’t live without him. Never! Forget him. How? I can’t forget him. You deserve a better guy than him. What is she talking? Marry someone of your status. Status! He’s poor, that’s his crime?
I love him. He gave me the happiness which
even my father couldn’t give me. Whatever it is, I love him.
– I too love you a lot. Think about it, Sonia.
I heard it, it’s okay. But what if anyone else would’ve
heard it? There would be a problem. Now nothing can stop me. I’ll love him till my last breath. And I’ll only love you! If you say, I’ll kiss you… …in this lovely weather. If you say, I’ll kiss you… …in this lovely weather. The heart says… …my beloved… …I should cross all limits in love. If you say, I’ll go round… …in your passion. If you say,
I’ll go round in your passion. The heart says… …my beloved,
I should cross all limits in love. If you say, I’ll kiss
you in this lovely weather. If you say,
I’ll go round in your passion. From your tresses,
I’ll steal your fragrance. I’ll steal the loveliness
from your lips. Stop it, I am feeling shy.
– Why do you feel shy? Why do you fear?
Nothing is in our control. If you say, I’ll go
round in your passion. If you say, I’ll kiss you in
this lovely weather. My eyes keep
watching you all the time. These fair arms just wish for you. I cannot live being
separated from you. In these eyes… …I have dreams… …and I am waiting for you. If you say, I’ll kiss
you in this lovely weather. If you say, I’ll kiss
you in this lovely weather. The heart says… …my beloved,
I should cross all limits in love. If you say, I’ll kiss
you in this lovely weather. If you say, I’ll go
round in your passion. Hello.
– Hi Prem! Sonia! How did you get this number? From Tony. Good you called me up. I was
thinking about you the whole night. I was sorry for yesterday’s behaviour. I should not have said that. Whatever you said was right. I’ve no right to step
into your life again. My life? My life doesn’t remain mine anymore. I never imagined, our attempt in
order to make Papa happy… …would drift us far apart. Prem. I’m leaving tomorrow. Don’t go, Sonia. Prem, I…
– please. But till now… Until it’s possible, please. Ok. I love you Sonia…
– Me too Prem. So we will have to unpack?
– Yes. If you get the time then think about
it that if your father comes to know… What he will think. This is the limit, Madam!
You went without informing me. I’m waiting for you since morning. I wasted 8 liters petrol for you. I was about to go
to the police station. You should’ve left
a message at the desk. I was so worried, you know. I’m sorry. Now don’t embarrass me.
I’ve no right to talk to you like this. You are so beautiful. You can even
turn a gentleman into a rogue. I’ll do everything with your
permission in future. Okay? Tomorrow I’ve to go to
Paradise island. Prem has called me. You can go. Won’t you come?
– If you wish, I’ll come. All right, tomorrow we’ll go. Come, I’ll drop you. You don’t like my like? Good I found you. I’ve bought a dress.
How do I look? How much did it cost?
– Nine hundred rupees. Why? It’s too much. Seems to be new. No jokes. Tony,
tell me, how do I look? I told you, the dress seems to be new.
– It’s new. Listen… I’ll wear this for the party in
Paradise island. We’ll go together. I can’t go with you there.
– Why? Because I’ll have to take my
tourist around. Work, you see, baby. Tourists?
Or that Madam. She is also one of my tourist. Look Neena, Madam is my
work and my work is my worship. Hi Tony.
– Hi buddy how are you? Hey! How are you? – Hi – Hi.
– Hello. – It’s okay, see you bye. How are you Mr. Gonzalves? How are you doing? – I am fine.
– He is a big shot. Big shot. Hi Rodriquez.
He is the commissioner. See… This is Prem. What are you doing here? Tony boy, how are you?
– How are you doing? You are looking handsome.
Very handsome. What are you doing here? Tony, mind your language
or else you’ll repent. You are the worst person here.
– Move on! Take it easy. Relax.
– What man, this is very bad. Neena, this is Sonia.
Neena. – Hi Neena. Hello.
– You always insult me during parties. Let’s dance, please. Silly girl!
Who the hell will dance with you? Who will get insulted in the party? You always raise your
hands at the wrong place! Tony please do it. You! Oh you!
I can dance at your finger tips. I will come in one minute. As it is I’ve to dance at
your finger tips for the whole life. Haiya Ho!
