아시아나항공 A321neo 이코노미석 리뷰 / Asiana Airlines A321neo Economy Class

아시아나항공 A321neo 이코노미석 리뷰 / Asiana Airlines A321neo Economy Class

Could you name the aircraft that we’re going to ride? (….never expect this question) A321neo well, I couldn’t answer to this question before It’s a long story to tell [Throw Back]
NAVY: What kind of aircraft do we ride tonight? well… sure… we’re… today.
I know but I don’t know what to say I didn’t expect, I know Let me explain about this brilliant aircraft ‘A321neo’ The whole industry is watching this new aircraft Its first launch customer was Vietnam Airlines and delivered in 2008 Asiana airlines was the first customer in S.Korea guys, So that’s why i’m here And Asiana operates A321neo since this August 8th, to ‘Taipei’, ‘Clark’ and ‘Nagoya’ From Seoul, Korea, total 3 routes! Yes, I know we’re moving fast (filming date August 15th) Also A321neo is No. 1 in Sales, 2019 among those Airbus’s productions Winner So A321neo is like that popular That’s because A321neo is fuel-efficient, low cost, eco-friendly aircraft Super charming Outstanding performance: 20% lower fuel burn per seat, 5,000 tonnes less CO2 per year and a noise footprint that is 50% lower for passengers and airports along with additional range of up to 500 nautical miles/900 km. or 2 tonnes of extra payload Outstanding performance with low-cost compared with competitors Here comes the HERO today Not so big, even looks cute To share you great scenes, she is running again Endless seats
* We did filming before other passengers came Yes, It’ NEW, so neat and clean The design of the seat is quiet slim so the pitch and width got bigger than origin economy class more space We did pretty fast I mean seats are endless Like a seat jungle There are no people.. no? we’re fast -Yeah, we’re fast, we rushed We ran, literally we ran So new, like unusually new -This is the point WOW You can keep your phone or device here, to fix it Or ..I brought my boss’s I-Pad Is it possible to control angles? woah you’re asking them too much As you can see In this aircraft, A321neo, There is no AVOD both economy class and business class Good thing is that
you can use personal device which you like Bring it and use it, so simple to them But It’s not mine actually, so like me some people might borrow for their entertainment Or just use their mobile phone, bit small Let’s go to Taipei with this new aircraft I explained that passengers
might feel happy for this aircraft is
* Didn’t use microphone * Width and pitch got bigger
* Using microphone not to bother other * As you can see, more space The pitch is 31 inch, and the width is 18.3 inch People might don’t get the size but I’m sure It’s different When I traveled to Jeju Island, I rode Asiana Airlines, economy class I felt like a cell Same airlines and same class but more convenient As you can see, there is an USB outlet, And here is a hanger Clipping hanger This one I mentioned before, a device holder Like she did, you can put your cell phone here well very small tray Yes, this is it looks unsafe You can check this to use WIFI Some information about A321neo Inflight magazines also one headphone It’s time to use this one! I asked my boss for passwords (can’t approach) I’m bad with numbers Guys you should check in advance that you’re using IOS or Android For IOS users, please download the application called ‘Cabin Media Player’ To enjoy inflight entertainment, Asiana Airlines For Android users, Don’t need to download this application Lucky! (Android user) Next step is easy, connect with WIFI Move on Tap the button here ‘Access the portal’ TADA, welcome to Inflight entertainment world Flight status info Top song lists Let’s check for today’s trend It’s possible to use offered headphone Officially recommended to use your personal headphone It helps to make your ears more comfortable I prepared mine in case there is no option for today Excuse me, yes, it’s your first time using Ipad Different adapter Sure, that’s why I brought extra ‘wireless headphone’ Playing time with Ipad Drop the bit *music is playing It’s bit uncomfortable that Now, kids are sitting in front of us,
you know, they like to move As they move, Ipad is moving too Lots of Korean video contents Recent and famous ones too Recent ones are only few (Meal time) Bulgogi-rice Just one menu Pudding Bread Butter Pudding for dessert And My little precious meal – so small amount Now the tray looks fine for this small meal It looks not so good but tastes so good Unexpected but yummy We’re hungry And my sweet dessert This one is special thing in here only for FSC like this Very useful when you sleep Press the button to control your seat positions To show how to sleep well in the flight I mentioned about this high-tech aircraft Now, this is the thing that i felt I explained that the noise of A321neo is 50% lower , 7db lower than the standard And I’m here and I could feel the difference Feel really comfortable with my ears As you know, normally small aircrafts are worse with noise But this one is really different even I considered all things For A321neo, Asiana Airline, there are 2 classes, economy and business And there’s only 8 seats in business class Plus no personal monitors For economy class, 180 seats so in total 188 seats Pretty wide seat for economy class Movie time We’re using this whole things so conveniently especially the device holder so the flight attendant asked me how do we know and prepare for it And suggest us to use Iphone Super kind High-tech combined with aircrafts No lavatory in the middle, 3 lavotories are at the back side of the plane My seat is close to it but for those who sitting in front might feel uncomfortable It’s far Also annoying Tell me, what’re you doing…? Sharing candid opinions about A321neo It is bit difficult to elderly people to use this new inflight entertainment Lavatory and it’s small I should go back to my seat Short journey to lavatory What did the flight attendant tell you about A321neo? We’re now about to landing Few minutes ago one flight attendant came to us and explain bit more about a device holder and Inflight entertainment right? And this time they came to us and asked again that How was it, I mean how do we feel about their new aircraft, A321neo They also need feedback from passengers about this new aircraft So they want candid opinions from passengers So I did small chat with them, they told us that
For young people, It’s so good and efficient aircraft Using their device is not a big deal But for elderly people, It’s uncomfortable to use inflight entertainment To me, their opinion is quiet impressive It’s is unusual, asking passengers’ feedback yes, it’s impressive About to landing A321neo , I could experience so many things 2 hrs 30 mins, flight time was nothing to me What did you think when you first heard that we’re going to ride economy class for review? – worrying – I wasn’t sure that I could make it Especially, space is narrow but crowded But not so narrow Satisfied Bye Yum Beautiful On the way back, A321neo *Check point
You can choose your seat in advance(cost extra charge) Not to bother other passengers, We did filming before take-off Any idea about menu for today? Almost full Just one menu, marinated beef-chicken rice How is it? Yes But the other meal was bit more tasty Oh you are so smart You can filming meok-bang so easily Contents for Kids So many here Various contents for children Full of cartoons There Favorite Can’t play games Guy, prepare for your games Final landing On the way home after work I was worried about this business trip Asiana Airlines is the first customer of A321neo in Korea And also Prestige Gorilla, We are the first media came for this new A321neo in Korea Bit pressure Also It was the first economy class review -right – I wasn’t sure we could make it worried a lot But it was super funny – Me too I was so curious about non-AVOD situation well, I heard that It’s also kind of trend to remove AVOD It was valuable that I could check
this efficient new wave with Asiana Airlines Now I could know that why they choose to remove all AVOD and as a passenger, I could let people know pros and cons about not using AVOD I am really happy that I could let them know Also It was my first experience reviewing Asiana Airlines I was worried but it was interesting Also It was great to spend time with LEMON So guys, we will be back soon with wonderful episodes We will keep following up with all- new aircrafts Thank you for watching this video, and guys don’t forget to subscribe (we became so close) Bye Bye;)

