10 MIND BLOWING Secrets In US Dollars!

10 MIND BLOWING Secrets In US Dollars!

From hidden symbols and animals to the true
meaning of the ‘Eye of Providence’. Today we look at 10 Mind-Blowing Secrets in
US Dollars! Number 10. “Loaded With Latin”
Everything sounds much more regal and official when it is put into Latin. When the founding fathers were orchestrating
the beginnings of the United States they not only knew this, but they also wanted to set
a high standard as they were attempting to be the first true republic in hundreds of
years. One of the ways to do this and to also pay
tribute to the Roman and Greek Republics of the past was by incorporating latin phrases
into our currency. Needless to say, they went all out with this
concept in the dollar bill, as if you take a quick glance at it you will see several
American mottos in latin. Around what has become a highly recognizable
symbol to Americans, the Eye and Pyramid (known as the Eye of Providence) there are two such
phrases. Above it is the phrase ‘Annuit Coeptis’ which
translates to ‘He approves of our undertakings’ which sounds quite nefarious at first, especially
if you are believer in the Freemason and Illuminati conspiracies, but they are probably just talking
about God. Underneath the pyramid is the phrase ‘Novus
Ordo Seclorum’ which translates to ‘a new order of the ages’ which is believed to be
referring to the establishment of a new type of government, though one could see how conspiracy
theorists believe this points to the “New World Order”. In the banner that is in the beak of the Eagle
on the back, you may recognize the latin phrase ‘E. Pluribus Unum’, which means ‘one from
many’ and is talking about the thirteen colonies coming together to form one nation. The last bit of latin on the dollar bill isn’t
a phrase but a date. It is kind of hard to spot at first but if
you look closely at the base of the pyramid you will see the Roman Numerals MDCCLXXVI
which in English numerals is the year 1776, the year the Declaration of Independence was
signed. Number 9. “Something’s Missing”
There have been a lot conspiracy theories and mysteries involving other bills than just
the one the dollar bill and one of them involves five dollar bill. Theorists have been quick to point out that
in the picture of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the bill only 26 states are listed
whereas there should be 48 as this is how many states there were when the monument was
constructed. People have been quick to jump to the conclusion
that the number 26 or the names of the states listed must mean something bigger in the grand
scheme of things. But the truth is on the actually memorial
in Washington D.C. the other states are listed on the sides. So that’s why they can’t be seen on the five. Number 8. “Hidden Critters”
This curious aspect of the one-dollar bill isn’t as easy to debunk as some of conspiracy
theories revolving around US currency. If you look extremely closely, and we mean
magnifying glass close, outside of the top left part of the ornate border that surrounds
the number one on the right side of the bill you will see an odd looking figure. Some say that the image is of a skull and
some say it is a spider but the most common thing that people think it is, is an owl. What is the significance of this hidden critter? Well as it turns out the owl is considered
to be one of the main symbols of the Freemasons, the secret and powerful brotherhood that many
of the founding fathers are believed to have belonged. The Freemasons believe that the owl represents
reincarnation because they are nocturnal and according to legends, owls contain the souls
of people who have passed away who are waiting until morning to find a new body. Though less fantastical, they have also long
been symbols of wisdom, the pursuit of which is a common theme in Freemasonry and the Illuminati. Number 7 “Money Makings”
One secret that you probably weren’t aware of lies in what material the dollar bill is
actually made out of. You may have wondered how something made out
of paper can withstand so much wear and tear over the years and not disintegrate like normal
paper would. Well, this is because U.S. paper currency
isn’t made out of paper at all, rather a combination of seventy-five percent cotton and twenty-five
percent linen, which give it superior durability to plain old paper. These bills are also required to have red
and blue fibers woven into the tight fabric for added security. The average dollar bill lasts around six years,
whereas if it was made of paper it probably wouldn’t last more than a year under the conditions
our money experiences. Number 6. “Letter Code”
Unless you are completely oblivious to what you are putting in your wallet you have probably
noticed the circular stamp-looking marking with a letter inside of it on the dollar bill. This is is the Federal Reserve Seal and the
letter inside of it represents the reserve bank that ordered the bill. The number next to the seal, called the Federal
Reserve District Number also corresponds to this bank. There are twelve of these banks across the
country and each of them represents a different region of the country. If you see the letter ‘A’ and the number ‘1’
this means the bill was ordered by the bank in Boston. If you see the letter ‘L’ and the number ’12’
the bill was ordered by the bank in San Francisco. Number 5. “Lucky 13”
Beyond just the Federal Reserve Seal and District Number the dollar bill is chock full of numbers
and letters making it the focal point of many conspiracy theories from numerologists. One aspect of the bill that can be agreed
on by these numerologists and historians is the fact that the founding fathers were obsessed
with the number ’13’. Though there are theories that say otherwise
there is a fairly obvious reason for the fascination–there were thirteen original colonies. When studying a dollar bill you can start
to see that not only did the designer of the bill want the thirteen colonies represented