Haiya Ho! Haiya Ho! Haiya Ho! Haiya Ho!
What fun! What magic! Me and you!
What fun! What magic! Such meetings don’t
happen everyday, my love. Let’s talk about
our love with our eyes. Haiya Ho!
What fun! What magic! Me and you!
What fun! What magic! Such meetings don’t
happen everyday, my love. Let’s talk about
our love with our eyes. Haiya Ho! What fun!
What magic! What magic! Your eyes are amazing! Your blue eyes are beautiful! A face like yours is
not to be seen here. Such beautiful hair is
not to be seen here. You are fanatical! Alone!
There is no one like anywhere. Haiya Ho! What fun! What magic! Me and you! What fun! What magic! Such meetings don’t
happen everyday, my love. Let’s talk about our
love with our eyes. Haiya Ho! What fun!
What magic! What magic! What is my story! Listen! I am heart broken! Listen! Whom should I tell this thing to? Whom should I show my pain to? These wounds those moments,
we will never think of them again. Haiya Ho! What fun! What magic!
Me and you! What fun! What magic! Such meetings don’t
happen everyday, my love. Let’s talk about our
love with our eyes. Haiya Ho! What fun!
What magic! What magic! Hey! Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! Ho! I am crazy about you, my beloved. You are my story, my beloved. I have always
thought about you, I swear. I have always loved you, I swear. In my heart,
there is aspiration only for you. There is no one like you anywhere. Haiya Ho! What fun! What magic! Me and you! What fun! What magic! Such meetings don’t
happen everyday, my love. Let’s talk about our
love with our eyes. Haiya Ho! – What fun!
What magic! What magic! Me and you!
– What fun! What magic! What are you doing? What are you doing?
Listen. How wonderful you look! I’m serious.
I’ll write an article on Neena. Sonia, you know…
she’s an amazing girl. She is self reliant at such
a small age. She manages all alone. Isn’t it wonderful?
– As it is she’s crazy. God knows what’ll happen
after her article is published. Tony! – Here she starts!
– Here we go again. Start. Those who don’t have anyone’s
support have to be self-reliant. Don’t you have anyone?
Parents, brothers, sisters? Tony is my neighbour and
my friend too. And… and… He’s my only childhood friend.
He’s my support. What else could I do, Madam?
I too am an orphan like her. So I can understand her grief. I had seen a play when I was a kid.
It’s dialogues touched my heart. Loneliness supports loneliness. We kept on supporting each
other and have come a else way. Now let’s see where destiny takes us. I am very impressed, seriously. But nowadays I’m tensed. Why? She is young and
above all she is beautiful. I’m thinking of
getting her married off. Did you see brother Prem?
Did you see? I can understand the
whole world but not her. Just a minute, I’ll be back. Hey you basket of flower! Hey my beauty! My fenny! Did you notice something? Yes, I did. The girl loves
him and the guy does not understand. Why does it happen? Why is there a
problem in every love story? Perhaps God is testing us.
Whether the love is true or not. What about those who pass the test? They unite. But Madam…
– We enjoyed, didn’t we? Of course Ma’am.
– Thank you Tony. I feel proud of myself today.
No doubt, I am a guide. I never got to see so much till today.
I’m sorry. I’ll leave. What is it?
– I want to say something. Go on. Now what will she
say in this closed room?! Sit. My chair will get wet! No problem, I’ll sit. Have you ever been in love? My friends have been. But now it seems, it’s my turn. I know. Do you know,
how one feels when in love? Yes, I know, I’m getting it… How will you come
to know that a girl is in love? I’ll come to know. Then, go ahead, find out. A girl… in love. I’ll keep it as a secret. But tell the girl at least. What? I love you. Shall I? – Yes Sure! Shall I tell her?
– Go on… – I’m feeling shy. It’s very simple, Tony. I love you. The thing is
I have never said it to anyone. I will say it. I… Iove… you. Yes! Yes, Tony!
That’s it! You’ve said it. Madam?
– Yes. Shall I leave? Good night, Tony. Goodnight. Goodnight. Bye, bye.
– Goodnight. If you say,
I’ll kiss you in this lovely weather. If you say… …I’ll kiss you in
this lovely weather. The heart says… …my beloved… …I should cross all limits in love. A glass for him, this is mine. Hey! Neena!