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  1. 영상을 보는 우리는 좋지만 실제 앞좌석이나 주변좌석에 앉아있는데 저렇게 계속 떠들고 좌석 밀치고 하면 겁나 빡칠듯.

  2. 첫 발주자나 첫 운항항공사 모두 베트남항공은 아닌 걸로 알고 있어요. 첫 발주자는 ILFC(리스사)인것으로 알고 있고요 첫 운항항공사는 2017년 4월쯤에 버진아메리카가 처음으로 인도받은 것으로 압니다.

  3. 얼굴이 예쁘시니 유투브도 잘 되시는구나 얼굴이 안되는사람은 안되는 더러운 세상

  4. 근데, 대만은 스케줄을 좀 더 확인해볼 필요가 있는 것 같아요, 공홈에 가보면 321-neo는 프놈펜, 웨이하이, 옌지, 베이징에 취항한다고 나와있고, 8월 9월초 스케줄보니 대만행에는 321-neo가 투입되어 있지 않아요ㅠ

  5. 저는 지금 하노이고 올때 신모델말고 기존 A321타고
    왔는데요 쩝 아시아나인데
    좌석도 일반 저가항공이랑 별차이없어요
    기름값아끼려고 기종 바꾸는듯
    서비스하는 승무원들이 불쌍함
    LCC처럼 비상구앞좌석 돈받고
    팔고 이사원이 여자분이니까
    자리가 널널하지 저신형은 개인모니터도 없네요
    갈때 저런거 탈까봐 무서움 기내식이랑 음료,술 서비스외에는 매리트없어요
    앞자리에 외국인들이 탔는데
    좁아죽으려고 해요
    위짐칸도 좁아서 서로 넣다가 기분상하고 그냥 저가항공입니다

  6. 다음에는 댄공 cs300도 부탁드립니다 거기도 avod 없고 폰으로 쓰는걸로 알고있는데… 궁금하네요 탈 기회가 있었지만 직전에 737로 바뀌는 바람에….
    진에어의 경우도 avod 없고 이와 유사하게 기내 와이파이 잡아서 사용하는 형태인데 기내 대여용 태블릿이 있어요 겔텝이였나…. 진에어에 있는데 아샤나 댄공은 없는건지….

