3 Reasons Why Money is Worthless

3 Reasons Why Money is Worthless

Oh my god. So much bugs around here! I just want to (making gurgling sound) eat them. Hi guys. It`s yet another beautiful summer evening here in Norway. Become your strength, release your limitless potential. Today i`m going to give you 3 reasons for why money is worthless. It probably sounds really weird or bisarre but just keep watching the video and i`ll explain along the way, okay? The first reason for why money is worthless is because it is a collective belief system. And what does that mean? Well, money is basically not worth anything if we don`t believe that it has value. If you look at a dollar bill it`s basically just a piece of paper. Actually if everyone believed in it, we could use flowers in order to pay for goods and services. Off course it would not be as sustainable as paper money, but in theory it would work if everyone created a similar collective belief system around flowers. So again it`s just a collective belief system. It`s something that we believe. And when we all believe in the same thing we give it power. It becomes something of value. But still, it`s something from our imagination right? It`s just a piece of paper. And if you have coins they`re just pieces of metal right? They don`t have any value at all if you think about it. Okay i`m going to mention a very good example. If you live your whole life working very hard in order to to earn a lot of money. Say that your life goal is to earn a lot of money. And when you end up on your deathbed. . . or on your bed of death. I don`t know what you call it, but when you`re going to die eventually you`ll sit there and think; “I made so much money, and i spendt my time so wisely.” Well if you liked your job you probably had a good time right? But if you didn`t like your job and you only worked in order to get the money, you`ll probably end up thinking that your life was shit. Oh my gahd. So much bugs around here! I just want to (gurgling sound) eat them. I didn`t mean that (loughing) But if you`re lying in a hospital for example and you know that you`re going to die in the next few days or months, then you will be much more plesent if you`ve spent your time wisely. If you`ve had fun. If you`ve done several things throughout life. Explored things about the world and yourself. At the end of the day it all comes down to who had the most fun, right? Because if you have fun and enjoy life, then you`ve spent your life in a good way. So what does it mean whether or not you have the money. Money can`t make you any more happy in the long run. When you win like a million dollars one day You`ll most likely be happier that one day, the first week or for the rest of the month, but after a while you will get used to it. So it all comes down to how you spend your life, how you spend your time. Time is a much more sustainable thing. It all comes down to how you spend your time. So the second reason why money is worthless is because it brainwashes you. It is a very weird word to use right? Brainwashed. But that`s what it`s doing. It`s manipulating you into believing that you have to get money in order to survive right? In the end it`s not the only way to survive. It`s only a type of system that we use in order to switch values in our society. Off course we all need money. I`m not saying that you have to go out into the wilderness and live like a beast. I`m just saying that you don`t need to be as affected by money as you are now. Because if you live for that one day of the month when you get that paycheck, You`ve only lived one day. Right? That`s one day of happiness, one day of joy. And it all comes down to how you use your time.Time is a much more sustainable thing as i`ve just said. A phenomenon of much more value in this world. So if you`ve lived for that one day when you get that paycheck, you`ll at the end of your life say “Fu** my life, i didn`t experience what i truly wanted to experience because i forgot to have fun. “I didn`t learn anything new about myself because i went to this boring job every singel day in order to get something that i actually never needed.” You lived for that one day of the month. At the end of the day you can also wonder why there`s so much crime and war in this world. It may be a result of money. It`s a very weak object as i`ve just told you, and it makes some of those dark sides of humans come forth into light.A lot of people are willing to do so many things for money. Many evil things as well. And that`s alalalal. And that may be a reason for why we have so much crime, and so much anger, so much depression and other negative stuff going on in this world. What you ahve to keep in mind is that money is not a natural element in our world. It`s something imagnary. Something that we`ve come up with. It`s an element that we`ve lived with for thousands of years and look at nature. Nature is constanty changing. All year around it`s changing and evolving. But human beings have a tendensy of staying in the same system all the time. Like money for example. It`s not a sustainable system, but still we`ve been using it for such a long time. Im not saying that we should quit using money and find a better solution right away. I`m not saying that, but we don`t need to live so much for money. Live because you want to have fun. Live because you want to live. That`s a very good thing to do. At least i think so. The third reason why money is so worthless is because. I`ve actually mentioned it already. It`s because it`s a human based system. It`s somethig made by humans many years ago. As i`ve also told you it`s a static system. And what i believe is that we can learn so much from nature. From the way nature is operating. From the way it works. So maybe it is time to start changing our ways of approaching and percieving this world. When we change our ways of approaching the world, we also have to change the way we look at our old systems. There exists so many examples out there were money can`t reach through. Money don`t work in the long run. We`ve all got these financial crisis, crime and abuse of money. People use money in the wrong way. We can all make the world better one step at a time, but in the meantime just focus on living your life. Focus on spending your time in a better way. Time is much more valuable compared to money. I hope this video got you one step closer towards finding your limitless potential. Please Like, Share and Subscribe if you liked this video or any of my other videos. Thanks a lot for watching guys, i`ll see you later in a video later on. Probably next week. I`ll put out at least one new video each week. So lease stay tuned for more. Bye!