– Tony! You are enjoying all alone.
There is a candle, and a castle. For whom is the other glass? For the one whom I love! Who is that unfortunate guy? Hey, mind you!
Don’t you bad-mouth him. Are you serious?
– Of course, yes. You love him very much?
– Yes, a lot. Did you tell him, I love you You should express your
love from the very start. Whenever you propose someone
for the first time in life… …you know you feel as if you’ve
consumed a bottle of sweet wine… …which also gives you a high. Yes, it does happen in love. I just can’t believe!
The way she said, I love you She? – Who? Madam, who else? I was thinking that only I loved her. But today I realised
that she also loves me. Yes Tony, this fire is
such that it burns everything. Some express it
whereas some are just helpless. You are quite intelligent! Come on cheers!
Cheers to Sonia! Hey! Have it! Why don’t you have it? Actually my companion
is drifting away from me. Is he? No problem.
He’ll be on the track again. If your love is true, may be after some time
but he will be yours. Come on cheers!
Cheers for Sonia! Come on. Come on,
cheers for your love, man! Have it. Hello. Sonia, what are you doing? I’m thinking, what I should do. Shall I help you? Please. Spend your day with someone
who spends sleepless nights… …thinking about you. Good idea!
But where do i find such a person. I know him. Really?
What’s his name? Prem. Wait for me on the beach.
I’ll be coming. Bye. Yahoo, Sonia! Papa, you! Yes, my baby!
Are you not happy to see me? No papa.
I am very happy. But all of a sudden… What a pleasant surprise! My darling girl!
I was missing you. So I came here. That’s why I am here. How do you like Malaga?
How do you like India? Nice! The weather, the people…
just wonderfully warm. Now I’m here for your company.
You will not be alone. We will do everything together. I will give her a flower. I’ll give madam a flower. In exchange
of that she will give me a kiss. And in exchange of
that I will give her a kiss. I think she is having a bath. Yes. – Yes.
– What can I do for you? One masala tea,
and 4 biscuits please. No! No! Who are you and why you are here?
– Why you are here? Who are you?
– I am me. What the hell are you doing here? Hell means hell? He says he will hit me. Who let you in here? Have you gone crazy? What?
– Hey you fool! This is too much! What is this? – Hey you are going
on talking because I am listening. Idiot!
Get out of here! Quiet! Quiet!
– What are you saying? Hey you…
– No! I understand nothing. Are you mad? You get out of here.
I’ll call the security guards now. No one dare call
Tony idiot here in Goa. You idiot!
I don’t care. You get out of here or
I will call the security guards. Security guard! I’ll give him
a tenner and he’ll disappear. So you don’t know, who am I. – Who are you?
– I’m Ambassador of Austria. I’m the Mercedes of India. Mercedes of India.
– Yes. – You idiot. You get out of here.
You stupid, idiot. I’m not abusing you
for you are elder to me. You are exceeding your limits. Then, what is this? Don’t you know,
this is a piece of cucumber. Then what you want?
– What you want? I want you to get out of here?
– I want you to get out from there. Where? – You go out from khidki
What is a khidki? Khidki means window. Stupid man! Because you are elder
you keep saying all this? Yes, so what?
– Now I’ll catch you. What will you do?
– Surely, I’ll catch you. Yes.
– And after that? I’ll catch your nose.
– Don’t touch me! – Why? No body can touch Tony Gonsalves.
He is too much man. I can also touch you. –
So, what’s great? What is that?
I want you to get out now. Even I want you to get out now.
– Where? – Out. This is my place.
– This is my place. What are you going to do?
– So what are you going to do? I am going to touch you.
Touch you, like this. Even I can touch you.
Touch you. You are an Indian!
You are not only an idiot but a swine. I am not a swine.
– I want you to be out of here. Tony…
– Yes. I want you out of here. It’s between two men.
Ladies should not interfere. Go and have a bath in the bathroom. But Tony. – No. – Tony. Papa. – Papa. Papa! Papa, Tony.
– Yes. Papa. Sonia’s papa. Papa. – Papa. – Tony. – Tony.
– Tony guide. – Tony guide. He escorts me in Goa.
– Escorts in Goa. He is always so happy.
– I am always so happy. He is a gentleman.
– I am a gentleman, papa. Papa. Forgive me.