  7. 이쁜 여자들은 유트브에 안나왔으면 좋겠네 자괴감 들어 ㅠㅠ 하아 유트브 망해라 진짜 ㅠㅠ

  8. 아시아나 안전이????
    기장의 능력이???
    딸애가 호치민갈때 넘 무서웠고 올땐 지연을 1시간20분이나…
    시간안지킨다더니.정말 안전하게운항하시길

  9. Avod는 너무 한정적이어서 별로였는데 기내 와이파이 탑재된기재는 진짜 아무거나 볼수잌ㅅ어서 좋은듯

  10. 어르신들 타시면 사용법 금방 이해 못하시는게 너무 당연한데…그럼. 캐빈분들은 사용법 설명해드리느라 워크로드 엄청 걸릴듯하네요………..저도 얼른 타봐야겠어요 ㅋㅋ

  11. 안녕하세요 프레스티지고릴라 BEIGE 에디터 입니다:) 영상 내 오보 정정 및 추가로 말씀드릴 내용이 있어 댓글 남깁니다.

    ✔오보 정정: A321NEO 기종을 처음으로 도입한 런치 커스터머는 베트남항공이 아닌 버진 아메리카(Virgin America) 항공입니다. (인도받은 날짜: 2017년 4월) 잘못된 정보로 헷갈리셨을 분들에게 죄송하다는 말씀 드리며 앞으로는 보다 정확한 정보를 전달드릴 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다.

    ✔추가 내용: 영상에서 말씀드린 A321NEO 투입 노선은 도입 당시 발표된 대표 노선이자 하계 스케줄이 적용된 노선입니다. 이후 동계 스케줄로 업로드 되면 말씀 드린 노선에 A321NEO가 투입되지 않을 여지도 있습니다. 이점 참고 부탁드립니다. (이런 부분은 앞으로 자막으로라도 짧게 언급하도록 하겠습니다)

  12. HL8364군요 네오 확실히 괜찮죠 혹시 괜찮으시다면 CX의 Non-ER 777-300 리뷰 한 번만 부탁드립니다…

  13. 아시아나 기내 좌석 색깔 괜찮네요. 비즈니스와 퍼스트만 보다가 이코노미 좌석 보니 신형기종 기내라도  초라해보여요. 예쁜 달해 사원님덕분에 그래도 살아난 듯.

  14. 요즘은 전세계 항공사들이 비용절감이라 ㅠㅠ 777은 3-4-3배열… A320Family랑 B737에는 avod 다 없애고…

  15. 직원분 들에게 아시아나 기내식은 겉 포장을 열면 펼쳐지는 부분을 식탁보의 개념으로 사용한다는 기본적인 사항조차 알려주지 아니한 부분이 상당히 실망 스럽네요
    이번이 처음 이었으면 좋겠습니다

  16. 깡통이구, 거치대 만질때 마다 앞 의자흔들리는거보세요, 저 비행기타면 머리흔들려서 잠은다자겠군요,저런걸 의자중간이나 밑에설치해야지 ㅋㅋㅋ 계속만지작거리면 앞 사람 짜증내기좋은 구조 거치대위치가 딱 뒷통수 위치 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ예쁘고 디자인? 최신형 이런거 별로좋은거아니예요

  17. 웨이하이등 추가..취항 여러곳 햇죠
    비지니스 이코노미 둘 다 타 보앗으나 어떤부분이 구형 321 하나 보다 좋은지는 모르겟습니다

  18. 이코노미 현실 리뷰 좋네요. 전 개인적으로 패드나 폰에 넣어서 가서.. AOD 빼고 비용도 빼주면 좋겠어요. 좌석도 그렇게 나눠서 좀 더 싸게 팔았으면 좋겠어요. 😀

  19. 넷플릭스나, 유튜브 프리미엄같은 구독 시스템이 생겨나고, 그런 시스템에서 인터넷이 안될 때 미리 저장해서 볼 수 있는 기능이 있다보니 오히려 훨씬 좋은것 같네요 매번 기내식 테이블에 핸드폰이나 태블릿 거치해서 보면서 불편했는데 저렇게 거치대가 따로 달려 나오니 정말 편할거 같습니다.

  20. 저… 대한항공,베트남항공,에미레이츠,싱가포르 등등의 항공사는 이코노미클래스 를 못 타 봤어요…

  21. 크기는 A320과 비슷한 소형기종같군요.. 군더더니 없고 깨끗해보이네요…
    AVOD는 있었으면 좋을텐데..

  22. 네오 불편한점… 영상에서도 나왔지만 앞에 사람이 움직이면 화면도 같이 움직이는건 아무 문제가 안 됨. 뒷사람이 조작한다고 휴대폰 거취하거나 뺀다고 자꾸 치는게 더 문제 가 됩니다. 네오가 늘어나면 분쟁 많이 날 듯…

  23. Thank you for a very comprehensive and honest review. I also liked that you included the talk you had with a flight attendant. I find it very useful and an excellent review. Thank you.


  24. 저기요 ㅋㅋㅋ
    A321을 에이321이라 읽으면 어뜨카시나요ㅋㅋㅋ
    A는 에어버스라는 회사의 약자입니다

  25. 기내 와이파이는 저 비행기에서만 가능한겅가요?아니면 모든 아시아나 비행기에서 가능한건가요??

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