3 Ways To Avoid Customs Tax On Packages Shipping From China

3 Ways To Avoid Customs Tax On Packages Shipping From China

Ok is it fine? is it in frame Ok So Guys today In this video I am just going to talk with you About Customs As a youtuber I have to import a lot of products A lot of electronics products From china May be some time I buy From USA, And so many other countries I import lot of products And some time i have to pay customs So if you guys want to import some electronics gadget May be some other products from china or USA Or any other counter And you find The price is really attractive Very cheap And you want to know about The custom charges How much you have to pay For the customs And you want to know about it Keep watching this video I will explain You Indian customs rules And how you can save little bit money On custom duty So lets get started Couple of days ago This company Leophile They contacted me And told me like We want to some product for review Will you make a video for us Review video for them I think awhooo I will get free headphone So they send me Two of them And I don’t know about the price I have no idea how much This headphone will cost So here is the headphone guys Here Here inside this box Is headphone And And the declared value is $6 And I paid total INR 1413.00 Near about USD 23 As custom fees This package is opened by the Indian customs And they checked what is inside the package May be then google it About the price And on that assessed value they probably declared the tax This item is send via DHL And its took only 4 days From china to kolkata And then to my home Only 4 days I don’t know about the shipping cost. But I think it will cost near about $20 – $30 To ship this item So if you courier is DHL FEDEX ARAMEX Or any other super fast courier service you chose Then Indian custom probably open the box And assessed the value And will put some amount of taxes The lowest amount of tax I paid Is 394 Rs. Which is near about $7 – $8 For a INR 1000 Speaker And that was send via FedEx And I have to pay the tax because There was a li-ion battery Inside the Bluetooth speaker So any product contain a li-ion battery Customs probably open the box And charge you customs duty An if you import product using normal post or register post You probably don’t need to pay any taxes This year I probably bought two to three hundred products From ebay.com Banggood.com Gearbest.com And all of the product I chose shipping as Registered shipping And those product value Is range from $1 to $300 – $400 But I never paid a single penny for customs I order lots of item from gearbest.com too And I chose priority line for the shipping And I never paid a single penny Last month I bought a $200 action cam This one Sj7 Star But I don’t paid any customs. Now I am sharing with you Couple of method Ebay seller use So that we don’t need to pay tax Last month I bought this Canon Battery From ebay Including shipping And here in India It will cost you INR 3900 The Original Battery And when the seller ship the item He told me He will send me a car like this as a gift And inside this car Put the battery There is screw here put a screw here And ship it to me And other story is that I ordered this Zhiyun smooth q Gimbal From ebay.com The price was $139 Near about 9353 INR The seller ship this gimbel really fast I get it with in 9 days after placing the order And when I receive the product . I saw the declared Value was Only $14 And the name of the item Camera Bracket Rather than a gimbal So luckily I don’t have to pay Any customs for this item But if customs open it I have to pay $30 – $40 As custom fees For this gimbal Now guys lets unbox this DHL box And lets find out Whats inside So guys lets unbox this thiing OOoh There are two headphones Super cool This leophile EEL price is $49 Leophile zero This one price is $99 Total $150 cost of products So if you calculate it I paid near about 18 % tax on it This is a review unit guys Its a product that send Some body send it to me I don’t paid money for those kind of product I suppose to not pay any kind of tax for it If any thing any body send it to you And the value Of the product is is less than INR 10,000 ~ $165 You don’t need to pay any tax There is rule there So you can fight with customs if you want Ok, But I decided not to fight with customs Rather than take the product If you are importing any thing from any Chinese e-commerce site or any other foreign web site And want to get it duty free You can follow this following steps No 1 Always use only register post For shipping If fast delivery is not required For product price Less than $20 Customs probably will not charge you anything Because processing fees or the labor cost Will more than the custom fees If you chose. Private logistic for faster shipping They will always charge you custom fees Plus processing fees That will be around 18% – 30% Or more Of the product assessed value No 2 The seller always declared The original value Also you can request The seller to change The product value And the product name To avoid any custom fees Previously I gave you an example Of a Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal And the price of the gimbal was $139 But the seller Declared the value Only $14 And name the product as camera Bracket Rather than a gimbal That save me near about $30 – $40 Custom Fees No 3. Do not order lot of item in a single order If the size of the pack is big Customs probably going to open it And probably going to tax on it. This my suggestion guys Do not import anything That is restricted Or prohibited In India Like importing a drone in India Is restricted So if you are importing a drone And if it is fit in toy category Customs probably release it But if it is little bi big Like DJI Phantom This kind of drone You will not able to Able to release it from customs You need lot of license DGCA Drone License Import export license So many license you need to submit to the custom To release the drone So I am requesting you guys Do not import any kind of drone in India So guys that’s it for today Hope you like this video If you like it make sure you smack A big thumbs up on this video And if you have any questions Any suggestion Make sure you comment In the comment section below And meet with you on my next video Till then Bye bye

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  1. Bro does the cost as described in the website of product will be same or it will change when we get in our hands?🤔

  2. Hi bro..I want to amaze fit smart watch from geartbest which cost now 6500rs.for this we should give custom duty ? Plz suggest the method.

  3. I just refuse to accept the item so it is returned to the seller. Then an extended shun is implemented i.e. another step backwards for all concerned.

  4. His English is good enough to be understood so stop being professors, it's just that his accent is a little bengali and that's perfectly fine with me.

  5. How about in the via EMS courier do they have cost also in their custom even you have paid already in the seller? In Aliexpress shop ship to Philippines please some advice planning to buy there at shop Ali,ty!

  6. I have to order a skin product which is 125 dollars from eBay. I sent mail to ebay seller asking to mention low price in the invoice. But he said the invoice is automatically from the ebay site. What to do now.