– Security! Get him out from here. Papa, he is apologizing. Forgive me, papa. – He is sorry.
– You are mad. – Sorry. But he is very sweet you know.
Papa, I am your Tony! – Sonia, get him out of here.
– Papa, I love you. Please papa, I’ll handle him. Security! – I’ll handle him.
– No! I don’t like him. Papa, don’t worry,
I’ll ask him to leave. Tony! – Idiot! Get out! Papa! Papa!
– Papa! Get the hell out of here! Ya…
– May I speak to Sonia please? Who is calling?
– Prem. – Prem. So that’s why you are here in India.
I see… Prem No, I didn’t come
to India to meet Prem. I was here to see my mother’s grave. I didn’t even know that Prem was here.
I suddenly met him. Sure I understand. A girl sets off from
Vienna to go to Singapore… …she gets down at Bombay.
Then, she goes to Malaga. Where the population is around
3 lakhs and out of all these people… …she meets the only one
person whom sheshould not meet. You want me to believe this story. You can ask nanny.
This is true. No, my dear. Truth is,
you told a lie to your father. You came here to meet Prem.
You didn’t expect, I would come here. And you were caught red-handed. Papa, please believe me.
You know, I never lie. You can lie… for an Indian
blood flows through your veins. Your mother too was a liar,
so what if you lie. Papa.
– Do not shout. You did what you wished.
Get ready. We are going back to Vienna. Prem…
– Sonia… – That. Sonia, no need to utter a word.
There is no need to explain anything. I know this is not my story…
whose end I can write myself. For someone else has written my fate. And there are only two pages of
this story. The first and the last. Some stories are short.
– I can’t explain… I told you,
there’s no need to explain. I know the end of my story. I am sorry, Prem. When are you going? Day after tomorrow. You can’t but the
time can stand still. Why are you getting so emotional? You are a guide. People will
enter your life and will leave. People come and go in this city.
But not in the life of Tony guide. I understand.
I can understand your feelings. But I cannot stay here. And for how else?
One day I will have to go, isn’t it? You are absolutely right, Madam.
You don’t stay for me. Once you leave… …I too will leave
this city and go somewhere. When you are gone, I’ll miss
you at everyplace in this city. But I don’t know, where will I go? Tony. – What?
– There’s one place. Where? Vienna. With you?! If you don’t mind, can I ask
you something. – Go on. Who will explain it to your father? I will do it. Who is that? Do you have a passport? Yes. I had got it made to go to Dubai. Leave it at the hotel tomorrow.
– I don’t have a visa. I’ll take care of everything. Madam, may I ask you something?
You were testing me, isn’t it? No, Tony.
– No. Promise. – I promise.
– You were testing me. Neena! Madam! Boom! Boom! Please prepare properly. Take it. I don’t believe it.
Is it a dream or a reality? Look at me, I’m an ordinary
guide while she’s a princess. One thing is for sure, Neena.
An astrologer had told me… …a princess will come in
my life whom I’ll love very much… …and she’ll take me away with her. Isn’t it a wonderful fairy tale?! You are crying!
Get up… come on. Sit… you are an idiot. You think I’ll leave
you here forget you? Don’t I know, after Madam… …only Neena loves me
the most in the entire world. On reaching there I’ll tell
Madam to arrange a nice job for me. Then, I’ll call you there. Unless I tease you
I can’t digest my food. I’m writing my house in your
name and still you are crying. Don’t cry Neena… …when you cry
something happens to me. Please. I know Tony doesn’t love me. He hasn’t even seen me properly. Maybe because we don’t care
for the things which we possess. And then,
Sonia came in between us. I’m not sad about this. Because my happiness
lies in his happiness. Who else do I have except Tony? I’m very happy today, Tony. Sir, I sent the luggage. But where’s Sonia?
The flight is at 12 o’ clock. I will see. How are you related to Jennifer? She was my mother. – So, you are Haynes daughter?
– Yes. I want to talk to you.
Come with me. Why did you let her go? Why? Why didn’t you tell
her that I’ll be late. Why did you let her go?
Where has she gone? Sonia.
– O my God. Where had you been?
We are getting late. Papa I want to talk to you urgently.
– I don’t want to hear anything. The flight is taking off.
Get inside. But papa, please.
– Get inside. Come on. Where’s the passport? I’ve got it. Forgive me Tony.
