(music) TB: It’s going to be on YouTube. You can show everyone. Okay, so when was the first time you came in for this one? P: About a year ago? TB: But it was not this big. P: Not this big it’s grown and it’s it’s not painful by itself but every time I’m wearing like a tight shoe or anything that touches the area. TB: And then we got you to originally go for ultrasound, right? P: Correct. TB: And we said it was a ganglion cyst that came out as a ganglion cyst. P: Yes, Yes. TB: But not just one multiple ones. P: Yes. TB: So, what did this did you actually have a consultation for the surgery? P: Yes, I did and I haven’t been able to get a surgery date. I even had an MRI which confirmed. TB: You had an MRI and the surgeon did say that you’re going for surgery? P: Yeah. TB: But no date yet. P: Not date. TB: Okay. So the big thing that we’re gonna do today we have to find all the different lobes the different cysts that are present the ganglion cyst. So I know there’s one here big, one here, one here, and one here. So I gotta do a numbing first. So we’re gonna numb this area here.
Normally the toe, you see where it ends here? P: Yeah. TB: We do two pricks on either side of the toe and it is totally numb but because this lobe actually goes pretty far back I’m gonna have to do a little injection on the side here one down here to try to really numb the whole toe so you don’t feel too much during the actual aspiration not like as you know, it’s not a solution, but at least we try to reduce the size of it so it’s not so painful in your shoes or take up so much room. P: Yeah. TB: So it’s gonna be a little bit tough part about just doing the numbing over here. Okay. Remember you’ll be okay. P: Okay. TB: So let me set everything up and pull out as much fluid as we can. P: Thank you.

81 thoughts on “ABNORMAL TOE GROWTH: PART 1

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