Air Canada Premium Economy – Boeing 777-300ER – London-Vancouver – Trip Report

Air Canada Premium Economy – Boeing 777-300ER – London-Vancouver – Trip Report

With Air Canada in Premium Economy in a Boeing 777-300er over the Atlantic from London to Vancouver.
Welcome to my first trip report! Yes, nine and a half hours flight. I would like to make a little video out of it and show, how the Premium Economy at Air Canada is like. I’m doing so much traveling right now, I simply have to use these trips for this Youtube-Channel! So, off to London and into the air. Have lots of fun with it! Coming from Frankfurt, to shorten the waiting time I visit the Lufthansa Business Lounge. I have access thanks to my Lufthansa
Frequent Traveler Status! It is nicely decorated, a typical Lufthansa lounge. Very bright, very friendly and relatively comfortable. Lufthansa offers a wide range of food and beverages. The food was almost a bit better than in the Lounges in Germany. There were different, delicious hot dishes and the usual drinks and
Candy selection. Here, for example Salad, mac’n cheese, then fried
Rice and a Chinese Chicken curry. That was all
very delicious and, including a dessert of course, prepared me well for the long flight. You could also do sone work and also the restrooms were very nice. Then I went to the gate. At Heathrow, there are are relatively long ways and you have to calculate for enough time – about 15 Minutes from the lounge to the gate B42. And this is the Boeing 777-300 Extended Range of Air Canada, that would be going to be my home for the next nine and a half hours. I already was very curious how good the Premium Economy would be and whether it could make my flight a little more comfortable. There’s my seat, which offers significantly more legroom than in the Economy Class. Great! Pillows and blanket lay on the seats,
but only the standard variants from economy class. They were not so comfortable. A small Amenity Kit was waiting for me,
let’s take a closer look at this later. Headphones, and of course a bottle of water. The legroom was really fantastic. You have enough space for the long flight. I am quit tall, about 1,85 meters with long legs – and I had really enough space. The footrests also make it very comfortable. What is not so nice is the distance between the seats to the side. There is only one armrest. I would have liked that better, because I don’t want to fight with my neighbour for the place on the armrest. Here you can see the distance even more accurate. A small table is hidden in the armrest, which can then be folded out in two steps. So you either have a lot of space or a little less. For the head you can adjust the headrest and make yourself comfortable. Back to the Amenity Kit! Socks, a sleep mask, earplugs and a small disposable toothbrush. I think that’s pretty good!
Let’s put the table away – and before the start, there was a small welcome drink. I had an orange juice, but there was also water offered. That sweetened the start a little bit. That’s the usual security video. But I will spare that now. Unfortunately, I did not have a seat at the window, so I can’t show you a nice video of the start. But I tried to film a little over my neighbors. Anyway, let’s go to Vancouver! Immediately after the start, we got a hot towel, even real fabric, not made of paper. So you can refresh your face and hands a little bit. I always like that. Let’s take a look at the inflight entertainment system! It is controlled by a remote control, which you can pull out there.
That’s just fine because the distance to the monitor is relatively large due to the large seat distance. The system is actually quite easy to use. It offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, games and other things. But to be honest, the selection is not that great. And you can get information about the flight, you can do many different things, Adjust brightness and more.
And yes, there are some games. I started one, but since it took a really long time to load, I didn’t play it. It seemed a bit like games from the 90s. I didn’t feel like playing games like that… I like the map the most anyway! Of course, the system can also be controlled via a touch screen. Approximately 1 1/2 hours after the start, the food arrived and that was really delicious! Fresh salad with a salad sauce, which had to be mixed together, Pasta with tomato sauce and a
Spinach ricotta filling and a bit of cake and a fresh
bread roll. They use real porcelain! And of course, real
cutlery. I think that’s really good. I went through the normal economy class. and there you can see the difference to premium economy: It’s much more crowded here, much tighter and the seats are much narrower. there is much less legroom. When you come back to the premium area, you see how much better it is! There is a quieter atmosphere, there are less people and it is simply much nicer! The restrooms are just normal standard. Nice and
clean, yes, but no amenities. The flight over Greenland, especially in such nice weather, is always one of the highlights of a North American flight. is always one of the highlights of a flight to North America. This is a incredibly beautiful view! After about half of the flight we had a small dessert: Cookies, delicious vanilla ice cream and finally the first coffee of the flight! Why did it take so long? Without coffee you can not survive such a flight! At the very end there was a small snack. That was a vegetable wrap, yummy! Then we flew over the Rocky Mountains and approached Vancouver. I really liked this flight very much! The flight attendants at Air Canada are
just fantastic and friendly very helpful and somehow not
quite as artificial as at other airlines. Just nice. The premium
Economy is a fantastic offer, with small weaknesses. Yes, for example, the distance to the right and left could be much greater and a better pillow would also be quite good. And I need more coffee! But the overall offer is right. Hence a clear recommendation. That was my first trip report. If you liked it leave me a comment and a like, and subscribe to my channel! Thank you very much, bye!

10 thoughts on “Air Canada Premium Economy – Boeing 777-300ER – London-Vancouver – Trip Report

  1. This review is very useful! The visual comparison between regular and premium economy helps quite a bit in noticing the difference in comfort and privacy. My German is rusty, but I could clearly understand everything you said, without having to read the subtitles. Thank you! I hope you keep posting reviews.

  2. Vielen Dank für diesen Reisebericht. Ich fahre bald mit AC Premium Economy nach Wien und war gespannt, was mich erwartet. Gut gemacht!

  3. I honestly find it more comfortable in the economy section. 9 times out of ten in premium economy its overweight or very large people who book in this class. Then you are stuck being crowded in and their shoulder or body or whatever touching your body. If you are traveling as a pair, Its ok,But if solo I would not recommend premium.

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