  7. Dear Sir,

    How can I file a complaint against KOLKATA FOREIGN EMS?
    This post office has become the "Bermuda Triangle" of the parcels, parcels that come from abroad always get stuck here and never get delivered to their destination & sometimes they keep it for themselves.

    Just see the reviews (https://goo.gl/LafDXC), how people are complaining regarding their parcels. I had also ordered a $15 USD lamp from Banggood, but, it's been 3 months since it arrived there and still, I haven't got it delivered to my home address. When I check the shipment status it always says "Retention Reason: Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner".

    This is the office of India's Most Corrupt Officials (Mostly the customs officers inside this office). If you order something from websites like Banggood, Alibaba, Aliexpress etc and If it has to go through this office, you will never get it. I can assure you that.

    Could you please make a video on how to file a complaint against the lazy and corrupt officials especially the customs officers who work inside this office?

    Best Regards,
    Vande Mataram

  8. People complaining about your english would shit their pants if they had to make a video of this calibre. Cheers.

  9. Bro maine eek mechanical keyboard ordr kya tha banggood se(rs-3544/-) about 51$ aur maine chose kya tha india direct mail/free shipping.is s me custom charge lagega kya?

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  11. Dear sir.
    Please help me to get any shipping agency in USA just to import some tools.

  12. Bhai ali express se order dene ke bad jab india me aa jaye to custom clear karne ke liye kya karna padta hai…courial vale contact karenge ki product apne ap deliever ho jayega..below 1000ru.. invoice or id pruf ka sms karna jaruri hai…pls reply

  13. Dada if I order redmi 6 pro lite from banggood in Kolkata how can I avoid custom duty? Can u suggest any website to buy this model

  14. sir agar amazon se koi product Saudi Arabia se order kiya jaye to bo india main deliver ho sakta hai agar ho sakta to kaise plzzz sir jarur ptana

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  17. I ordered from one of the korean sites and the products were of 35$ and the packet was marked as gift, it is held by customs from past one month reason saying Invoice missing, even received the letter asking for Invoice, which I did posted them but again I received the letter saying I didnt sent the required documents and my products come under sec 111 of customs act 1962 and I will get a chance of hearing or will have to pay penalty, what should I do please help 😞

  18. Very Carefull with carriers. DHL is very corrupt. They will extort you for money ($1350.00) for special packages.

  19. Can you tell me about Aliexpress Standaard Shipping : Time to deliver in kolkata from China & about Customs in this method of shipping ?

  20. Am also from Kolkata . I wanna import something through alibaba . I have some questions regarding import, can I have your no ??

  21. I am buy to 3d Printer aliexpress 25000 fedex free shipping. Sellers costom declar value 10%. How tax an costom duty how much pay..any idea. pls

  22. Sir please answer me…. Do they (Indian Custom Department) open the packing of product if someone sends you an electronic gift from cargo courier from United Kingdom

  23. Sir, AliExpress service ek air rifle scope (optic item) Lena Chahta Hun…and it's of 26$.iske liye custom charge lagega kya…??? Please Ans me quickly…

  24. Here not to judge but, you are the first Indian I have ever heard with actual good quality editing and quality of your mic and camera. Great video!

  25. If your items ship by DHL mostly you should pay tax, custom or vat because DHL always find their way to get more money from their deferment fees (so called administration fees). Today I just pay 2.80 USD tax plus 18 USD deferment fees. It's free shipping from seller but seriously 18 USD for DHL!

  26. Hey bro
    I want buy cell phone from china arround 30000₹. What can i do for coustom free charge on the cellphone.
    Please rply bro

  27. I ordered a selfie stick for 4 dollars and they wanted a 30 dollars for customs. i said f that and cut one of my table legs off, sanded a slot wide enough to fit my smart phone and then taped it from the bottom. Attached an arc swivel hammer to the back of a pendulum which was mounted on the end of the table leg. Ran a string through 6 eye hooks and a plastic cleaver angle and boom… selfie stick. I know you are going to ask; i stacked 2 concrete blocks, a brick, and a copy of Back to the Future IV on vhs up to make the perfect height. Table is solid.

  28. Bro
    I have shifted to my house so what address proof should I give.
    Mentioned address is different current address is different pls help me.

  29. Bro, for some international websites does custom duty fees also gets calculated & charged in advance at the website at order checkout payment itself ??

    I was trying to buy some items from iherb and it calculated the custom duty fees of around Rs.3000 at checkout..

    If I pay that extra 3000 in advance, will I again have to pay more at delivery time.. I'm confused.. Please explain..

  30. This is not good at all. What the Chinese are doing is selling you their product and the Customs and Central Excise is not getting anything because of false declaration of price and product. You are making our nation weak day by day. Request your seller to declare the item correctly and be brave to give the customs duty.

  31. Sir.
    I bought a 64$ (4500/-) Phone on ebay did i get a custom charges for that phone in india… reply sir

  32. I imported a processor worth rs22,000 and they charged me a duty charge of 11620rs..do you know how to get refund????pls help me…

  33. Sir should I request the seller to write a lower cost on the box or they do it automatically?? To avoid customs. Product cost-4500(graphic card) from AliExpress*

  34. wow next time let google speech do the talking because I cant understand phok of what you re saying. thats too bad cos you seem to have gathered some really valuable information there, im just too lazy for uncoding work

  35. The custom duty for motherboard is 0 zero in india also for processor i can provide link to government tariff if u need

  36. Approximately 1000₹ item in 3000₹.a Samsung SD Card worth 28.99$ but Custom Duty is 24.89$ 🙄😟

  37. Its all fun and games… Untill they ask full receipt info and link from the product. That's what they been doing it back here…
    You need to get a very nice dealer that can help you make a small payment for the record… and then, you transfer the rest.

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