I made a mistake. I had dreamt about many things.
About you and me. But I forgot,
dreams never come true… …one can only live on hopes. You are lucky,
you got what you wished for. The one you loved is with you. In every church of Malaga… …I’ll light a candle for
your happiness and long life. Enjoy yourself as
you used to do it here. Don’t worry about me.
You enjoy. I’ll try to live without you. I’ll live alone Tony.
Don’t worry about me. I’ll live Tony. Hey Tony! What are you doing here?
C’mon, we’ve to check in. Madam I’ll not go with you. What?
– I’ll not go with you. You were so excited to go and now… I only thought about my happiness
so I couldn’t see anything else. But today I’ve realized
after so many years. Tony! – Madam, I know,
you love me very much. You’ve convinced
your father to marry me. Tony…
– But Madam… – I mean… – I know, you can bestow
me with happiness, wealth and love. But that will be at the
cost of someone’s sorrow. That Neena… …she’ll be all alone when I go away. She has no one of her own.
She will be very lonely. – Neena… I can understand,
you must be thinking… …why Neena has transpired suddenly. But that poor girl was right
with me from the very beginning. She loves me a lot.
I realised it today. I am everything for her. She’ll die if I go away. She’ll definitely… die. It’s difficult to suppress one’s love. But to break the heart of
one who loves you is a grave sin. And this sin, Tony will not commit.
Please forgive me. I am sorry. Sonia my darling!
When are we going? Where is there mad
crazy boy of yours? He has left. I knew it was bound to happen. These people never keep their word. He might have landed some
other job better than ours. So he left.
Scoundrel! Greedy! No papa, that greedy
Indian rejected your daughter. What nonsense!
What are you talking? I was frank with him.
He thought I was in love with him. And I wanted to marry him. Scoundrel!
How dare he? Papa, agreed Tony is poor.
But his dreams were high. And today he shattered his
dreams because he realised that… …Neena loved him and he rejected me,
your wealth… …and his dream of
being a rich man. All for her. And whatever I dreamt… …I shattered it for
your respect your love. That was not a dream Papa.
That was love, true love! Which I have understood today. You gave me all the happiness… …but today I beg you for my love. Prem is the biggest
happiness of my life. I want to live with him. I’ll not let you meet
that bloody journalist. He is an Indian. He’ll cheat you,
just like your mother left us alone. My mother didn’t cheat us. But she had learnt, she was suffering
from some dangerous disease. So she returned alone to Malaga. So that you and I could live. In a country where
loves means sacrifice… …how can a woman of
that country be a cheat? Only an Indian can make
such a big sacrifice. Papa, these are the letters
that mummy wrote to you. But she never mailed them. Thank you. I’ll ask
your mother for forgiveness. And you go to Prem,
whom you love. Thank you papa. – I am sorry.
– Thank you, thank you. You remember,
I had said, if your love is true… he will definitely come back to you. Look, I have returned. You also eat. I’ve decided, I’ll always have
my food after you have it. Any problem?
– No. What happened, Tony? Sonia madam has
followed me here. – Yes. She didn’t go with her father. How could she? Her love is here. How much will I hurt her?
– Yes. She looks pale.
She looks gloomy. Look at her plight,
she can neither laugh nor cry. Doesn’t matter.
It happens in love. She’ll overcome as time passes by.
What to do? I’m only one. Go on, eat. Do not worry Tony.
Everything think will be all right. Look Tony is sitting there.
Go and thank him. Had it not been for him,
we wouldn’t have met. Anyway that thing…
– No need to say anything. Let him think that a princess
came from a far off country… …who loved him very much. And he rejected the
princess for an ordinary girl. Some dreams are so beautiful
that you can’t shatter them.

43 thoughts on “Albela (2001)(HD) – Hindi Full Movie – Govinda – Aishwarya Rai – Superhit Movie-(With Eng Subtitles)

  1. Wow! Such a soft movie…..chii chhi & aish rocks……wonder why dis film was a flop… of the best performance of Govinda❤

  2. I like govinda sir very much sir thankful that giving such a beautiful flims u r acting dance i just love it sir

  3. A senama me jacky saf ko a rool acha nhy laga,, eselya thora folof jeya ,,or gobinda ke sath melana chaiya tha ,,bohat bura kam kiya ,,deracter ne

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