in our currency they wanted to hit people over the head with the number. In the great seal the number thirteen is referenced
in seven different ways. On the shield in front of the eagle there
are thirteen horizontal and thirteen vertical stripes. In the eagle’s talons it is clutching an olive
branch with thirteen berries and thirteen arrows. Above the eagle’s head are thirteen stars
and the pyramid in the Eye of Providence has thirteen steps. Many numerologists and conspiracy theorists
will tell you that you are silly for thinking only of the thirteen colonies when looking
at this repetition, as the number thirteen has long had satanic connotations. Number 4. “No Forge Fiber”
You have probably noticed the vibrant blue security strips on the new 100 dollar bill
but did you know that all dollar bills except singles have a hidden security thread like
this? It is one of the biggest secrets that is keeping
counterfeiters at bay and the technology for them is constantly improving. These threads, that can only be seen using
ultraviolet light are embedded in the fibers of the bills and placed at different locations
depending on the bills denomination. Each bill also has its own special color. The thread on a five dollar bill is blue,
it’s orange on a ten, green on a twenty, yellow on a fifty and in addition to the visible
blue one on a hundred dollar bill there is a hidden one to the left of Benjamin Franklin’s
face that is purple. Speaking of the blue 3D strip that is on the
old C-Note, the treasury may start putting these strips on all denominations in the future
as it has proven so incredibly difficult to replicate by counterfeiters. One of the main reasons why the thread is
so effective is that it is holographic, if you bend the bill back and forth you will
see the tiny ‘100s’ labeled on the thread, turn into the liberty bell. Number 3. “Eye of Providence”
One of the most conspiracy provoking elements of the dollar bill is that of the Eye of Providence. Not only is it considered a blatant acknowledgement
that the treasury and our country is run by the freemasonry, but also apparently it has
satanic imagery in it as well. We will start off with the historical reasoning
behind the symbol. This image also known as the ‘eye of god’
or the ‘all-seeing eye’ and has been using in several forms by Christians for hundreds
of years, well before the founding of the United States. The triangle border around the eye is meant
to represent the holy trinity. You can see uses of this eye in churches,
cathedrals and government buildings dating back to the Holy Roman Empire. The symbol has been mainly used to signify
that whatever the eye is emblazoned on has the blessing of god. Now, it is true that the symbol has been used
by the Freemasons since 1797, but the problem is the use of the Eye of Providence on The
Great Seal predates this by five years. Still, conspiracy theorists suggest that the
link is no coincidence. There are also several theories that suggest
that when draw lines from the ‘a’ to the ‘s’ in ‘annuit coeptis’ to the letter ‘o’ in ‘novus
ordo seclorum’ and then back to form a triangle and then highlight the outline of the pyramid
that a pentagram is made aka Satan’s favorite shape. Not only that, but when you add the letters
that the bottom corners of the pyramid are touching–‘n’ and ‘m’– to ‘a’,’o’ and ‘s’
it spells out MASON. Number 2. “Security Stars”
You have probably seen this next extremely important secret but not realized it. What is known as the EURion Constellation,
is a set of five small rings that are placed next to each other and look similar to that
of Orion’s Belt. This marker is not only on all US paper currency
but in a vast majority of the banknotes throughout the world. This constellation is used as an indicator
that the bill is in fact real currency, for several types of machines. It’s main function is to recognize the banknote
and stop the machine from copying it. The pattern has mysterious origins as no one
outside of those who were producing currency were aware of its existence until 2002 when
a security researcher was trying to figure out why his color copier wouldn’t copy a banknote
for 10 Euros. All the signs point to it first being implemented
in the late 1990s as a Japanese company released a patent for the design and correlating detection
algorithm in 1995. If you have a twenty dollar bill on hand you
can find several EURion constellations hiding in the miniature ’20s’ on the back left side. Number 1.”Super Eagle”
The proud American Bald Eagle of The Great Seal is one of the most analyzed and dissected
parts of the one dollar bill. Though some of the theories surrounding the
imagery in the depiction of this majestic bird are radical, some of the hidden meanings
are intentional. We’ll start with the history. You may have wondered why the shield in front
of the Eagle seems to be floating in mid-air, well this was designed to represent the idea
that the U.S. citizens should be self-sufficient. On the shield, the lines going up-and-down
are meant to stand for the states, while the bars going side-to-side are for the federal
government which binds the states together. In the Eagle’s clutches are a branch of olives
on one side and arrows on the other, these symbolize the balance of war and peace. Initially the arrows were in the Eagle’s left
talon, the side that the Eagle was facing, but the press and politicians over in Europe
were fearful that this showed the U.S.’s true intentions. So, instead of arguing with them, they switched
the sides the olive branch and arrows were on. When you focus in on the smaller details you
can see where the hard facts end and the theories start. For instance, there are those who claim that
the number of feathers on the Eagle’s right wing, 32, are put there to symbolize the number
of degrees or levels that one can achieve as a Scottish Rite Freemason. There are also theories that suggest the nine
tail feathers on the Eagle represent the 9 spheres of heaven which is part of Illuminati

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