25 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Money is Worthless

  1. We've created the value for money, it is not inherently there and does not actually exist. I hate it. It is an abstract concept only capable of being born in the Human imagination.

  2. I wish people could comprehend what you're saying. This video should be blowing people's minds. Seriously wish I knew more people like this.

  3. nice video though I thought this was pretty obvious. I have been thinking this since I was seven, and plus the reason they don't have flowers or something as currency is because no body would work because flowers grow all the time and instead of ppl working they would just go and pick flowers. while things like gold are rare. obviously paper isn't but the paper represents gold. so yeah I agree with you completely that money is just a waste of space.

  4. if you say $$$$$$$ are worthless , how you pay your bill????????s, how you grow yur kids????? , what you eat???? , dont you have duties?????? ,how you bought this camera that you make the video ?????? how you live in a fucin world were if you dont have $$$$$$ nobody looks at you ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? its imposible in this fuckin word to leave with out money !!!!! you say this becasue norway hass good politicians !! if you were in africa i bet on my life you would not say the same thing !!!!! so …

  5. his right! money creates problems. thats what the feds want war and using people to die for money. a piece of paper take a moment to think that. money cant make you immortal. money cant buy you life money cant save your life if you have an incurable disease. thats common sense people. they use money to control people.

  6. With money, you can buy almost everything, but without money, you can die. because everything costs money, the last thing is: you have to pay for air, no pay? we'll disable air for you. No air = Dead

  7. Wow man I been trying to argue this case to people for so long, you do need money, I agree, but it doesn't need to dominate your life, this is a really great video man, deserves more views 🙂

  8. You know it's funny you should mention flowers.  That plant you picked up is a dandelion.  It's the most abundant and highly resilient, not to mention edible weed on the face of the earth. 

    If you got shipwrecked in the middle of a stormy ocean and successfully swam your way to an island that had an abandoned basement with a tin plated steel door, or your balloon or chopper ran out of fuel and you got stuck in an oasis in the world's largest, widest desert with no paved road in or out with an identical door abandoned centuries ago, you'd be alright if the wind had carried dandelion seeds thousands of miles to your location and planted them there.  So long as the well doesn't run dry and the water hasn't been poisoned, the very water sustaining that island's plant life or the oasis will keep you alive. 

    Furthermore, silver is inflation proof.  The amount is fixed.  If you had a silver pot, it would tarnish, but it would never rust, and you could burn paper like that cash you had or dead vegetation in order to boil water as you see fit.  Cash is finite, but dead plant matter isn't.  The fact is printed and digital money has no value.  Silver does.  Compound interest is the biggest scam in the history of man, ever.  Silver is real. 

    Bottom line? Metal is valuable.  Plastic and a series of numbers on an automatic teller machine monitor are not.  They are not feasible.  See if a good electric magnetic pulse no one has control over doesn't affect it.  Metal can't be touched.  To its credit, you can burn cash to boil the water in your silver pot.  Pure info has no inherent value.  Dandelions are useful for fire and food alike.  And they do not require the hand of man to grow.

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